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T-Rex Dry Tortoise Formula

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Brand: T-Rex / Food Type: Reptile Food

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    3 Reviews
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      21.02.2009 00:23
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      An excellent product, which is a good alternative to the usual food your tortoise eats

      T-Rex Dry Tortoise Formula is an excellent alternative meal for any kind of tortoise. It is full of goodness including vitamins and minerals along with a good source of fibre and other ingredients for your tortoise. You can buy it in three sizes - 170g, 340g, 680g. They cost around £4.50, £7.00 and £10.00 respectively. Therefore, the 680g is obviously cheapest in the long run and it doesn't go off so I would buy the largest if you can.

      They suggest on the box that you serve this moist but this simply ruins it and my tortoise doesn't like it moist. He eats it dry as the balls are very small anyway so easy to eat and digest. It is ideal for tortoises from an early age because of this and gives them a healthy diet and is part of a balanced one.

      The small dry balls are orange, red, green and yellow to give it a multi-coloured look. The box has a bright orange lid and label with 'TORTOISE DRY FORMULA' on it, so it stands out. You can buy it in any good pet shop or one for reptiles. My tortoise seems to love it and is always willing to eat it. You can also serve it with fruit/vegetables on top but if you serve it alone, you can easily recycle what is not eaten by putting it back in the box after.

      Thanks for reading


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        25.05.2008 15:38
        Very helpful



        a great food

        t rex dry tortoise formula is a dry pellet food ideal for feeding to all tortoises as there main diet, it is made from 100% vegetable matter, low in fat, high in fibre.

        This is a realy convienient food to feed to your tortoises as you can simply just tip it onto a plate streight from the tub dry and let them eat it that way, all my babies are willing to do this but a finicy adult that is used to fresh food might take a little persuading, i usually moisten the food a little or mix with a little fresh veg to encourage them to begin eating it but once they have you will find that they prefer this to any other food.

        If fed dry there is very little mess with this food or waste as it doesnt go off so can be left in there viv untill they have eaten all of it, fed moist it sticks to them as all tortoise owners will know they have a habbit of sitting in there dinner bowl so this can be a little messy.

        It is cheaper to feed this than fresh veg as it only costs £4.50 for a 170g tub or £5.90 for a 430g tub.

        It smells georgeous, it reminds me of a sunday dinner, the smell is enough to make you salivate if you are hungry and all my tortoises come running to the front when ever they see me with this tub in my hand.

        I do sprinkle it with calcium powder as they need quite high quantities to keep there shell healthy but have never had any health problems with them and the added bonus to this food is it doesnt make there poo sloppy like fresh fruit and veg can so your viv will be easier to clean.


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          04.09.2007 19:31
          Very helpful



          Fruit flavoured cuttle fish is much cheaper -no wastage & they love it just as much

          I've got two South African Leopard tortoises and they love these little 'rainbow drops'! .....HOWEVER.....

          There is a lot of waste though with them and so do actually work out fairly expensive.

          The manufacturer says to serve moistened - my tortoises both REFUSE to eat them moist (aka mushed!!)
          I gave some to a friend to try with her tortoises and they refused to eat the mush also!
          So because mine are large adults who drink a lot I tried them with a small sprinkling of dry pellets on their food.

          They are tiny little pellets - only about 4mm and hard, so when they get knocked off the feeding platter and into the ground substrate that's it they're gone!
          Tortoises are not the most careful eaters in the world, so inevitably such tiny little pellets as this get thrown all over the terrarium.

          We call them 'rainbow drops' simply because they are brightly coloured (you can just about see it from the picture they provide here)

          They smell fruity when you open the lid (a totally synthetic smell though not fresh fruity).

          I didn't know anyone else who used them so it was a gamble the first time I bought them.

          My tortoises have their usual fresh veg & dish of water everyday but they also have a small plate each with a few dried leaves/blossoms/herbs etc on and these get sprinkled on top as a treat.
          I realised the tortoises seem to be attracted by the smell so although I still use these sometimes I actually now find it is far cheaper (due to less wastage) to give my tortoises a plentiful supply everyweek of "Fruit Flavoured Cuttle Fish" - they are brightly coloured, smell the same synthetic fruity smell but there is NO waste at all due to the large size -easy to find!
          Cuttle fish of course gives all the calcium they need.

          As Leopard Tortoises do not hibernate ever, feeding them all year round is expensive, so these are given as a bit of a treat - I certainly couldn't use them every day of the year as I couldn't justify the high volume of waste.

          Let's face it, if your tortoises are being given a balanced diet of fresh food, dried botanicals, water & cuttle fish they really don't need these other than as a treat!

          Also the BIG danger is - if your tortoises DO like it - then eating mushy food daily will cause their 'beak' to overgrow & you'll end up with a sick tortoise or a vet's bill for trimming the beak.

          It's a big jar, and if yours don't like it moistened (aka mushed!) as the manufacturer recommends & you don't wish to serve it dry-sprinkled then you're stuck with it.
          (So find a friend who has it and try that first before you buy it!)

          It costs - on internet pet sites an AVERAGEof -
          170g - £4.50 +P&P
          340g - £6.95 +P&P
          680g - £9.75 +P&P

          It costs in high street pet shops that I have seen -an average of
          170g - £4.99
          340g - £6.95
          680g - £11.49


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