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Baby Blue (Liverpool)

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Baby Blue is Liverpool's first private members' lounge bar and club. It is open Wednesday to Sunday, 8pm until late.

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      13.01.2002 16:49
      Very helpful



      Baby Blue Some of you will have read my ops on Blue Bar and Grill and the Pan American restaurant. Well here is my third and final instalment of the Lyceum restaurants legacy to the Albert Dock in Liverpool.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Website Links Baby Blue is owned by Lyceum restaurants who own the Pan American and Blue Bar and Grill in the Albert Dock. There website is http://www.lyceumrestaurants.co.uk/ with a variety of trinkets of information and online booking operating soon. There is a slightly different link for Baby Blue itself, this is http://www.lyceumrestaurants.co.uk/babyblue/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Where is it and what is it? Baby Blue is an approximately 50 seater bar which quadruples up to being a restaurant, dance club and comedy club. It is a one storey bar with cement flooring and all the old ceiling features of an old dock building with great red brick work. It is situated in the Albert Dock down by the waterfront in Liverpool overlooking the dock from the outside directly with stunning views of the old Victorian grade I listed architecture. To get to it you need to head for Blue Bar and Grill at the front of the Albert Dock, and to the left of there you will see some stairs, you need to decend down this one flight of stone stairs (not so handy if you need wheel chair access) and that will take you to a small dock basement where the club is based. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Private Members' lounge bar Baby Blue as the title to this section suggests is a private members' lounge bar. But it isn't too dear to join if you are going to be a regular visitor to Baby Blue. If not it might be best to find someone who is a member because then you can get in with a nominal charge. For info individual membership is £250 per year and members can bring two guests a
      t no charge. If there is a large group of you the member can bring in more than two guests at a charge of £7.50 per person. And for all you corporate bods out there corporate membership is £750, the corporate deal states that a Ccompany can nominate ten employees to use the card. Again, each card would enable you to bring two guests at no charge. There is a membership application on line which asks why you would like to join Baby Blue, whether to ~ have dinner with clients and guests, meet new people and network, attend comedy, cabaret and other special events, dance the night away, or keep out of the rain. I think this just about sums up Baby Blue to a tee. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comedy nights Baby Blue is host to Rawhide comedy club, you can find out more about Rawhide on the following link www.rawhidecomedy.com . Generally (until I get to do an op about Rawhide), Rawhide is an evening where roughly four acts and a compare entertain you for the evening for the cost of £6.50 for a Thursday, £9.00 for a Friday and £10 for a Saturday (there are reductions of about a pound for those standing) which would include staying in Baby Blue for the rest of the evening. Most people go to Rawhide at BB and have a meal at the same time. But be warned the bar is only open in the interval, but pitchers of cocktails and beer are available to keep you quenched during the acts. The acts range from top comedians through to your first timer. It is a good mix though and do not be disheartened by the up and comings- they have to start somewhere!! To be quite honest though the acts are pretty good on the whole and attract some big comedy names like Donna McPhail and Simon Day. Doors open at 6:45pm, food must be ordered by 7:15pm, all shows start at 8pm and finish around 10 o'clock. There is then a swift change over in the room for the evening members, to make room for dancing several of the tables are clear
      ed away at the end of the show - so don't expect to get a seat all night if you are staying! Interestingly if you have a group of 10 or more for the comedy club at BB then you can get free day passes for Cannons Health Club & Spa also situated in the Albert Dock..... gym, steam room, papering, food, drink, comedy- what more could you want!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Food & Drink I have eaten at Baby Blue only once but the food was good, it is a very similar menu to that of its sister bar Blue Bar and Grill. Dinner is served from 8pm to 11.30pm (10pm on Sunday). You can enjoy a two or three course meal from their 'Modern British menu'. Or share a Japanese Bento Box filled with exotic snacks. The Bento Box is quite entertaining, from japanese crackers, dips, munchies and sushi picky bits. The menu is what I would call good english, so we have steaks, tuna steaks, club sandwiches, soups, chicken dishes, salads (the fancy kind) etc. But as I say I have only eaten their once and shared a Bento Box so I will elaborate further in this op when I do. I have however never heard anyone question the food there and being that the clientele is 'private' they would be more likely to complain as they would want value for money. The bar is more well known for its cocktails and champagnes. Bollinger, Grand Cru de everything, Moet, martinis, orgasms, sex on the beach, mai tai, tequila etc. The bar men and women are well trained and you will probably get to see them doing a bit of the Tom Cruise cocktail type thing flinging the shakers around - but this is dampened down a bit to stop it getting corny. Lagers again are mostly bottled but you can buy anything from Tiger to Stella Artois. The wine list is great as is the champagne list - all you could want from £12 to £300 (yes I did say £300!). The prices are very pricey for Liverpool especially if you build in the membership charge. But to be q
      uite honest the clientele are ranging on well off to being stinking rich so it wouldn't matter to them any way. On a mention of clientele they are young... well 20 to 40. Mostly 'new money' type people up for a bit of privacy away from the hords in Matthew Street or Slater Street. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ambiance There are some brilliant comfy couches, in you guessed it - blue, the tables are set out round the side of the room. As you walk in you get to a reception room (they will order you taxis at the end of the eveing at a premium rate), then through to the main and only room. Bar on the left in the middle, tables to the side right. Dance floor to the left forward (where the Rawhide stage and tables are temporarily), loos to the far left. This is not a big club but would hold I guess 250 ish people. Again as I said in my Blue Bar and Grill op, if there has been a football match on Liverpool and Everton players are seen frequenting the club along with many other actors from the area. So if you like Brookie, Hollyoaks, Merseyside football or want to bag a Merseyside young property magnet or accountant then this is your place to spot the stars. Unfortunately this has caught on with a few young girls who want to marry a rich bloke - but this is also good for people spotting and having a laugh at their expense (I am yet again heartless to this fact!). The toilets also deserve a mention as they are communal when it comes to hand washing as with all the other Lyceum bars (obviously the loos are still private though!) Ask an attendant for a splash of perfume or whatever from the cabinet on the side (tres posh sweeties). The lights are dim with lighter areas if you want a proper conversation. But this is a club with a dance floor but tunes aren't too ravey, more of clubby with a bit of pop but something to suit most except for heavy metallers. Dress is smart - don't
      turn up in jeans/ trainers because quite frankly you won't get in! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Service Excellent. Staff are very friendly, clean and smart. They also do not give precedence to famous customers which is refreshing. If you fancy something that is not on the menu or a drink that they haven't got on the list then they will also try and get the chef or bar staff to knock up your requirements with no fuss. I have drunk in BB about a dozen times and I really like it because you get left alone and if it isn't too busy they do table service too. Prices Comparable to other bars in Liverpool. A three course meal will set you back about £20 per head depanding on what you have. Drinks are roughly £3 a pint, £5+ for a cocktail. Pitchers are good for cocktails and beer at Rawhide as they work out about £2.50 a pint. Parking is free too so you can work that into your price as well, but beware park before 6pm and your car will be clamped!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Recommend.... Yes I have to really, I have been to in many bars and restaurants round the UK and I really do think this place is value for money. You want privacy? You want entertainment? You want a bit of fun with your friends? You got a bit of spare cash? Then this is for you!!


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