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Ditto® enables consumers to backup their hard drives and files in one easy step.

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    1 Review
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      29.09.2000 03:49
      Very helpful



      The Ditto is a taped based back up system. The tape catridges are sold in various sizes which purport to hold up to 10Gig in the Ditto max model. However, a quick read of the label reveals that this is the compressed size assuming a compession ration of 2:1. In use the Ditto is very simple. The software enables you to select either drive, directories or individual files. to back up. It supports volume spanning if you fill one tape catridge it will ask for another. The Unit connects via the printer interface which on a Pentium II with an Enhanced Printer Port, averages a backup rate of between 10 to 11 mb per minute. The restore and compare are on ther end of the scale though. Rarely have I seen more than 4.5mb per min. If you want individual directories to restore or single files, be prepared for a long wait The tape will scan and run backwards and forwards for what seems an age before anything happens and the restore commences. The backup process is easy to organise, excluding files which you do not want to backup or making a backup of a particular group of files over regular time periods is a cinch, but there is a serious downside. The tapes themselves can cost £24 -£42 pounds each and they are not that reliable - I have had more than one have too many bad sectors for the software to accept it for use.. Strangely it is not possible on the Ditto max to format a tape. A quick total erase is available. As is one feature which I never managed to get to work, the tapes come formated with an area set aside for quick retrieval of important files.On the upside you can schedule a backup to take place whilst you are asleep and rest assured that it will all be done on one peice of media - usually! - I now prefer to use CDRW


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