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Livefood UK Earthworms

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Manufactuere: Livefood UK / Type: Reptile food

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    1 Review
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      18.11.2011 14:06
      Very helpful



      Brilliant quality live food from Livefoods UK.

      I have bought these earthworms from Livefood UK a few times now, and have never been disappointed. I bought them for my salamanders, frog, turtles and even as a treat for land crabs. I buy them mainly through eBay, where Livefood UK have an official eBay store, as it lets me use funds in PayPal (which isn't like spending real money!) Their eBay shop also often has multibuy deals, so worth checking out.

      The worms arrive packaged in small round plastic tubs in moist coir substrate. The last time I ordered, I actually counted the worms as I transferred them to a larger tub to join some others, in the hope that they would breed - I done this more out of curiosity really. I had ordered two tubs and in one tub was 29 worms, the other had 33. The site stated 25-30 per tub so I was very pleased with that, both tubs being comfortably around this number. They did breed in the end, although not as much as I had hoped so I will be buying again.

      They are healthy on arrival, fiesty when picked out of the tub and ogled by yours truly, and in my experience they last for as long as you need them basically; I simply keep mine at room temperature in moist coir and feed them fish flakes, marrow, and kitchen scraps of other vegetables. They devour fish flakes though and these are in fact a nutritional food to feed them; this is great as your reptiles/amphibians are what they eat! Earthworms as a general rule are high in calcium, enough so that no extra calcium supplementation is needed. Dusting with a vitamin supplement is recommended though, and I simply do this by placing the worms in a small tub, adding a pinch of vitamin powder and shaking gently - this coats the worms.

      All my creatures go mad for these, and they are guzzled up very quickly (poor worms). One of my turtles in particular practically levitates out the water when she sees the red forceps coming at her! The price per tub (£1.99 when I last bought) is very reasonable too considering how many you get and how long they last so long as you keep them well enough (not that they need much attention).

      Overall, I think these earthworms are fantastic value, very nutritional, well packaged and healthy, making them a great food for numerous animals, and I would (and do) always recommend buying from Livefood UK.


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