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Iomega Clik!™ PC Card drive is an integrated, high-capacity removable solution for notebook users. This sleek, compact drive, which fits into a notebook's PC Card slot, allows users to store, protect, and share their important information on a 40MB** Clik! disk.

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    1 Review
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      02.07.2000 21:38



      Losing count of all the removable storage formats out there? Add Iomega's 40MB Clik PC Card Drive to your list. If your data storing and sharing needs aren't being met by Zip drives, Jaz drives, superfloppies, or regular floppies, then these teeny discs may hold some promise. But for the rest of us who can't be bothered to adopt a new format and don't see a compelling reason to do so, we have to ask, Will Clik take off, or is it too late? The Drive Is the Card Niggling market adoption questions aside, the technological wow factor of the Clik PC Card Drive is enough to take your breath away. The drive itself is a Type II PC Card that you plug in like any modem or network card. Individual Clik discs (which are tiny enough to fit on a snack cracker) slide completely into the drive, leaving only a slight plastic hump visible. To remove a disc, you push in on the hump, and a spring-loaded mechanism disengages and pushes out the media. As our performance chart shows, the Clik drive is no speed demon, but it proved fast enough for most everyday tasks. While the Clik wins the Geek Chic Award, its drawbacks far outweigh its advantages. Yes, it's small, but is it ever expensive. Its $199.95 price nets you the drive and a single 40MB disc. Once you fill it up, each additional disc will cost you at least $10. And that's not even counting the extra $100 for the Desktop Docking Station--an external drive kit that lets you share files with your desktop system (which is probably the only other place that you'll be using your Clik discs for the immediate future). Digicams Slow to Adopt Clik The Clik technology was originally conceived as a way to provide compact, inexpensive storage for devices such as digital cameras, but so far no camera manufacturers have adopted the Clik. And why should they? You can buy three 32MB CompactFlash memory cards for your camera for around $300--enough to hold more than 150
      high-resolution megapixel photos--and avoid carrying around any extra equipment. The Clik PC Card drive may appeal to frequent travelers who have a serious aversion to carrying extra peripherals. But to most folks, the Clik is just one more storage standard to keep track of--and an expensive one at that.


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