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Verbatim DigitalMovie DVD+R 4.7 GB 4x

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    1 Review
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      02.11.2007 22:11
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      Forgoing the speed they ar just sperb

      Well I just browsed the net looking for a product such as this to use as the media to store the fantastic movies I have created with Pinnacle Studio 9. ( Previously reviewed ) There is of course the option to create your own cover for your creation, but as you will discover this option works out cheaper and might even be superior. After browsing I was pleased to find that once again I had made a real saving, I had purchased my 3 pack of Verbatim Digital Movie DVD’s for £1 in Poundland. Most online retailers were offering the DVD’s for between £3.79 and £5.03 so if I had decided I needed more the maths works out that I could have in fact purchased 9 DVD’s for my £3.00 instead of 3 and had an extra 79p to boot.

      Most of you will have no doubt used a very similar product for Backup’s and saving those precious files. The DVD’s in question are of the DVD+R variety so should you wish to purchase some please ensure your DVD writer is compatible with said product. If it is a relatively new DVD writer you have chances are it is both DVD+R and DVD-R compatible, otherwise you can check this use system utilities and going to the hardware option and clicking on your DVD writer. From here you can select the properties option and get all the info you require to decide if this product is compatible with your PC.

      The 3 DVD’s come in a pretty plain dark blue box which does nothing to inspire. This is where the lack of inspiration ends. Each DVD is held safely in a crystal clear plastic box which house the DVD’s so that the graphics and info are all clearly visible. There are four large concave dips which form a square and facilitate the easy removal of the DVD from the box. The box’s are really quite impressive and add a certain elegance to any project which might have cause or be fortunate enough to be saved to such an eloquent package.

      The actual DVD’s are capable of storing 4.7GB of video audio or any type of media you may wish to store on them. The DVD’s are also RW compatible which means that the data can be erased re-written and erased as often as is required. Although I have found from experience of different media that this is not a particularly good practice. A few times tends to be OK but too often and errors often occur and on occasions sometimes data can be lost. As you are probably aware of the meaning of the word verbatim you will be pleased to know that in accordance with this meaning there is a guarantee that these DVD’s will not lose any data. How exactly you can claim on this claim I am a little uncertain, but the claim is made none the less. It is however for storing home made movies and videos that I have purchased these for. It is therefore nice that the top surface of each DVD is very nicely etched with the image of a film reel. This image is of a very high quality and looks for all the world that it actually has some of that old fashioned brown film housed under the mat grey spool. In the middle of the DVD and to the left of one of the spindles of the spool image is the company Logo for Verbatim, that simply being a capital V with verbatim neatly printed along by the centre of this. On the opposite side are the words Digital Movie where the o in movie is a smaller image of the film reel. Under this is the basic description of the DVD this being DVD+R.

      The speed at which data can be written to this DVD is only fourX which may be a bit of an off put to those who like the 48X speed. This I feel though is a small price to pay considering the quality of the graphics and the obvious thought that has been put into the production of these very nice DVD’s. On a diagonal with the wording previously mentioned there are 2 matt white areas where one can insert any title of information they desire. Giving that the quality of production of the graphics on the DVD’s is superb, I suggest taking a little more care than usual in doing this and perhaps even busting the budget of an half decent pen to do the writing.

      All in all these DVD’s are easily worth the asking price of the online retailers, but since I got them substantially cheaper, I am much more than simply pleased with my purchase, and after completing a project for a colleague on one of them they too were as equally impressed as I.


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