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Logitech Professional presenter R800

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    1 Review
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      05.06.2011 00:53
      Very helpful


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      Buy this tool if you have a cat and regularly do presentations

      My first gift to myself from DooYoo through Amazon vouchers was a Logitech R800 Presentation tool. As a teacher, I occasionally need to do PowerPoint presentations which have numerous slides. As it is not a good thing to be purely stood at the front of a class, clicking on a mouse button to progress through the slides I thought I would buy one of these presentation tools.

      I investigated a number of these presentation tools. I wanted one that would allow control of PowerPoint, it would need a USB interface and vitally it would need to be driverless with Windows XP. (he driverless factor was due to it being a very tightly controlled network, where individual drivers would not be installed). This resulted in me looking at the Logitech R series. As I looked through the different versions I liked the features on the R800. However normally I wouldn't have spent £70, but as I had DooYoo vouchers reducing the price to cheaper than the basic version, I decided to spoil myself.

      The device takes 2 AAA batteries, which last easily 6 months from regular use off all parts. The device comes with a very nice neoprene and faux leather styled case to keep it in. The R800 has two parts to it, the main control unit and a small USB dongle that plugs into the PC you're controlling. During the time the tool is not being used the dongle slides inside the controller ensuring you don't loose it.

      When I got the device the first thing I played with was the green laser pointer. This is a fantastic tool if you are a pet owner.... My first 2 hours of use came from leading my cat on many laps of my lounge as she ran after the green dot on the floor, and worse still wondered where it had gone when I turned it off. On a more serious side the range of this laser is very good, so far I've had it reach 10 meters without any problems.

      The next feature I then looked at was the main reason I bought the device, which was the ability to control presentations. Now I have only used this tool on Microsoft PowerPoint 2003, 2007 and 2010 which it works with really well. (The operating systems I have used it on are Windows XP and Windows 7, which again it works with really well). The first 2 main buttons are a forward and backwards button. These work just like the mouse buttons to step through your presentation, i.e. each animation, to the next slide etc. and of course backwards through your presentation step by step. There are two other buttons that are really useful one is a 'Play' Presentation button that allows you to start your presentation from the design screen, this is useful that you can start your presentation from anywhere in the room, whenever you are ready. The next button is a 'Blank Screen' button, it allows you to blank the screen and go back to the slide you were on when you blanked it. So if you want to stop people looking at the presentation while you explain something you don't have to stop the whole thing and re-start, you can just blank the screen and then resume.

      Now most of these features are on most devices, however the thing that separates the R800 from the rest is the on-board timer. One thing with presentations is they are easy to let over run by running out of time and if you are walking around the room you're often not looking at any form of clock. However with this device you can set the time your presentation should last and have it countdown as you present. It will even vibrate in your hand to let you know when you are down to the last few minutes. To be fair I don't use this feature much as time management is a regular part of my job.

      The range on this device is impressive, however so far I have only used it in a class room, which means I have been about 10 meters from the USB dongle and it works perfectly with no problems.

      Green Laser Pointer
      Presentation Controller (Forward, Backwards, Play & Blank)
      On-Board Timer
      Driverless Installation
      Presentation Tool Case

      No drivers are needed to be installed for it to work with Microsoft Window XP-7.
      It works with Microsoft PowerPoint 2003-2010 (and other software I assume, just not tested)
      Green Laser pointer, ideal for pointing out key points and as the best cat toy your cat will ever have.
      On-Board countdown timer to ensure you don't over run.

      No storage on the USB dongle
      £70 is very expensive

      Overall this is a fantastic device, and it's an essential tool that I use very often. Knowing how useful it has been for me over the last year I would probably pay £70 for it. However if not knowing that I would have probably gone for a cheaper one which I may have been disappointed with not having all these features (if I hadn't have had the Amazon vouchers from DooYoo).

      If you are after a presentation tool, buy a Logitech R Series one. If you want an ultimate tool, buy the Logitech R800.


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