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Arena Kebab House (Nottingham)

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Address: 52-54 Freckingham Street, Carlton Road, NG1 1DQ / Tel: (0115)9115318

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    1 Review
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      02.03.2010 18:48
      Very helpful




      Ah, the Kebab . One of those foods that you never think about usually until you're a little bit on the drunken side and it's already lade . Greasy sheeps nadgers minced up and covered in limp salad and rancid mayonaisse.

      A least, that's how I used to see kebabs, until I recently discovered a kebab shop so good, I'll eat food from it sober. Now, admittedly, I was drunk when I found out about it, having been enjoying an elegant evening of wine and entertainment with friends (well, lager and Eastenders anyway) who had just left to go home. Having purged the menus from my house in some kind of weight loss drive, I resorted to looking up food online , using fillmybelly.com, and entering in my postcode gave me Arena as an option.

      The menu is pretty extensive - pizzas, burgers, kebabs, southern fried chicken, and a selection of Indian foods . This had me worried at first - the expression 'Jack of all trades, master of none' came into my head, but I was starving, everywhere else was closed, or had stopped taking orders at 10 and food was needed . Arena, handily, are open until Midnight on weekdays, and 1am on weekends, so you can order something on your way back from the pub .

      I elected for a small Arena special kebab - chicken doner, lamb doner, lamb shish, and chicken tikka, with salad and garlic sauce on nan bread. This was £6.50, a not unreasonable price for a kebab in my neck of the woods . As their minimum order amount was £10, and my friends had already gone home, I bulked this up with a bottle of soft drink and a portion of chips .

      I sat back and waited for my food . And waited. And waited a bit more . After an hour it still hadn't arrived, despite the website having told me 40 minutes . I phoned up and asked about it, and was told it would be with me in another 20 minutes.

      When my kebab eventually came, accompanied by a very nice and very apologetic delivery drver , it was enormous. I actually didn't have a plate big enough for it - and this was the small one . I was delighted that the nan bread was lovely and fluffy, and very fresh tasting, and they had been generous with the garlic mayo . The salad was fresh, and there was a huge amount of meat.

      The Lamb Shish was my favourite - cubes of lovely lamb delicately spiced - wonderful . The kebab as a whole was a wonderful mix of flavours and tasted really fresh without being awful and greasy.

      The chips -- well, in common with a lot of local takeaways, Arena seem to be using 'fries' rather than chips . They were soggy and uninteresting .

      I've ordered from Arena many times since, and each time, my experience has been the same - the food is always at least 20-30 minutes late, but when it arrives it's wonderful . I now make a point of ordering before I'm actually ready to eat so that I don't get too impatient .

      Overall, a good tasty takeaway experience, although they clearly need more delivery drivers to get food out on time . Recommended .

      Arena Kebab House
      50-54 Freckingham Street,
      Nottingham, NG1 1DQ
      0115 911 5318


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