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Baguette Express (Kirkcaldy)

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4 Reviews

7 Whytescauseway, Kirkcaldy - +44 1592 201033

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    4 Reviews
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      06.05.2010 15:50
      Very helpful



      Give it a try!

      These are a fairly new addition to the high street, perhaps just in the past year or two. They are generally small outlets that sell sandwiches, rolls, paninis, soup, baked potatoes and salad boxes (lets call these mains!).

      You choose which main you would like (I always opt for Panini) and then you choose your filling from the metal containers that are kept in the chilled cabinet. There are various fillings to choose from including tuna mayonnaise, savoury cheese, coronation chicken, honey chicken, Chinese chicken, egg mayonnaise, prawns, jalepenos, onions, cheese tomatoes, lettuce, tomato, etc. You can have as many of these as you like on your preferred main they are set prices, i.e Pannini is £2.80 whether you get just cheese or whether you get Chinese chicken, tomato, onion and cheddar!

      There are normally 2 or 3 seats inside where you could sit and eat if you wanted to but this is really more for takeaway. The staff are always very friendly and chatty. The interior is green and looks very funky! Always looks clean and tidy, no hygiene issues. The prices are fairly reasonable for what you would pay for a lunch. Less expensive than say the coffee chains and a little more expensive than Greggs or boots but the food is really good quality. There is also a loyalty card in some branches which you get stamped every time you visit. When you reach 15 stamps you receive a free main!

      If I could afford to buy my lunch out everyday Baguette express is where I would go. They have such a huge variety of fillings and you can have then on whatever main you like that there will definitely be something you want there! I tried their soup in the very beginning, Ministrone I think it was and it was a little runny for me, it may have changed now, I'm not sure I've not bought it again. But I can't fault them on their Paninis!


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      31.03.2010 21:02
      Very helpful
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      Great shop.

      Baguette Express has become the staple of my lunchtime. This chain, including the one featured here in Kirkcaldy, is one that spreads across a huge area of Scotland with multiple shops in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Perth.

      You can get a multitude of different main items such as the titled baguette, jacket potato, salad boxes or paninis. What is different about baguette express is that huge variety of fillings you can have, and it is completely your choice. The staff are also very helpful if you aren't sure what you are after.

      The shop is primarily a take away, but much in the style of subway they provide a few stools etc for people to sit on. The staff are also very friendly in general, much better than subway it must be added. The ingredients also taste much fresher than your standard subway, which is one of its main attractions. They also provide a good selection of other food products such as cakes, crisps and drinks.

      In conclusion its a great place for a snack or main meal, highly recommend.


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        07.02.2010 13:10
        Very helpful




        A place I like to get a Baguette from. This franchise has popped up all over the place recently, and this one is in my home town. It isn't the largest shop, but large enough to allow some people to stand inside, a few stools if you want to sit, a juice fridge and a large cabinet to see all the fillings.

        It isn't just Baguettes that you get here, you can get a Roll, Sandwich, Panini and Bagel, but we always get the baguette. A baguette with a filling, spread and salad costs £2.30 and the size of it is good. It is larger than a Subway Sub, and cheaper as well.

        The Baguettes are fresh made and are nice and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The Fillings taste fresh and tasty as well. There is a good choice of fillings such as Chicken, Ham, Cheeses such as Cheddar, Brie, Mozzarella, and spreads such as Mayo, Pickle, Butter, Salad Cream and so on. Perhaps not as much Salad choice as Subway, but the usual suspects.

        The food is made quickly and well and you end up with a nice full stuffed baguette.

        There is also juice, Crisps, and the odd Biscuit, but they are quite expensive.

        A nice place to grab a quick lunch.


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        20.07.2009 17:17
        Very helpful




        This branch of Baguette express has been in the town for the lest couple of years. This chain seemed to pop up when branches of Subway were appearing everywhere and Baguette Express is also a franchise like Subway, so you can apply to manage one of these shops, run it as a manager, and have to pay the chain something for doing it - or something like that!

        So what do they sell here? Baguettes, funnily enough, but they also sell Panini's, Wraps, Baked Potatos, Salad Boxes, Rolls, Sandwiches and Toasties. It is simple, there is a set price for each item and these are below

        Baguettes/Paninis/Wraps/Baked Potatos/Salad Boxes - £2.20 each
        Toasties - £1.75
        Sandwiches - £1.50
        Rolls - £1.40

        Sounds good, but what do you get for the price? Well you get the item and you get it with 1 filling and 1 sauce/spread and any salad that you want. The fillings are

        - Ham
        - Coronation Chicken
        - Chicken Tikka
        - Chinese Chicken Dry
        - Chinese Chicken Mayo
        - Sliced Chicken
        - Chicken & Sweetcorn
        - Cajun Chicken
        - Roast Beef
        - Crispy Bacon
        - Tuna Mayo
        - Prawn Cocktail
        - Brie
        - Mozzarella
        - Cheddar Cheese
        - Savoury Cheese
        - Egg Mayo
        - Sliced Egg

        The Sauce and Spreads are

        - Mayo
        - Salad Cream
        - Branston Pickle
        - Pineapple
        - Cranberry Sauce
        - English Mustard
        - French Mustard
        - Horse Radish

        and lastly the Salad is

        - Lettuce
        - Tomato
        - Cucumber
        - Onion
        - Red Onion
        - Peppers
        - Jalapenos
        - Beetroot

        I always, always get the Dry Chinese Chicken on a Baguette with a Mayo spread. I don't get any Salad, as I feel they totally skimp on the Chicken when you do that. Also I just love the Slightly Spicy, Tandoori taste of the Chicken. It is quite long slices and they are not too thick or fatty at all.

        This shop also sells Juice, Crisps and Cakes, but they are pretty expensive so I don't tend to bother unless I really need a drink to go with it. We normally nip down here and bring it back home anyway, so no need for juice.

        Oh, I forgot about other things they do. They sell Soup in one of those wide poly tubs for £1. it is normally soup of the day and this is on a board in the shop. They do Sausage and bacon Rolls as well and they cost £1.40, and a selection of Tea and Coffee which range from £1- £1.75.

        Since I suggested this one to Dooyoo this is my local branch. It is situated down Kirkcaldy High street and just outside of the Shopping centre and around the corner of the shopping street, so nearby to go for a quick bite to eat. There isn't any seating in the shop, apart from a high bench type thing which sits either side of the door. There is 2 stools on either side of the door, so you can perch on this and eat if you wanted.

        Your goods come packaged alright with the Baguettes in long thin paper pouches which are nearly the right size, but just stop a little short of covering the end of the Baguette. I always take a napkin and tuck it into the end, as I don't want it getting hard going up the road.

        The shop is staffed well enough anytime i've been in. There is normally the guy who runs it, and 2 people working the counter. This shop is normally busy around 11am-1pm, but the staff work fast to get the queues down and i've never had to wait long to get served. I've only had 1 bad experience of this place, but perhaps it wasn't that bad in the grand scheme of things. This shop has been open on Sundays from 11am-3pm for a good few months. Last sunday we decided we fancied one each so got down to the shop at 11.30am. I was the only 1 in the shop at this time, and I asked for 2 Baguettes. "We haven't made the Baguettes yet, they will take 20 minutes to cook so you will have to wait", Being since their name is BAGUETTE EXPRESS and they had been open 30 minutes I would have thought they could have had a couple ready, but perhaps I was just expecting too much. Since we really really wanted them, I decided to wait and said I would come back. I then came back 15 minutes later to see a large queue and although they seen I had come back I had to wait in the queue to get served again and I have a feeling they sold my Baguettes and had to make fresh ones again. Also the Chicken on this day seemed a bit stale and most probably was leftovers of old stuff.

        A good thing they have is a loyalty card. You get your card stamped each time you are there and once you get 15 stamps you trade your card in for a Free filled item. I've got this a couple of times and you get a new card again. It's nice to get a freebie and the prices are not too bad either.

        Although I like Subway, this is nice in a different way. the Baguettes are Crusty and fresh and the fillings are normally fresh and tasty. I recommend you to get one if you pass a branch.


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