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Amazon DVD-R Blank Discs

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    1 Review
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      15.08.2012 21:13
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Excellent value for money discs, highly recommended.


      When it comes to blank media, the cheapest is not always the best value for money. I would know, Tesco do the cheapest i have seen but they are riddled with errors and poor quality playback. I recently noticed Amazon do their own brand of blank media for literally pennies more than Tesco, and thought i'd give them a go. I have nearly used up my entire tub and so far so good, buffer under run on Nero kicks in around 3 times per disc burning at full 16x speed and that's right up to the brim... for 5 minutes straight. That's very good going for "bargain" blank media as i would call it.

      Burning is a pleasure with no skipping issues or buffering speed problems, the discs seem to work very well at high speed and slow speed. I burn at both 8x and 16x and burning anything <8x usually reduces the buffering issues and you don't need to run a buffer protection to get error free or at least reducing the risk for errors.

      I find that at full speed there are just as few error's as there are at slower speeds. A good all rounder so slower CD drives will have absolutely no problems burning to these. You might not even have Nero or buffer under run, but you won't need it unlike with the Tesco discs!


      If you're like me, using these discs for music, file storage purposes and sound playback is critical (i'm a DJ so any bad discs are a very serious issue) then these would be an "ok" bet. They aren't as good as the top brands like verbatim which you can get for around £2-£3 more per tub but their sound quality is very good compared to others in this price range. Audio is slightly quieter when played back on these DVD's at around the 128KBps mark (MP3 of course!) but the bass sounds deep and the classical violin's sound warm and deep. Much better than what I would expect from discs of this price.

      The video playback is good, again i'm very pleased with the quality of playback, and there is no quality loss just by being burned to DVD and most SD stuff i burn looks very good on these, no less sharp and audio quality during a video is just as good as burning MP3 files directly to the disc, they are kept at the same quality, sound very good, no quality loss.

      I find that classical and vocal's are a good test of the sharpness and warmth/depth of audio playback quality and i can only say i'm pleased with the quality on these bargain discs, and they do sound good but you shouldn't compare them to Verbatim or RiDisc AAA+ quality ones!

      (+) @ DURABILITY @

      Durability is always a concern for me when buying blank media and as far as i can work out these are much more durable than most others in this price range. Sliding them across a desk will scratch them but this does not affect the playback in any way.

      You have to get a fair few deeper scratches for it to cause an issue with playback and this can be done just by applying some force onto the disc and sliding it. Say for example, slipping on it when its on the floor. it does pick up scratches very easily from a coarse carpet but sliding it across desks does minimal damage. Scratch resistance scores a good 8/10.

      The amazon logo and writing on the top has not worn down on any of my discs even though many have been left spinning in the drive at full speed for hours on end. The silver top does however, make the ink look a little smudgy and this is because the ink sits on top of a thick see through layer beneath the layer which you write on. It creates a sort of see through effect.

      I have so far never burned a duff disc, and after the month that i have had them i have burned around 70 discs and never had a bad one. Even Data write blank media struggles to manage 0 coasters and somehow the much much cheaper Amazon ones have?


      Amazon's self claimed "no nonsense" packaging is great when it arrives, the box can be easily cut open, there is a small cardboard insert to hold it in place and there's a very nice paper wrap around with the specifications on. However... there is some really tightly hugged plastic sheeting around the cake tin plastic cover. I had to get a bic biro and ram it into the side of the sheeting, lift it out and then tear down to get into this evil stuff. It is really thick and does provide good packaging and is sufficient to keep out unwanted liquids in the post but to open it is a bugger so i'm neutral (N) here.

      Once you have penetrated the undesirable plastic sheeting you get to the main tub and there are three little soft rubbery rings which stop the discs sliding up and down the spindle. these offer great protection and can just be pulled out. For some reason there is a leaflet the shape of a disc inside the tub which says "DO NOT PUT THIS INSIDE YOUR CD DRIVE THIS IS NOT A DISC" and whilst that's obvious, it's also pointless packaging. the many languages could be put on the outside wrapping around the cake tin rather than in it.

      (+) @ OVERALL @

      These are very good value for money discs, they burn well, they play back well, they are extremely good value for money at £16 per tub of 100 and since I go through literally thousands of blank CD-R's and DVD±R's every year, i'll be sticking with these where possible. Note that availability is an issue and i wont be able to just go to the local shop and pick them up, you have to get them sent in the post directly from Amazon. if i'm desperate i'll resort to the good old fashioned Datawrite, Verbatim and Sony.

      I highly recommend these discs to anyone wanting good value for money, if you don't mind waiting for them to arrive that is.

      (N) @ STATS RUNDOWN @

      Price: £16.16 with free super saver delivery
      Capacity: 4.69GB or 120 Minutes
      Speed Limit: 16x
      DVD±R: MINUS R Compatible with older DVD players
      Packaging: Good but plastic sheeting is a pain.
      Total duff "coasters" I have burned: 0 out of 70

      Now that's what I call a hot disc.


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