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Iomega Eide internal Zip 100mb

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Much faster than external USB Zip

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    1 Review
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      20.03.2001 15:09



      In the past year I've been using external, parallel port Zip drives and found them reliable, affordable and hassle free. I'd always found them a bit slow when using large files (i.e. 10-20mb). This improved with the release of the USB Zip, which was much faster than the old parallel Zip and cheaper too. External Zip drives are great for offices or for people who need removable storage on different machines. But what about for home users? Removable storage is priceless for people who want to back up system data, game saves (some game saves are 5mb each!)and all those new drivers and patches you spend so long downloading. As Windows operating systems are a lottery at the best of times, you'll never know when you have to format the C: drive and start all over...for those times an internal Zip drive is ideal. The drive only costs £40 and blank 100mb discs are £6 in the high street. My drive was actually a Panasonic which Zip markings. You can also get an internal 250mb drive for around £100-£120 and blank 250mb discs for £10-15. I didn't need that much storage as you can use 2 or 3 100mb discs instead of trying to fit everything onto a single 250mb disc. Fitting was very easy, although I needed an adaptor bracket to fit this 3.5" drive into my spare 5.25" bay (bracket and screws cost £4). Plug the internal Zip into an EIDE socket on the motherboard, plug in the power (from your PC's PSU) and off you go...it's that simple! You don't need to install software, Windows recognises it as an internal drive called "Removeable Disc". I was pleased to find it considerably faster than the USB Zip drive (which wasn't slow to start with); in essence it's like having a small hard drive. That's it really, very simple and effective: only £10 more than a cd-rom drive and you get a cool 100mb of fast, removable storage. Great for backin
      g up your Deux Ex game saves, your Detonator 3 drivers, or for taking your latest photoshop creation to the local printers.


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