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Archers Jersey Ice Cream Parlour (Darlington)

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Address: New Moor Farm / Walworth Gate / Walworth / Tees Valley / DL2 2UF / United Kingdom / Tel: +44 01325 300336

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    2 Reviews
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      01.09.2011 21:09
      Very helpful



      A cute Jersey Ice Cream farm selling delicious home made ice creams

      Living in Darlington for many years I've constantly heard many people say "There's nothing to do in Darlington" "I wish there was somewhere good to go to spend a few hours". Last summer I found one of Darlington's best kept secrets. Archers Jersey Ice Cream Farm.

      The farm is located in the Walworth area of town hidden away on a scenic country road. Clearly marked out by tourist road signs once you reach the Ice cream parlour a large hanging sign is displayed outside.

      As you turn into the farm a gravel path leading you up to the parking area. The gravel area is wide enough for two cars driving slowly. As you reach the top of the road there is a parking area big enough for atleast 8 cars to the right. If you turn left there is a large field which is also accessible for parking with a fantastic view over the fields and the hills in the distance.

      There is a wonderful walk which you can do around the fields however no dogs are allowed onto the farm.

      Outside the parlour there is a wonderful small childrens play area with a small wooden play house with a metal slide there are also small plastic tractor which can be pedaled round by the child or pushed around by other children or adults. There are also two other childrens see saw style seats and a small roundabout.

      The parlour has just undergone a refurbishment which has given the farm a fantastic lift in appearence. The outside area is paved with a light stone which in summer can make a wonderful area to sit outside or just stand and eat ice cream. There is a covered outside seated area which has gorgeous table and chair sets outside. The toilet is just slightly further up from the enterance of the parlour.

      Once you enter the parlour you are instantly drawn to the ice creams on display to your left. In a large cabinet a variety of the ice creams are on display. There is also a freezer with ice creams to take away as well as a fridge with ice cream cakes which look amazing!

      The extension of the parlour is absolutely gorgeous. With the main parlour painted lilac the colour scheme is continued into the largely glass walled extension. With gorgeous chandilers on the ceiling the day could be chattered away whilst eating ice cream.

      A selection of meals are also offered at the farm and are all displayed on a chalk board.

      The ice cream itself is made from Jersey Cow's milk which live on the farm. The cows are usually found located in the large field, in the large shed or available to have a look at in the smaller car parking area which is great for younger children with an interest in animals.

      I would reccommend this farm to absolutely anyone as it's a pleasure to go to for a catch up with friends, a family outing or even a meeting.

      Archers is also available in franchise stores in the North East.

      Archers Jersey Dairy Ice Cream Flavours
      Simply Jersey Jersey milk and cream from our own Pedigree Jersey herd. Nothing added - pure taste.
      Vanilla Pod Vanilla pod made with Vanilla pods grown in Madagascar for that extra taste.
      Strawberry Packed full of fresh strawberries. Locally sourced when in season.
      Rhubarb Made from our home grown Champagne Rhubarb.
      Chocolate Deliciously chocolatey, tastes like continental chocolates.
      Cinder toffee and caramel Introduced to us by some friends from New Zealand, from a famous recipe.
      Raspberry Pavlova Made with fresh raspberries and small pieces of meringue.
      Rum and Raisin The raisins are soaked in white Jamaican rum overnight then added to the ice cream mix.
      Toffee and Fudge Pieces of Loopy Lisa's fudge, in our toffee flavoured ice cream.
      Amaretto The almonds are first made into a brittle crunch then added to amaretto ice cream topped with amaretto biscuits.
      Passion Fruit Proprietor John Archer was raised in Kenya, and re-created this childhood flavour.
      Ginger Made with stem ginger, before adding chunks of ginger pieces.
      Liquorice A very distinctive flavour
      Christmas Pudding All the flavour of Christmas Pudding, but a lighter alternative. (Well - a little bit lighter anyway)
      Lemon Cheese Cake An exciting new flavour, full of lemon zing !
      Banana Made with fresh bananas
      Coffee Our own espresso blend
      Hazelnut Very rich and nutty
      Blueberry Made with fresh fruit
      Mint Choc Chip A children's (and adult's) favourite
      Coconut With fresh coconut
      Cookies and Cream Oreo biscuits in a creamy ice cream
      Fruits of the Forest Using fresh seasonal fruit
      Lemon fruit ice (sorbet) An alternative to dairy, using fresh lemons
      Raspberry Fruit Ice (sorbet) Made with a kilo of fruit per five kilo pan
      Tiramisu With espresso coffee and Fino sherry
      Black Cherry Disctictive cherry taste
      Mango Yoghurt A delicately Flavoured yoghurt ice cream
      Kids Chaos Marshmallows, crispy chocolate balls, smarties and chocolate sauce in vanilla ice cream.


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        27.04.2010 21:07
        Very helpful



        Ideal place to visit for a treat.

        A recent day out at work in a hire car saw me driving around the Durham countryside with the service users I work with. As we headed towards Darlington, I came across a brown sign just off the A68 advertising Archer's Jersey Ice Cream Parlour at New Moor Farm and decided to take a look.

        Driving into the farm there was a car park in a small field to the side. We were visiting on a week day but it was the Easter holidays and quite a few cars were parked up.

        The first thing you notice is a large cow shed and a few Jersey cows were leaning over the fence enjoying being stroked by some children. (Handwashing dispensers are placed next to the barn and also in the toilets).
        A short walk away is the building which houses the ice cream parlour and there are a few tables and chairs just outside, where visitors were sitting eating ice creams and drinking tea and coffee.

        The Jersey herd at New Moor Farm consists of 330 cows and also 'Big Boy' the bull.
        John and Susan Archer, along with their three children began milking Jersey cows at New Moor Farm in 2002, after losing their original herd of Holstein Friesians to the terrible Foot and Mouth disease which swept the country.
        The home-made Jersey ice cream made with milk from the Jersey cows has seen Archer's becoming more and more popular, picking up a few awards along the way.

        Also at the farm, is a gentle farm walk which gives great views of the surrounding countryside and a small children's play area.

        Inside the ice cream parlour itself, is very small. There are a couple of tables and chairs as well as a display cabinet giving a tempting glimpse of their produce such as ice cream cakes and birthday cakes!
        The cakes are advertised as Archer's speciality and it is explained that any two flavours can be ordered to make a cake for a special occasion or birthday. There were also some smaller cakes on display, all of which looked tempting. Prices varied according to size and whilst not exactly cheap, they did look very nice and it is something different after all.

        Over at the counter there was a fridge displaying a few of the many flavours Archer's produce. Vanilla, Mint Choc Chip, Fruits of the Forest, Chocolate and Strawberry were all on display and looked very tempting. My eyes were drawn however, to Hokey Pokey, which is cinder toffee and caramel mixed with Jersey ice cream. Other flavours include : Simply Jersey, Rhubarb, Blueberry, Rum & Raisin, Raspberry Pavlova, Mango Yogurt, Coconut, Ginger, Passion Fruit, Hazelnut, Banana, Liquorice and even Christmas Pudding!

        The ice cream is available in cones and tubs, as well as larger tubs to take home. 1 Litre tubs are £5.75 - £ 8.75, 500 ml tubs are £3.25 - £4.75.
        I decided on a tub, the smallest one being a 120ml size which seemed to hold just over one scoop of ice cream. This cost £1.70. Likewise, a cone with just one scoop of ice cream will also cost £1.70. I quickly thought that visiting here with a couple of children could prove to be a costly business, as most children would want at least two scoops of ice cream!
        Indeed the three children that were at the counter ensured their parents had to spend over ten pounds on ice cream to satisfy them.

        My Hokey Pokey ice cream was however, delicious. It was on the small side but enough for a little treat. It did leave me wanting more though!
        It was thick and creamy and absolutely delicious. Reminded me of Ben & Jerry's if I am honest.
        The others in our party also enjoyed their ice cream. The mint and choc chip especially going down well. All agreed the ice cream was fabulous!

        We sat outside at the little tables on a small courtyard and decided to order coffee. I went inside and placed an order for Latte's and Americano's and was told they would be brought out to us.
        Ten minutes went by and still no coffee arrived. It was not busy inside the parlour at this time, so I went in to enquire and was told they had forgotten about our order. I was surprised at how they could forget as nobody else was ordering anything at the time, but they were apologetic and the coffee appeared two minutes later.

        As we walked back to the car we were followed by a very friendly long haired cat, who my service users preferred to stroke rather than the cows!

        I enjoyed visiting Archers Ice Cream Parlour. It isn't a place you could spend a few hours at, but is great as a stop off place for a treat and maybe a stroll along the farm walk. Maybe if they add more to the children's play area and more seating, people may stay longer.

        The ice cream, which is the main attraction for visiting, is delicious and I am sure I will be tempted in again if I am passing. One of my colleagues took his family there at the weekend and he reported it was very busy with a constant stream of visitors whilst he was there, so it is certainly a popular place.

        I will definitely have two scoops next time!

        Archers also have opened a second parlour at The Station in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

        Archers Jersey Ice Cream Parlour
        New Moor Farm,
        Walworth Gate,
        DL2 2UD

        Tel: 01325 300336 - 07732668523


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