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Anarkali Indian (Glasgow)

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2 Reviews

Address: 531 Victoria Road / Glasgow / G42 8BH / Scotland

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    2 Reviews
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      25.09.2009 13:52



      It's a mad mad mad curry house!

      OK, you take your life in your hands getting to the place and your sanity when inside (It's surrounded by drinking dens, doss houses and some rather dodgy guys hanging about outside) but get inside and step back in time 30 years! For a total curry taste busting and gut expanding experience served up in style by the crazy gang running this joint its about as good as it gets, mega chunky chicken portions served up as sizzlers with spiced up curry sauce selectin to die for. Sit back and be entertained by the drunken regulars, middle class thrill seekers, wiedo's, occasional ladies of the night with business travellers escaping from the dull hotel round the corner and general curry experts, professional gamblers and transvestites, we have experienced the previous owner brawling with a drunk and smashing his head off the fish tank! Also the occasional driveby shooting, one chap fell off his seat and spent the whole evening on the floor. Crowds of drunken fat girls swig vodka from the bottle as the crazy gang attempt to score another notch on the tandor oven of love. One great moment was the flying korma sauce landing full square on top of an unfortunate punters new floral dress....total madness but no one bats an eyelid and the food just keeps on arriving in style and quality. Check out the nan bread the size of a suitcase, or send the whole place into a bout of spontanious combustion as the chicken tandori arrives complete with sizzling onions and clouds black smoke. Book for Friday & Saturday and arrive with an open mind, its one hell of a place! Warning -the chilli chicken is guaranteed to explode your taste buds, and watch out for the tandori mix, killer chicken, a stange sausage thing and other bits of meat in a red hot spicy taste explosion, best served with the patia sauce option. Top cusine stacked high on the plate from the turban wearing curry experts in the kitchen. It's Saturday night and 8pm....Happy days are here again!


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      14.09.2009 23:32
      Very helpful



      Good value, great quality food in Glasgow's Southside - bring your own bevvy!

      The Anarkali Indian restaurant on Victoria Road in Glasgow is superb for a budget night out.

      Situated in the Southside of Glasgow, it is an old fashioned curry house. The décor doesn't seem to have been updated in the last twenty years and the toilets are "compact" and basic to say the least.

      It's a bit on the dark side inside, but the tables, cutlery and glasses are clean and hygienic looking. Probably seating approximately 50 patrons at most, it is not the largest of establishments but it is generally well staffed, usually very busy, and, by my observations, it does a roaring takeaway trade also. It is also VERY busy if there is an event on at Hampden, but to my mind, booking is recommended any weekend to avoid disappointment.

      Cast your apprehensions regarding the interior aside though as the food is of an admirable quality and the portions are certainly on the generous size. The naan breads are the size of a coffee table and, even if you consider yourself to have a "healthy" appetite, I definitely recommend sharing a starter unless you want to be left feeling like a stuffed sofa at the end of your meal.

      The menu is extensive - if chicken korma is your favoured dish, you have a good handful of variations to choose from - and there are some regional curries that are that little bit more unusual. I have always found the food to be of a good quality, the meat tender and moist, and the sauces delicious and plentiful. My favourite is a chicken dish extravagantly strewn with cashew nuts and chunks of onions and pepper in a fragrant but spicy sauce. I'm not a fan of lamb myself but one of my friends assures me that their lamb dishes are also of a very high quality, so much so that she can't resist having lamb every time she eats here!

      The peshwari naan is worth ordering just to try to work out what on earth makes it that bizarre bright pink colour......but it does taste delicious though, so I really don't let it worry me too much.

      What makes the Anarkali ideal for eating out in these credit crunch times or when meeting a large group of friends, is that it has no drinks licence. So you bring your own. Or buy from the conveniently located off-licence just down the road. There is no charge for corkage and they are happy to assist with bottle-opening and provide glasses, ice etc for no extra charge. We usually request jugs of iced tap water for our table too and there is no problem with this either.

      The last time I ate there, it was with a group of 12 other mums from one of our toddler groups. We tend to eat here because it is inexpensive and relatively local for most of us. We had mountains of food - poppadums with spiced onions, three big platters of pakora to share, we all had a curry, dishes of pilau rice and some of the huge naan breads - and there were some soft drinks included on the bill too. All for the princely sum of £12 a head. Perfect.

      I have read reviews proclaiming that the Anarkali serves the best Indian food in Glasgow - I would dispute that as I rate the New Pearl of India in Cathcart Road and The Wee Curry Shop in Buccleuch Street more highly, food-wise. It does serve good quality food though and for sheer value for money, as they say in Glasgow, ye cannae beat it.

      Approx prices:
      Starters £2 - £5
      Side Dishes £2 - £4
      Curries £6 - £10

      Anarkali Indian
      531 Victoria Road
      G42 8BH
      0141 423 8056

      (This review has been previously posted on Ciao by me under the same username carcraig)


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