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Hagen Exo Terra Turtle Bank

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Brand: Hagen / Type: Reptile Accessories

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    1 Review
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      18.10.2013 07:57
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      A fantastic turtle bank from Hagen.

      Earlier this year I started keeping musk turtles for the first time. They were something of an impulse purchase by which I mean I only thought about them for a few weeks before making the purchase. I purchased my tank, accessories and turtles all from the same pet store in one afternoon and as such I bought lots of items, some which have turned out to be a bit gimmicky, just to ensure that I had everything that they could need when setting up their habitat for the first time.

      This Hagen exo terra turtle bank island comes in three sizes; small, medium and large. My item is the small one, I believe, and the difference between the different sizes really is just a different surface area and a variable amount of magnets to hold it in place so this review should be relevant for all three of the sizes available. The size of the small is 16.6 x 12.4 x 3.3 cm, the medium is 29.8 x 17.8 x 5.4 cm and the large is 40.6 x 24.0 x 7.0 cm. I paid around £10 for the small, which is a pretty standard price, and I purchased a small because I have a floating island in my turtle tank in addition to this. The main reason that one might want to purchase a small bank is because of baby turtles or if this is going to be an additional item in a turtle tank, rather than the sole floating island.

      The purpose of this turtle tank is to sit on the top of the water in my turtle tank, which is 50% full, and there is a ramp area that is submerged in the water, to allow my turtle to gain easy access to the top of the bank. The bank has two magnets that hold it in place but these are quite weak to allow the bank to move up and down slightly, with the level of the water, as required. My musk turtle, who lives alone due to being bullied by his previous tankmate, uses this bank several times a day, at least, and on occasion I will place food on the top of this to encourage him to visit this regularly, partly for exercise and partly for basking purposes. Basking, under a UVB lamp, is important for semi-aquatic animals to ensure that they are not submerged all of the time which can lead to health problems. I like my turtle to bask several times throughout the day, if possible, and by having a floating island and this turtle bank I am able to ensure that this is a reality and his shell has time to dry out frequently from the submersion.

      My musk turtle is over six months old and could be even as much as a year old, and he seems to be able to get on to this turtle bank with minimal effort. It takes around 10 or 15 seconds on occasion for him to remove himself from the water but this is usually around the time that the turtle bank, and the tank itself, needs a thorough clean. The surface of this bank is numerous little ridged areas, to give a nice texture, and he seems to scurry up to the top of this with no problem at all. The incline is gradual and he is able to walk comfortably on this, from what I can tell.

      Overall I really like this turtle bank. It automatically adjusts to the slightly varied water levels in my tank and the only time the magnets have come off the outside of the tank is when my cats have jumped up and knocked them down. Even with one magnet missing this bank did not start floating around the tank and that is fantastic, as I wouldn't want it to scare my turtle, who now lives alone and seems to be adjusting, finally, to not being bullied anymore. When this needs cleaning, usually after around 4-6 weeks, it starts to feel a little slimy and at the submerged ramp part it does collect debris from the turtle tank, as I would expect. I tend to clean this using warm running water and a soapy cloth, as I do most items that go in my turtle tank, and I just ensure that it is completely free of bubbles or cleaning products before putting it back in to my tank. My turtle seems to enjoy this bank and while he has two banks, and this is much smaller than the other one, he seems to spend quite a lot of time out on this one. This may be because it is in the corner of the tank that is nearest to where I tend to sit in the room the tank is in, or it may be that he really likes it, who knows, but ultimately my turtle enjoys using this, eats his food from it if I place it there, and he gets a nice amount of light and heat when sitting on this too, so in all a fantastic product and a great addition to any turtle tank.


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    • Product Details

      The Hagen Exo Terra Turtle Bank is floating island for turtles. With submerged ramps for easy access. Fixed in place with magnets (included) suitable for all terrariums.