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One for All Kameleon 8 URC 8308

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    1 Review
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      12.11.2008 17:11
      Very helpful


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      No need for 3-4 remotes controls anymore

      What is a One for all remote control?
      Well, the idea behind this simple design, is to allow all your AV equipment to be controlled by one single remote control. You may currently have a remote for your TV, your Hi-Fi, DVD player and Sky. Instead of having 4 remote controls, and swapping between them you can stick to one easy to use remote - The Kameleon 8308.

      What can you use it with?
      This remote IS future proof, it will allow you to use it with any remote control currently available and any remote not yet produced. You can use it with your TV, Hi-Fi, PVR, Sky, DVD player, Xbox 360, VCR etc.
      You can control up to 8 devices from this remote. Although there are 8 image buttons for TV, VCR, DVD etc, you can use any image for your device. E.g. There is only one DVD image, but you may have 2 DVD players, so assign one to DVD, and one to CD.

      How is this remote future proof?
      The remote has an inbuilt memory with an up to date database for all remote controls available (each device is also listed in the back of the manual). The remote can also be updated very easily either by the One For All website, or the One For All telephone support line.
      The remote has a microphone hidden under the 'Menu' button, this is where either the ear piece of the phone, or your PC speakers will need to be placed. After pressing a combination of buttons (provided in the manual or from the telephone support) a code will be sent via sound, to the remote. The sound is very high pitched, it sounds like an old modem trying to connect to the internet.

      The looks / style
      It's a large remote control, and is considerably larger than any normal remote control. The exterior is styled with a brushed silver case, and touch screen buttons. There are normal plastic buttons to the centre of the remote too, including volume up/down, channel up/down and a 4 way navigation button.
      There are the 4 coloured buttons to the footer of the remote too (Red / Green / Yellow / Blue)
      The reverse of the remote isn't flat, it is raised at one side and when it's placed on it's back the remote faces you at an angle.
      The unit takes 2 AA batteries which are inserted at the bottom of the remote behind a screw cap.

      You can teach the remote
      When you assign a source to your remote, not all functions are copied across, or are assigned to the wrong buttons. You can teach the remote to learn buttons from other remote controls. Ideal for the buttons which aren't available on the Kameleon as standard such as eject of DVDs.

      You can use Macros too
      That's right, and this is a feature I've used.
      You can create a macro on the remote, so at the press of a button it will perform more than one action. E.g. I have my IV button at the bottom of the remote to turn ALL of my equipment ON and OFF at the press of it. This is ideal if you have 3-4 items switched on, instead of switching each one off just use your macro.

      Switching between each source
      This couldn't be easier, there are 8 images at the top of the remote, each one is assigned to your source (e.g. the TV image is for, you've guessed it the TV).
      All you need to do is press the image you require, and you've now got full control of that source (volume / menu etc)

      Battery life
      When I purchased this from the store, the sales lady stated she too had one and these eat through batteries every other week. I've now owned this remote for 10 months and have only changed the batteries twice (that's far less than you would for 6 individual remote controls)

      The remote is as good, if not better than my previous remote controls, and has no issue changing channels at a range of 16foot.

      These retail at approximately £50-60 from a high street store.

      Overall I am happy with this remote control, I've not looked for another remote for the last 10months, and I've upgraded the internal database twice with new devices I've needed to assign.


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