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    1 Review
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      18.05.2001 00:26
      Very helpful



      I wouldn’t normally start a preview off like this but I ask you people to cast your eyes onto the picture of the Peerless. Just wonderful. If you are nice and rich and need something to spice up your mantle piece then I can think of nothing else! But for the rest of us, the Peerless is the latest offering from the geeenius storage people at Iomega. Set to launch in Summer 2001, the Peerless has many advantages over the other products available today. The Peerless is very small, with a grand height of about 5 inches. Enough I hear you cry, what is this thing? Well, the Peerless is much like Iomega’s other products. Removable storage devices, only on a much larger scale. Each cartridge can hold 20Gb of data. What can you fit in 20Gb? Probably most of your hard drive. For example, you could fit roughly 5500 mp3s onto this thing. If that won’t satisfy you, then you can buy extra cartridges, though they will most likely cost over $200 (£140) for a 20Gb one so this don’t come cheap. 20Gb is a lot of data, so the Peerless makes use of new technology to keep your life running smoothly. Supporting the new IEEE1394 Firewire connections, the Peerless can transfer data at 15Mb/sec. For everyone else, the Peerless can support USB as well. As nice the Peerless is, price is always a problem when dealing with new technology like this. At $250 without a disk, this will scare most people away unless you can skank it from your workplace :) Overall, I would say that the Peerless is one to lookout for. I can see this being of use to the same people who would use the Zip Drives and the like but on a bigger budget. With no other competition, Iomega could have themselves a good profit maker here.


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