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Exo-Terra Feeding Dish Extra

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Brand: Exo-Terra / Type: Feeding Dish

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    1 Review
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      09.05.2012 13:10
      Very helpful



      Nice item

      Another item I have got in my vivarium is the Exo Terra feeding dish which is pretty much an essential item for my bearded dragons. This dish is designed like most of the items by Exo Terra and it tries to make everything suit the surroundings of a vivarium.

      You have a flat base underneath and then along the sides of the dish is this rock effect which is pretty much food resin and it looks very durable and pretty cool in my view.
      The dish on the inside is flat and this is where you put the various food items for the reptiles. I usually use this in a few various ways and the first way is by using it for vegetables and plants. Each morning my beardies get a mixture of lambs lettuce, parsley and coriander and then another day it alters.

      I place these items together to fill the dish up completely and usually you have to put plenty of water on these vegetables and plants as this gives the reptiles some source of liquid or water if people want an alternative.
      There is a small problem with the dish in that by the end of the day if there is anything left on the dish you sometimes have this stuck to the bottom. Not only that but the bottom of the dish has turned usually a green colour due to the amount of water sprayed on the leaves.

      I have found it takes a good bit of scrubbing to remove this green colour and this happens all the time so the dish can be a pain to clean in my view. I have found it easier to use a toothbrush with plenty of water and elbow grease to get rid of those horrible marks.
      I have occasionally put my crickets in there which is fun as they escape and my beardies go chasing them so they are pretty good in that respect.
      In terms of size and weight I am pretty happy the weight is about 685 grams which is not that bad and the size of the item is what I would call adequate. You have various sizes to get as well which Exo Terra do with most items. Some people will prefer to have smaller feeding dishes and others like me prefer the bigger versions.

      I like the design which is very nice and again this sand colour suits everything else in my vivarium and it does not look out of place at all. The beardies I have do not seem able to move the dish so again it is pretty solid and I have dropped this once outside when bringing it home and it bounced but never cracked.
      I like the fact also you could use it for a nice meal such as pretty crickets with salad items because it is that big and the space to put items in the middle is excellent. The size measurements are Length 18cm, Width 21cm and Height is 3cm.

      The cleaning is a real pain but once you get used to it than the colour comes off very easily however leaving it for a day can present a challenge when it comes to cleaning it as the colour tends to remain on their longer.
      The overall price is around £8 which is kind of expensive to some people but I think this is a pretty good price for a solid item.


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