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One for All Stealth URC 7781

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    1 Review
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      13.07.2010 11:44
      Very helpful


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      take control of your devices from the comfort of your chair

      Remote controls... well, we all have them and we all know what it is like to lose one, be it for a few minutes or even for ever. Or maybe the remote was 'accidentally' broken during a very intense sporting event, leaving you having to turn the channel over the old fashioned way, standing up and walking towards the television with your finger outstretched.
      There is however another way for those that have lost, or even 'accidentally' broken, their remote control, saving you the hardship of struggling out of your chair when the likes of Dale Winton or Jonathon Woss come on the screen, the answer being a brand new remote control which not only replaces your lost or broken remote but can actually combine almost all your devices to use one control.

      There are of course many different types of these multi functional remote controls, some letting you control two, three of even four different of your electrical devices, such as a television, a DVD player or even a CD player.
      But the remote control I have the pleasure of using actually controls up to 12 different devices, (yes twelve), although I don't actually need to use the full twelve.

      The particular remote I am talking about is the One for All Stealth URC 7781, (although why they call it stealth I don't know as you don't want it to actually be stealth do you?)

      ** SPECS...

      * Infrared
      * Controls up to 12 multi brand devices, including televisions, cable, sky, DVD, video and even CD players.
      * LCD display
      * Keypad control
      * Features Macro function
      * Maximum of 15 metre remote range
      * 0-455khz frequency.
      * wireless upgrades for future device releases
      * Requires 4 AA batteries, (not supplied)

      ** MY OPINION...

      For me this remote control is a god send and a must for all those who have too many electrical devices that are all controlled by separate remotes, keeping everything in one place, so to speak.
      I have used other 'multi function' remotes before but I found that I had to buy one or two to keep up with the number of devices I and my family were buying, always putting the original remotes in a safe place just in case to fall back on in case of an emergency.
      This 'stealth' remote is a sleek and very handy little device, well, when I say little I don't mean little, more handy size and so easy to use.
      The buttons are well spaced out, so those with larger fingers will have no problem using it, and every button is as useful as its neighbour is. Plus, for when you're having a nice cosy night in with the lights off, the key pad on this remote lights up so you can see exactly what your doing, (now that's a good idea).

      It looks like any other remote with the standard control button layout, saving any confusion when first using it, such as power on/off, volume up/down, channel change, mute and numbers 1-0, then there's the standard, play, pause, rewind etc etc for DVD/video/CD players.
      Then, as on many modern remotes, there's a menu button, a guide button and even a option for changing the picture size, plus the standard four colour buttons.

      Getting the stealth up and running is as easy as one-two-three, although getting used to the many functions does take a little bit longer, but once used it is easy to remember.
      The first thing to do is to put in the four AA batteries, yes four batteries which are not even supplied. Then, once the batteries are in place you then proceed in setting your chosen language, plus the day, date and time, then you're ready to begin adding your devices, all this can be easily seen on the LCD screen.
      Setting the remote to connect to each individual device takes a little bit of time but once done it need never be done again, (unless you allow the batteries to go flat for too long).
      I don't want to go to deep into the actual setting of this remote as it would fill up the entire review, and probably other peoples reviews as well, but suffice to say that once you've set one or two devices up to it the rest will be a piece of cake. But briefly you simply use the 'magic' key, the cursor keys and the number keys if all else fails, with the item you want to control showing up in a letter format on the small LCD screen near the top of the remote, such as 'T' for TV, or 'S' for Satallite and 'Y' for DVD, (you will get used to what device each letter represents).

      * All the 'set up' information is in the user guide which accompanies the stealth remote. At the back of the manual there is a long list of codes for most devices, the list being in brand name alphabetical order making it easier to find. If for some reason your code is not there you can scan the internal memory of the stealth to see if it can find the correct code.
      Just remember to make a note of the correct code once you've found it.

      The LCD screen isn't the biggest, being more a wide slit near the top of the remote, but, you can still make out which device you are controlling due to the little triangle being clearly shown under the particular letter. Maybe a slightly larger LCD screen would have been better for such a useful device.

      This remote has a cracking little search capability, in other words it automatically searches through the many codes it has stored in its memory to connect with certain devices. And, if the stealth remote fails to find the correct code then there's always the manual to fall back on.
      It also has other 'unique' functions, such as a built in modem so you can download codes that are not programmed into it. Then there's the 'learning' feature which allows you to 'exchange' the information from your old remote, (providing you haven't lost it), to this new remote. This is all explained in the easy to understand user guide.
      So for a remote control this one certainly has the brains to manage many a task, apart from making a good cup of tea maybe.

      In all, it's not the smallest of remote controls, so you won't easily lose it, but it is nice and slim with a rather nice look and feel to it, making it sit nicely in most rooms without looking out of place.
      It is so easy to set up and then to use and it covers all the jobs that your normal remote controls do so there's no need to have remotes all over the room.

      Plus, for anyone who really wants a relaxed life style, (or are just totally lazy)
      It's not just a remote for changing your television channel, it can also turn off your lights and even open your curtains, (seriously, according to the manual, it has what is called a home automation system and if your curtains or light switches are IR controlled then this remote will turn them off/on or even open and close you curtains... now that's just pure laziness really isn't it)
      So, if you use the full capabilities of this remote you'd never have to get off your seat again, although you may starve to death in a very damp and rather smelly chair.

      I nearly forgot to tell you about the price of this one for all stealth remote, well, I bought mine about six months ago from Amazon for just under £15 and, after a quick check today, I note that they are selling it now for around the £20.00 mark, although some places are selling it for a lot more than that.
      If I was buying one today and had to cover the £20.00 price tag then I'd happily pay it, in fact I'd go as far as paying up to £25.00 for it to be honest. Any higher than that and I'd have to haggle somewhat, or even go elsewhere.


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