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Hagen Exo Terra Faunarium

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  • range of sizes
  • reasonably priced
  • nothing I can think of
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    1 Review
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      13.04.2015 23:22
      Very helpful


      • "suitable for a range of reptiles/invertebrates"
      • "well made"
      • "reasonably priced"
      • "range of sizes"


      • "nothing I can think of"

      A great value faunarium which comes in a range of different sizes.

      ABOUT: Me and my boyfriend have Crested geckos which lay eggs every year and we needed a small home for the hatchlings for when they arrive. Hatchlings aren't meant to be kept together as they can hurt each other, so we would need a few of these in order to keep them seperated from each other. This faunarium by Exo-Terra is perfect for the short-term storage or transport of reptiles and is also a great permanent home for many invertebrates. This is also perfect for taking your reptiles to the vet or when cleaning their terrarium out.

      The faunarium comes in Mini, Small, Medium and Large and you can buy flat faunariums which come in Medium and Large. We actually purchased a small one as we would have to put a little foliage and some small food bowls and water in this with the crested gecko. The gecko would hopefully only be in this for a few months until it has been sold. Professional gecko breeders actually use these all the time for their hatchlings so I knew it would be suitable for ours.

      PRICE: Prices vary on whichever size you want but I around £4.00 for the Small one which I purchased from www.swellreptiles.co.uk. You can purchase these from eBay but they will cost you at least £6.00 if not more on there.

      IN USE: before using the faunarium we always clean it using a reptile safe disinfectant and we ensure that it's rinsed well afterwards and we normally leave it to air dry. The faunarium is made from plastic and seems reasonably strong. The lid has air vents all around it to allow fresh air to get into the faunarium. There is a small lid on the top which is just the right size to enable you to get your hand in and out to change the food or water without causing too much disturbance to the reptile. The faunarium does have a plastic carry handle although we have no reason to really use this.

      Whenever we put a hatchling in here with some foliage and other bits and pieces they seem more than happy in here. As crested geckos are climbers they to tend to climb up to the top where the air vents are or they hide in the foliage in the bottom of the faunarium. We haven't come across any issues with this product at all and to be honest we don't really expect to either. In terms of value I think the product is very reasonable and it's just what we needed to keep out baby crested geckos in.

      OVERALL: A great value faunarium.


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  • Product Details

    Hagen Exo Terra Faunarium is intended for use while cleaning and/or disinfecting your permanent aquarium/terrarium.

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