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Memorex DVD+R DL 8.5 GB 2.4x

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    1 Review
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      04.01.2012 09:49
      Very helpful



      If you get these cheap and don't mind a few coasters, consider them.

      My standard brand of choice for recordable Dual Layer DVD's is Verbatim, but you do pay a little bit more for the quality and reliability.

      I was recently shopping around (high street stores) and saw this brand of comparible discs made by, what is, after all a well known manufacturer of blank media.

      The price was more than half that listed here so I thought I'd give them a go. Unfortunately, it was a tale of two halfs.

      I had a video project to burn that needed dual layer and at first all seemed well. The first disc burnt ok and worked fine without any problems. Then the second failed towards the end of the process. I put that down to a computer problem and felt confident that it was when the third disc worked. But then two failed out of the next 3 burn't and I ended up with a 50% failure rate.

      I have two DVD burners - one a Sony and one an LG. Both are very reliable and I had the same problem which ever I used. I even updated the drivers etc just to make sure it wasn't something I could fix. I also always burn at a low speed (below the rated spec of the discs), so that isn't the problem either.

      Basically, in my experience, these discs were totally hit-and-miss as to whether they worked or not.

      Compared to my trusty Verbatim discs which hardly ever fail they are just not in the same class.

      Although I would have to test this, I assume that the problems would be far less when just burning a standard single layer project - but then why would you use more expensive dual layer discs to do that?...

      So, although they work great when they don't fail during the burning process, I would only buy these discs if the price was low enough to assume a 50% loss of discs. The other problem with failures is that is happens right at the end of the process, meaning you waste a good 15 minutes of time before you know it hasn't worked.

      This is very frustrating and you also have to ensure you keep an eye on the software messages as you can assume it has worked when you look away from the screen and it fails at 99% and the disc is ejected as normal.

      So, in conclusion, my search goes on to find another dual layer dvd that is as good, realiable and cheaper than Verbatim's are.


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