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Maxell DVD+RW 4.7 GB 4x

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2 Reviews
  • No deterioration of images with repeated recording
  • Fast burn time
  • Very little room to label the disk
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    2 Reviews
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      21.10.2015 15:44
      Very helpful


      • "Good case"
      • "No deterioration of images with repeated recording"
      • "Fast burn time"
      • "Good quality"


      • "Very little room to label the disk"

      Excellent quality over many years of use

      Whilst I am the family member in our home who takes lots of still photographs my husband likes to capture events and occasions on video, as something to look back on when our children have grown and are no longer doing the sweet and entertaining things they do as small children. To this end we have many different disks with different media recorded onto them including home video that has been recorded from our camcorder, shorter clips recorded on our phones and some full length films we have either downloaded or uploaded to our PC from the original disk.

      We've had our Maxell DVD +RW disks for years and have recorded on them over and over again. The information given in the storage wheel is that each disk can be recorded on and over up to 1000 times and whilst we are not close to that number, in my view there is nothing to make me disbelieve the claim as our most used disk from this packet has been recorded over at least 200 times over the four years we have owned these Maxell disks. That disk is one my husband has marked for a works DVD and as he is a creature of habit he keeps to that one disk, continually erasing and rerecording on it as required.

      The disks have a 4.7GB capacity (per disk) and the burn speed of x4 is very good, I'm sure these disks burn quicker than that in our DVD writer but a x4 speed is acceptable to me and for the reasons I burn disks so I would not look to quicken the process. I last used one of the Maxell disks to burn an out of copyright film I had found a link to online, the film was 68 minutes long and at the standard definition as chosen by my burning program this took just a few minutes to burn and transfer onto my disk. The film was burned to the same quality as it was when I viewed it directly from the online link provided and I have now stored this disk as a permanent holder of this film so it will not be written over again in error.

      The disks themselves are not easily scratched and information and video does not deteriorate with repeated recordings using the same disk.

      The disks are supplied in a round plastic case that houses all ten disks on top of one another. The case is strong enough to have lasted at least five years in our house and the spindle remains strong and upright.


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      25.11.2009 17:12
      Very helpful



      All in all a good product

      When I first got these I was unsure as to whether they would be as good as their rivals Sony but as they were on offer in Asda I thought I would give them a try and was glad to discover that they were as good or maybe better and everything that you would expect of DVD+RW's.

      The good things about these discs are:
      1) They are a cheaper alternative to DVD-/+ discs which can only be used once as Maxell claim that their discs can have up to 1,000 rewritings (however I found that after about 10-20 the picture would stick when watching something) which is exceptional value if it doesn't stick.
      2) Brilliant to put store footage of holidays, christmas etc and then easy to get rid of if you wish to re-use for something else.

      The bad things about these discs are:
      1) Like I earlier mentioned I wouldn't bank on the discs lasting for upto 1000 rewrites at least not without sticking and skipping bits in the footage.
      2) Can be expensive at arounds £2.00 a disc compared to paying about £5.50 for 25 non rewritable ones in Asda.

      .::Technical Details::.
      .They are compatible with DVD-R drives
      .Standard Recording time of 120 minutes but this can be extended up to 360 minutes if you are willing to sacrifice the quality
      .Can fit upto 4.7Gb

      All in all very useful discs which although are arounds £2.00 a disc are great value for money in the long run as you can use them many times. Definately worth a try and a good buy!


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