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Anisha Indian Restaurant (Ross-shire)

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11 St. Duthus St, Tain, Ross-Shire, IV19 1AL.Tel:01862 893003

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    1 Review
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      24.06.2009 14:59
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      Great Food, Fantastic Staff, Good Price - What more can you ask for?

      As you will probably gather by now I live in a small town called Tain in the Highlands of Scotland. 40 miles or so away from the nearest city (Inverness) so we don't go out for dinner a lot but there is staill a few restaurants to choose from.

      Anisha formerly known as Kanisha is situated in Tain on St. Duthus Street. To be honest it's not a perfect location for a restaurant if you don't know where you are going as it would be slightly difficult to find. It's at the top of St Duthus street which is opposite the local doctors and also just up from the Royal Hotel.

      There is plenty of parking if you do take your car as there is the parking next to the restaurant and also across the road at the doctors there is more parking so you will never be stuck to find a space.

      From the outside the restaurant looks quite small and just like a house. It has a large blue sign on the outside with te name of the restaurant. Through the windows you can also see light blue blinds which tie in with the menu and sign.

      As you walk into the restaurant you are greeted with a small hallway. This is where you wait for your takeaway and can get slightly over-crowded on a Friday and Saturday night. The other down side about the hall way is this is where the toilets are located and also the door into the kitchen so there is a lot of people walking in and out.

      Once you get through the small hallway you then go into the restaurant. In here there is about 10 tables and can only fit about 30 people in for a sit down meal. This explains why this place always seems to be so busy. There is also a small bar on the right that can fit one member of staff behind it.

      If you are sitting in you have to wait at the bar for a member of staff to show you to your table. If you are looking for a quiet intimate night then this wouldn't be the place for you as all the tables are pretty close together.
      There is tables for 2 or 4 people, for any larger parties they will push the tables together.

      The restaurant is very small with not much room to move about but it is a lovely palce to eat. The only other downside is in the winter it can be very cold, they do have electric heaters plugged in but with people coming in to pay for their takeaways it stays pretty cold.

      The Menu

      So once you get seated and you have ordered your drinks you can settle in to look at what you want to order. There is a wide variety of starters and main courses to choose from.

      I always choose muchroom pakora which comes with a yellow sauce - you get about 5 or 6 mushrooms in a red spiced batter. They are extremely tasty and just the thought of them makes my mouth water. The yellow sauce is a mint sauce, in my opinion it doesn't taste like mint but it is creamy and my favourite part of the indian meal! This costs about £4.50 per portion which is a relly good price for a starter.

      There is also several other starters including - chicken pakora, vegetable pakora, onion bhaji's and much more. There is definitely something for everyone and are all priced around the same price between £4 and £5.

      On with the main course - Depending on what you like there is a variety of different curries, luckily they have red orange or yellow boxes to let you know how hot each dish is. Red being extremely hot, prange is medium and yellow is mild.

      I like mild dishes and used to always order a chicken Korma as I knew I liked it. This changed when I got together with my partner and he told me to try something else. So I searched through the menu until I came to the chefs specials. In here there was something that I've never heard of before.
      Murgh Khazana - It sounded mild and had a yellow box next to it, it also said it was a cremy sauce with honey in it. This sounded perfect for me. Once I got the meal the first time I loved it and since then that's all I will order from this restaurant. The best way to describe this dish is to say it's a Korma with honey added, it is sweeter than a korma but not overly sweet. This costs about £6.75 which again is a really good price.

      The menu includes the usual dishes like tikka massala, balti, passanda, rogan josh and many more which I couldn't recall all of them. They are price £5.50 - £8.00.

      As you can probably gather from my starter I like mushrooms so I decided to have mushroom rice - this is pilau rice with fried mushrooms. I love this rice, I know it is probably so many more calories than just pilau rice but if you're having an Indian I doubt you are watching your calorie intake as the full meal will be more than you daily calorie allowance. The rice costs £1.95 for a decent portion size in fact there's more than enough rice.

      Other rices include - coconut rice, pilau rice, egg fried rice and lemon and cashew rice. all range from £1.80 - £2.00

      Lastly from the menu there is Naan breads to choose from. A lot of the time I don't order one as the starter and main meal is more than enough for me but when I do I try different ones to try them out.

      These include cheese naan which is a naan bread with melted cheese inside. It's lovely but not everyone likes it. There is also garlic naan, plain naan, peshwari naan which contains almonds and coconut. Prices for these range from £1.95 - £2.50

      There is also other choices including chapati which are made from atta flour (whole grain durum wheat) and they are a lot thinner than naan breads so not as heavy on your stomach. I'm not a fan of these but my partner loves them. These are also a cheaper option as they are prced at just 70p.

      Once you have ordered your meal you only wait about 5-10 minutes for your starter. This is taken through by the waiters on a trolley. I don't understand why they use a trolley as there really isn't much room in the restaurant for this to be used and it would be much easier for them to carry it.

      The meal

      For your main course again you are only waiting 5-10 minutes. They serve this in dishes instead of on your plate. It is placed in the middle of the table. Before the meal is served they place plate warmers down so your meal is kept warm whilst you eat whats on your plate.

      The food is absolutely gorgeous from here. I love everything from here that i've tried. Everything is cooked perfectly and always presented well.

      The Staff

      The staff in here are what makes me want to sit in at the restaurant instead of takeaway. They are so polite and always smiling. They also ensure that they cater for your every need and you are not left with any issues throughout your meal. So definitely worth leaving a tip after your meal.


      So if you decided you want to sit at home with your takeaway then you can phone your order in or just go in and wait. Usually you are told it will be about 20 - 30 minutes for your meal.

      On the front of the menu it says you get 10% off for takeaways which is good so you get things a little bit cheaper.

      Whilst you are waiting the staff are very pleasant and they usually give you a glass of orange juice whilst you wait. I always think this is really nice gesture and makes me want to go back just for the staff being so friendly and attentive.

      When you get your takeaway there is usually poppadoms and spiced onions included. As well as this sometimes you also receive onion bhajis with the mint sauce.

      Overall Opinion

      I absolutely love this place for a meal whether it's too sit in or takeaway. To be honest I do rather a takeaway as I feel more comfortable at home as the restaurant is so small.

      The staff are lovely and the price of your meal is really good for the portion sizes you get. So if you are ever in Tain and stuck for a meal I would recommend you try here as you won't be disappointed.


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