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Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Shop (Aberdeen)

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Nationwide locations to serve up a cool cone!

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    9 Reviews
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      24.03.2010 20:36
      Very helpful



      A truly american ice cream shop

      I first tried my first Baskin Robbins in the Dominican Republic, 3-4 years ago. I had heard of it, but we either didnt have them in England or just no in my local area. I didnt know this but they trade under the name of Millie´s Cookies in the UK, which everyone knows about right. You can always smell their cookies from miles away.

      Baskin Robbins is an ice cream shop that sells almost every single flavour you can think. You can eat them from tubs, alot of different sizes, cones, again in different sizes. They dont only sell ice cream too, they sell drinks cakes and soft ice creams too. You can even create your own sundae, by picking your ice cream flavours, the sauces and let the staff do the hard work, whilst you get to sit back, relax and eat away.

      I remember that the Baskin Robbins staff wear really cute, blue and pinky purple uniforms that match the colour format of the logo. This seemed very american and made me assume that this company are indeed an american company.

      Some of the flavours of ice cream, Baskin Robbins has include:
      Chocolate, English Toffee, Mint Chocolate Chip, Rocky Road, Rum Raisin, Vanilla, Cookies n Cream, Pralines n Cream and many many more!

      My favourite flavours are mint chocolate chip and the cookies n cream. Both are absolute classics but absolutely delicious too. Yummy!

      This is an absolutely heavenly shop for those in need of a dessert or just something sweet. They taste absolutely great and are reasonably priced too. I remember buying a medium sized tub of my favourite ice cream flavours for apporximately £2.20. Not only do I love this shop for its products and its cute customer service but it also brings back memories of when I was in the Dominican Repbulic doing my volunteer work.


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        19.10.2009 17:34
        Very helpful



        the ice cream tastes nice

        Normally I am a man of very simple means, and rarely am fully satisfied and rant and rave about a product or service, after all, who can honestly say that something is perfect, we can always find some minor form of irritation or room for improvement. Shopping and most notably eating out leave me in a cold sweat at the prospect of spotty urchins looking at me with a Vietnam thousand yard stare when asking simple questions. Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Shops (of those I have visited) and my local Ikea store have got service provision, their brand and their products spot on and as near to perfect as possible. To summarise without the flowery chat, the ice creams on sale are to be blunt orgasmic, the staff attentive and seem to care about the level of service they provide making this a store I would wholeheartedly recommend to the ice cream loving public.
        Being a simple human being I eat my ice cream from a tub, not from a cone, not in a milkshake and certainly not coated in teeth rotting, waist expanding sprinkles and pieces. With the much publicised 31 flavours on offer any ice cream lover would be hard pushed not to find something within the refrigeration units that make up the service counter. My children are fond of the rainbow sherbet as well as the cookies and cream flavours whereas I melt into an abyss of pleasure with the lemon meringue flavour.

        The range of toppings available blow the mind away, and while I personally am not a fan of these, my children quadruple the size of their own by adding sauces, jelly beans, sprinkles (hundreds and thousands when I was a child) and mini marshmallows. I do like the selection on offer and at a push I do have to admit that I do like on occasion a touch of hot fudge topping when I opt for plainer tasting ice creams, but quite simply, the ice cream is so rich, creamy and delicious I would beg people not to spoil the taste on their first visit. I say this because my first visit left me feeling incredibly sick and stuffed to the gills, so much so I stupidly did not return for a good few months.
        The price may put some people off, and this is a store that I visit with my children as something of a treat but at £3.00 for a two scoop sundae in regular stores (£4.00 in and around tourist venues I've found). Toppings are only 25 pence and the only limit on the number of toppings you add are the size of your tub!

        The layout of the store is bright and appealing as you would expect from a place aimed at children and young adults and every store I have visited has regulated the temperature so that it is comfortable. Not too cold by the counter and not so hot that your ice cream melts by the time you leave.
        Give Baskin Robbins a whirl and you won't go back to any other ice cream. Ever! You'll just wish they were open 24/7.
        the review is in ciao in my name .


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        04.07.2009 22:29
        Very helpful
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        Baskin Robbins is a worldwide ice cream parlour chain, which specialise in unusal and delicious flavours of ice cream. Baskin Robbins was founded in 1945 by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins. 2,800 of the 5,800 stores are located the UK with the rest dotted about the rest of the world.
        When Baskin Robbins opened it boasted "21 flavours", however over the years, many more flavours have now been created boasting there grand total up quite a bit.


        I had read alot of reviews about Baskin Robbins in the past and I have been extremely annoyed as we don't have a store near us. However one night, just past, we took a trip up to one of my mum's friends house around a 45 minute drive away, and on our way we passed a medium sized Baskin Robbins car. It was my brother who actually spotted it out of the window and wailed at my mum until she turned back to visit the store. My grandma and grandad were following in the car behind as they were coming too and so when we turned around, they knew immediatly why.

        The store was on the corner of the street and looked fairly small but stepping inside it did seem slightly bigger. The floor of the shop was similar to that of an american diner/cafe, a white and black diamond linoleum floor, and bright pink walls. On the counter, there were two ladies serving, who looked quite thrilled to be working in such a fantastic place. They were extremely helpful with the customers, providing leaflets and explaining how choosing your ice cream worked.
        The glass counter showed the ice creams through, most of the ice creams were on display however some of the less popular ones were "kept through the back">. The lady we were appointed to informed us that they didn't have all the flavours that was stated on the huge board on the wall or in the leaflet, but they'd do as best as they could to compensate. The ice creams and other products were explained really well by the woman and we had no trouble at all on deciding which options to go for.

        '''ICE CREAM.'''
        Baskin Robbins, as you know is famous for its delicious and unusal flavours of ice cream. Baskin Robbins sells and provides a huge variety of different flavours, and there is sure to be something for everybody. As there are so many different flavours, BR have made it easier to decide what you would like, by splitting the flavours into different sections.

        '''CLASSIC FLAVOURS'''
        The "classic" flavours are as the name suggests, classic. Flavours that everybody will have heard of at least once in there life time. Before trying one of the classic flavours I was a bit worried they'd be a bit boring, and plain however I was completely wrong and all of the flavours we tried were absolutely gorgeous and everybody enjoyed them!

        Vanilla- as you can imagine, the vanilla ice cream is plain vanilla. Nobody in our party actually had vanilla, however there was a lady infront of us in the queue who got a single vanilla cone for her little boy. It looked delicious, pure white with teeny little black specks in it. It looked very firm too, as though it wouldn't melt until it was placed in the sun. It did look scrumptious and i'm sure it tasted lovely too. The vanilla ice cream has been around since the very beginning of BR, created in 1945. The ice cream is made from real vanilla which makes it all the more tasty!

        Chocolate- brother #2, had one scoop of chocolate in his tub. He sang its praises and exclaimed it was the best chocolate ice cream he has ever tasted in his life (now brother #2 is the number 1 chocolate ice cream fan so this must be good). The ice cream was a deep, deep brown colour, not very appealing in colour, however the scent was gorgeous, a rich smell, resembling hot chocolate. Personally i'm not a fan of chocolate ice cream, but i'm sure if you are, this would be perfect. This ice cream too has been around since the very beginning, first created in 1945.

        Chocolate chip- I was seriously considering choosing the chocolate chip ice cream for part of my assortment however the other flavours were too tempting and I decided on others instead. I did see the chocolate chip ice cream in its box on display to customers however and it looked tempting. The ice cream was a creamy, off white colour. The chocolate chips were very generously spread out, with probably about 70% ice cream, 30% chips. This doesn't sound to many but there were hundreds. Again this ice cream has been around since 1945.

        Very Berry Strawberry- my grandma decided on the very berry ice cream in her sundae. It looked quite artificial however, a very bright pink/red colour. Inside the bright ice cream, there were small lumps of what I think was strawberry. My grandma proudly told everyone that the ice cream was extremely strawberry tasting, and had a pleasent sourness to it too. This ice cream was created alot later in 1984. Worth the wait though!

        Pralines and cream- pralines and cream was the first ice cream to be plopped into my bowl. I was really excited about trying this one and so when the golden brown and white ice cream was dropped into my bowl I was growing even more excited. The pralines throughout the ice cream were huge. They were really crunchy which provided an excellent contrast to the creamy smooth ice cream. The ice cream was delicious, very caramel like, and the pecans had a scrumptious caramel to them also. They seemed to be coated in a thin toffee like substance. I thoroughly enjoyed this ice cream and I'll definitley be trying again when I return. This ice cream has been around since 1970, and i'm very glad it was created- those clever people!

        Mint Chocolate chip- brother #1 had a scoop of chocolate chip mint flavour within his ice cream extravaganza. I do like mint chocolate chip, but its not my favourite however when I saw I did actually consider it. The ice cream was a cool mint green colour, with again the occasional splodge of white vanilla inside. Mixed through the ice creams, were chunks of dark chocolate. The dark chocolate was the only part to put me off the ice cream as I am not too keen on it. The Mint choc chip ice cream was first created in 1985.

        Oreo cookies and cream- my grandad decided on this as part of his combo. The ice cream has been around since only 2004, so a fairly recent ice cream. The ice cream is only 1 flavour, plain vanilla, again with little white specks in, however around 5 cookies worth of oreo crumbs are mixed into to create a wonderful taste sensation. A delicious looking ice cream and one I wish to try in the very near futre.

        The classic collection is very popular, and provide some deliciously mouth watering flavours. Next time I go back to Baskin Robbins, I will definitley be sampling some more of their delicious, mouth watering flavours.

        Around the world, the permanent flavours do vary. However I will list and describe the ones that are available in the store I went too.

        Rocky Road- The rocky road flavour was definitley on my short list of flavours to try however it missed out by a short way. Im not 100% sure what the ice cream contained, however it was a deep brown chocolate colour which looked as though it mixed both milk chocolate and dark chocolate in it. The chunks of chocolate throughout were clearly visible and i'm also pretty sure there were some chocolte biscuit bits inside too. The ice cream looked scrumptious and would be perfect for any chocolate lover out there.

        Cookies and Cream- My grandad decided on cookies and cream as part of his ice cream treat. The ice cream was a light golden colour, it looked really heavy and creamy too. The peices of cookie were visible throughout, a golden biscuit colour. I was told that they usually use chocolate biscuit peices but now at the moment there trying out with a different kind of biscuit. The ice cream looked nice but not one i'd try in a hurry.

        English toffee- My mum is a huge fan of anything toffee flavour, from coffee to regular toffee so when she saw this flavour on the large sign she jumped at the chance and ordered straight away. When it was in her tub, I noticed how deep the golden colour was. It looked really rich, but very delicious indeed. Apparantly, the ice cream tasted very similar to Thorntons original toffee, and i'm sure that can only be a good thing!

        Banana Caramel- as soon as I saw the banana caramel flavour on the large sign, I knew straight away this would a flavour I wished to try. It was served in my tub, a lightish yellow ice cream with thick, visible caramel swirls throughout. The ice cream was delicious, very sweet which suited me perfectly. I was left with quite a sickly after feeling in my throat, very sharp actually, however the ice cream had been worth it and i'd recommend this ice cream to anyone who loves, banana or caramel.

        Gold Medal Ribbon- My grandma decided on this as another of her flavours. This ice cream was created espescially for the olympic games, hence the name. The ice cream is a mixture of two, vanilla and chocolate. Once the ice creams start melting together they merge into a delicious looking sloppy brown, doesn't sound nice but it looked lovely. Mixed throughout the two ice creams, were various swirls of caramel ice cream. My grandma tells me that there were only 3 swirls throughout the whole scoop she was given, but the swirls were very thick which made up for the lack of them.

        Rum and Raisin- Rum and raisin is one of the only ice creams I didn't see, or hadn't been recommended by anyone in the past so I personally can't comment on what it looks like or what the taste is like, however as it is produced by Baskin and Robbins, i'm sure it delicious.

        Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough- Brother #2, along with his other chocolate flavours, choose the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I have to say this ice cream did look absolutely scurmptious alot nicer than the regular cookie dough. There are two different flavours of ice cream inside, vanilla and a gorgeous looking cookie dough. Mixed throughout the ice creams, are huge chunks of milk chocolate, and a couple of "balls" of cookie dough. Brother was slightley doubtful about trying this as he hasn't had cookie dough before but apparantly it was delicious and he even asked for more. The ice cream did smell delicious too.

        Pistasio Almond- The pistascio almond ice cream was an extremely unusal colour. When I heard about the ice cream I had no idea it was going to be bright green. Nobody in our family ordered this icecream however, in the corner of the shop an eldery lady was sat with a cone of this particular one. It looked okay however not one i'd go for ever.

        The permenant flavours are around at all times of the year, and are normally, always in stock. I'd definitley recommend trying as they are delicious, very creamy and of very high quality. Something for everyone in this catogry too, which is always a plus! There are many more other types of Permanent Flavours, depending on where in the world you are. Some of the other flavours available through the world are; Pink bubblegum, cotton candy, and new york cheesecake. All sound extremely delicious.

        The seasonal flavours are only available at particular times of the year. At the moment B&R have quite a varied amount of seasonal flavours.

        Banana and Strawberry- Brother #1 also choose this one as part of his combination. The ice cream was a lovely pale yellow, and medium colour of pink in colour. The ice cream was smooth with no peices in however as the two flavours mixed gorgously I was informed that it was perfect without the peices inside. Looked like a gorgeous ice cream, and although not, seemed healthier.

        Strawberry Cheesecake- I decided eventually on the strawberry cheesecake as my second scoop. I love cheesecake ice cream, however i'm not keen on cheesecake on its own so this was a real risk I was going to have to take. The ice cream was a pale pink colour with the occasional pale cream colour splodge around. Mixed through the delicious and creamy ice cream, were some sweet and sticky strawberry sauce swirls. The swirls resembled the taste of jam, however this was a nice contrast to the creamy ice cream. Aswell as the delicious ice cream, and sweet strawberry sauce, there was a large amount of small cheesecake peices throughout. At first the cheesecake peices were very tough however as the ice cream melted they turned a little softer and became alot easier to eat. Definitley a recommended ice cream.

        Mascarpone Berry Blush- When I first read this flavour on the huge board I was slightley intrueged however as i'm not a fan of Mascarpone cheese I scored this off my list of possible flavours. The ice cream was clearly on show to customers, a deep purple ice cream with some pink splodges and small small pink peices of fruit (i think) scattered throughout. The ice cream could have passed for looking like a sorbet, but it did look a lot creamier.

        Old Fashioned Butter Pecan- I was really tempted to try this flavour but the "butter" part hinted to me that it was really high in calories and probably sky high in fat. Not that this should have mattered though as all the ice creams in the shop were extremely calorific. The ice cream again was on show to customers. A pale golden colour ice cream, with some sugar coated pecans through out. I didn't see any hint of butter throughout the ice cream but when being made, extra butter was probably used. A tempting name, but not one i'll be trying.

        Lemon Meringue- my grandmas final flavour in her tub was lemon meringue. It looked absolutely gorgeous and I was beginning to wish I'd opted for this one. The ice cream was a pale yellow colour, with vanilla ice cream inside too. A lemon swirl through the ice cream, and lots of little peices of white crumbly meringue. The meringue peices looked really scrumptious, and the smell of lemon coming from my grandmas tub was extreme and incredibly mouth watering- definitley one i'd like to try in the futre.

        Nutty Coconut- I didn't see this ice cream personally however, I assume that it is a coconut ice cream. Not one i'd try I don't think.

        Caramel Chocolate Crunch- My grandad had this as part of his ice cream treat. The ice cream was a deep brown chocolate colour, much similar to the regular chocolate ice cream in the classics section. Mixed through the ice creams were visibly thick swirls of delicious looking caramel. There didn't seem to be too many swirls but of what there was they seemed to be very thick. Also, as well as the ice cream and sauce, were peices of chocolate biscuit. I am told the ice cream was delicious and his favourite flavour he chose!!

        Pineapple Upside Down Cake- Although this flavour wasn't actually available at the particular store I went too, I found it quite odd it was still up on the board of flavours. I assume this ice cream contains pineapple and perhaps peices of sponge cake. Personally, I don't feel these flavours go together, however I was told if you like pineapple cake, this would be perfect for you.

        There were a couple of other flavours which weren't available in the particular BR I was in, including Coconut, Polar Bear Dip, and an intrueging flavour called "Jamoca". I would definitley recommend trying the Seasonal Flavours, and catch them while you can as, as each season comes and goes, so does the ice cream flavours.

        The regional flavours aren't available in all Baskin Robbin stores. Infact, in the particular store I visited, they only had one of the many flavours that are available world wide. The regional ice cream flavours, are as the name suggests flavours from all around the world including;

        Fudge Brownie- one of the few regional flavours available in the store I visited, was called "Fudge Brownie". I was extremely tempted to try this one however it did look really sickly and heavy. The ice cream was a deep, dark shade of brown, resembling dark chocolate but I am told it is milk chocolate. The ice cream is a delicious chocolate fudge flavour which sounds just delicious. Throughout the ice cream, there are generous helpings of brownie, and what looked like some sort of nut. It did look really quite delicious and its definitley on my "too try" list!

        Rum Raisin- if the shop had sold this flavour, my grandma would definitley had chosen this flavour. The description was on the huge board, which meant it was somewhat misleading as when ordered we were told it was only available in the US. The ice cream _would_ have been rum flavoured, and juicy raisins would be scattered throughout. Hopefully for my grandmas sake they will release this in the UK soon!

        Mississippi Mud- I'm a huge fan of the mississippi mud pie Muller corners so if this flavour would have been available where we were, i'm sure I would have chosen it. The ice cream is a mix of two flavours- chocolate fudge and milk chocolate, and mixed throughout, would be fudge brownie and swirls of rich fudge sauce. A very tempting desert, but if you don't like chocolate, naturally, I wouldn't recommend.

        Now, as my store didn't have any of the other flavours, I would list them all and describe however they do include; Chocolate almond, banana nut, lemon custard and Tiramisu. I really do wish Baskin Robbins in the UK held some of these flavours as they all sound delicious, and there are some really mouth watering ones in there.

        '''LIGHTER SIDE'''
        Of course, not everybody will feel happy and confident enough about trying a huge selection of creamy, calorific ice creams. Baskin Robbins understands this and so they provide a great selection of "healthier" sorbets for you too try. I was seriously considering trying a special sorbet however the ice creams, at the time appealed more and so I gave them a miss.

        Lemon Sorbet- I did consider trying the lemon sorbet, but with me, its either hit or miss when it comes to lemon flavoured things. The sorbet however was tryed by my mum. It was a surprisngly bright yellow colour. It did look alot healthier, alot less healthier, and it did seem to melt a bit more. I was told by my mum the sorbet was very sour, but mixed with the creaminess of the other ice creams it was perfect.

        Natural Frozen Yoghurt sorbet- although it says "sorbet", I assume that this is just frozen yoghurt. Alot healthier than the original creamy ice creams. I didn't see anybody with this one, but I can imagine it is fairly btter in taste. Didn't tempt me too much but as it is BR's, it is probably delicious.

        Mango Sorbet- I was seriously considering the mango sorbet as I love mango however I was really disappointed when the lady told me they had ran out the day before as it was so popular, and delivery wasn't till the next day. My friend however is a huge fan of the mango sorbet from BR and she informed me it tastes really fruity and for some reason has a slightley banana taste too it.

        Mad About chocolate- My mum decided she wanted some chocolate ice cream, but instead of going for the creamy high fat ice cream versions she decided to opt for a special chocolate sorbet. The chocolate sorbet was surprisngly similar to the chocolate ice cream, only slightley lighter in brown colour. It did look quite delicious and so when my mum was delighted with it I wasn't surprised. She described the sorbet as an ice cold milk chocolate mousse- very creamy with a subtle sweetness to it too. I think this was the sorbet/ice cream that surprised us all most and i'd be quite interested to sample.

        Blue Raspberry Sorbet- My brother was drawn to this one, mainly to do with the bright almost fluroscent blue colour of the sorbet. It reminded me very much of the slush puppies I used to love when I was little, only it was in a firmer scoop. Brother really enjoyed the ice cream, and afterwards it was clear to see that he'd enjoyed it - his tongue had gone a shocking shade of blue. He didn't comment much on the flavour , only that is tasted the exact same as a blue slushpuppy, and quite sour.

        The sorbets would be the perfect choice if like alot of people these days, you'd like a treat but feel slightly to guilty or don't want to blow your diet by having one of the regular ice creams. I think in the futre i'll definitley give the sorbets a try!! Among the other sorbets (not available in the store we visited) are ; orange/stawberry/lime/rainbow sherbet, tropical ice, berries and bananas, butter almond crunch and pineapple coconut.

        You can either buy ice cream on its own, or if your daring and wish for an extra special treat, you can decide to devour a sundae. I was a bit scared when my family suggested a sundae, as the calorie content in them, I imagined would be sky high. Not wanting to displease my family however I agreed and so we began creating our sundaes.

        '''CREATE YOUR OWN'''
        It is possible to create your own sundae. By this I mean you can personalise it to make it your own. Adding your own choice of sauces, and toppings. BR have a wide variety of things to choose, the only probelm is deciding which you want.

        The first thing on your sundae you need too choose, is which sauce you would like. Available are a wide variety including, whipped cream, runny cream (why you would want it on ice cream, I have no idea), hot fudge sauce, butterscotch sauce, peanut butter sauce, strawberry sauce and chocolate syrup sauce. There are many more flavours however we didn't try any of them.
        My brother #1 had the strawberry sauce. It was very sticky and apparantly very sweet. He never actually finished the sauce and a huge puddle was left in the bottom of his tub. It looked really gooey and I can imagine if it got on your fingers it would be incredibly irritating and probably really difficult to get off.
        I decided eventually on the hot fudge sauce, and when I say hot fudge sauce I mean HOT. The sauce was a deep dark brown colour with a incredibly thin light brown trickle throughout which I presume was the fudge part of the sauce. It really was boiling and I had to wait till I had finished my ice cream to polish off the sauce. By the time I had actually gotten to the sauce it had turned slightly firmer due to the fact the ice cream had frozen it slightly. However, it was still luke warm, and absolutely scrumptious. I have to say though that the sauce did make me feel quite dehydrated a large drink of water was required afterwards.
        My grandma and my mum both choose the whipped cream on top of their sundae. I don't personally see why you would want more cream on top of the ice cream however its what suited them. The whipped cream was a bright white colour and looked very firm, whipped to a point at the top. The portion size of cream was huge and it covered all of the ice cream in a snowy white blanket. The cream was apparantly really quite light and left lots of room for the ice cream to be consumed.
        Grandad choose eventually the butterscotch sauce.I was tempted to try it on my desert but the other one won. The sauce was a deep rich light brown colour, similar to a melted weather original. The sauce did look really quite sickly and so when Grandad informed me it left him feeling very thirsty I wasnt surprised at all. This is the sauce I'm most looking forward too next time I visit.
        Brother #2 decided, that along with his various chocolate ice creams, he'd choose a nice chocolate sauce to accompony. He did feel quite sick on the way home however this is probably because he's only very small and his tummy couldn't handle it. The chocolate syrup sauce looked incredibly sticky. The sauce had a slight shine to it which made it look all the more tastey. The sauce apparantly tasted like melted chocolate spread, which I can assume is only a good thing.

        Once you have decided on the sauce you'd like, its now time to choose your toppings. Among the toppings are; brownie peices, nuts, strawberrys, banana peices, real fudge peices, peanut butter cups, marshmallows, oreo cookies, and many more delicious toppings. We were told we were permitted to one topping each as part of the price, or if we would like an extra topping or two it would cost slightly extra. We decided on one topping each as we were already dreading the amount of calories and fat we'd be pushing into our bodies (well I was anyway!!). After much deliberation I eventually decided on the real fudge peices.
        The fudge peices were fairly large. Most were square in shape however the odd one was a wonkey shape. I was presented with a large, generous amount of fudge peices. So much so that I actually doubted wheather i'd be able to finish the ice cream sundae -I did, after a long time-. They were delicious, a mix between the vanilla fudge you get in pick and mixes, and buttery crumbly tablet you can make at home. I'd definitley recommend the fudge peices, however they are fairly sickly.
        Both brothers, and grandad decided on the smashed up oreo cookie peices. These seemed to be a fairly popular choice as the two people in front of us in the queue also ordered these. They were all given a genrous amount of cookies aswell. They did look delicious I have to admit, and the boys all enjoyed them very much so.
        My Grandma decided she'd like to try the marshmallows, and so when the lady serving took the huge scoop and scooped a huge spoonful into the tub my grandma was delighted, if not slightly worried. All the marshmallows were a bright while colour, and a small cylinder in shape. I swapped my grandma a fudge peice for a marshmallow, and so I was able to sample. I don't usually like marshmallows, however these particular ones were really quite nice. They were fairly chewy, but quite firm aswell due to the temperature of the ice cream. They did taste quite vanilla-esk but wheather this was to do with the marshmallow itself or the ice cream surrounding it I do not know. They were delicious though, and I am tempted to try various other marshmallows too.
        My mum, decided after alot of ''ooohing and aahing'', that she'd like her sundae to be topped with smashed peanut butter cups. "smashed" wasn't really the word for these little peices as they were only cracked in half. Two peanut butter cups were cracked over the ice cream so my mum was presented with four large peices of peanut butter cup. They looked delicious, the golden brown liquid seeping through and melting on to the ice cream. The chocolate on the cups looked really thick too, and the smell of peanut butter was incredibly mouthwatering. I definitley think i'll be trying these the next time i'm there.

        '''CLASSIC SUNDAES'''
        If you find it too difficult to choose what you want, you can always opt for one of Baskin Robbins special Classic Sundaes. These sundaes are already created and made, and so it saves you the pain of deciding on which ice creams and toppings you would like.

        Banana Split- the banana split is basically as it sounds. You can choose your two own flavours of ice cream for this treat however the rest is done for you. Along with your two favourite ice cream flavours, you are served up a banana (split!), with whipped cream, cherries and almonds. This dessert doesn't appeal to me all that much but i'm sure it is of BR top quality.

        Banana Royale Sundae- BR definitly likes its bananas! The banana royal sundae sounds to me alot nicer than the regular banana split. The Royale Sundae is fairly similar to the split however served in a tub instead. Your two/three ice cream flavours of your choice are topped off with a chopped banana, whipped cream, almonds and hot fudge sauce. The hot fudge sauce is the most appealing part and I hope to try this treat one day soon.

        Brownie Sundae- brother #2 was very tempted by this but in the end decided to create his own. There was a brownie sundae on display in the shop, probably trying to lure people into buying. I have to admit it did look delicious though. The bottom of the tub was filled full with 3 chocolate brownie chunks. On top of the brownie chunks you are allowed your own choice of 1/2 scoops of ice cream. Ontop of the ice cream, a huge river of hot fudge sauce was poured, it did seem like a rather large amount of sauce and i'm sure that was just to trick you into buying. Ontop of the hot fudge sauce, there are chopped almonds, and even more brownie peices- very delicious looking. The brownie sundae was then topped off with a squirt of whipped cream and two single cherrys- probably only for decoration.

        '''PREMIUM SUNDAES'''
        Choosing your own toppings may prove to difficult for you, and if this is the case, the "premium sundaes" it the place to look too.These sundaes are ready made for you and provide a wide variety of delicious flavours.

        Reeses Peanut butter cup sundae- this sundae was the most tempting of them all, I have to admit. I was seriously considering having this one. You are given three huge scoops of peanut butter ice cream, which is then loaded with peanut butter sauce, peanut butter cups, hot fudge sauce and then a squirting of whipped cream. This would definitley be my first choice of ready made sundae but I can imagine it would be very sickly.

        Chocolate chip cookie dough sundae- this sundae is basically just what it sounds like. You are given three scoops of cookie dough ice cream ,which is then topped with peanut butter sauce, cookie dough peices, with marshmallows, and whipped cream. Sounds delicious however probably really really unhealthy..

        Oreo sundae- the oreo sundae was also very tempting indeed. You are given three scoops of oreo cookies and cream ice cream. Ontop of the ice cream, you are served with crushed oreo peices, hot fudge sauce, marshmallow, and whipped cream. There was a young boy who was sitting at a table in the store with what looked like this sundae, and I couldn't help but notice how incredibly large it was. Probably would have taken a day too work my way through it.

        Candy Rush Sundae- I can imagine the candy rush sundae would be popular with my little cousin Amy as she is a fan of all sticky, sweets. The candy rush sundae wasn't actually available in the store we went to however if it was i'm sure I would have been tempted by the vanilla ice cream, topped with gummy bears, m&ms, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. I am told this sundae isn't available in the UK but I could be wrong.

        Heath Sundae- this sundae again wasn't available in our store, however it does sound quite nice. I have no idea what Heath actually is however the sundae is combined with heath ice cream, topped with hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, caramel, and real heath bar peices. Sounds good if I liked Heath!!

        Strawberry sundae- the strawberry sundae looked delicious. Aswell as the brownie type, this was also on view for the customers to admire. The sundae looked delicious. Two scoops of vanilla ice cream, 1 smaller scoop of strawberry ice cream, topped with strawberry sauce. The sundae is also served with peices of real strawberry- sounds like a healthier sundae!

        All sundaes are served in either a cone, a tub or now available in special sweet waffles. A sundae can be made with two scoops of ice cream, or for a slightley higher cost; 3 scoopfuls. You are allowed a minimum of 1 sauce and 1 topping ontop and this comes at regular sundae price however if you wish to have extra toppings you will charged a small fee.

        Although Baskin Robbins are most famous for there ice creams, they also sell a variety of other sweet products, including cakes. In our particular store, cakes weren't available however I do know that around in other shops they are.

        Classics- Baskin Robbins classic cakes are no normal cakes although they may sound it. Each cake has a thick layer of delicious ice cream inside. You can choose any type of cake in the section too. A good choice for a birthday cake or such like.

        Roll cakes- A roll cake, is in other words, a swiss roll. There is a wide variety of different roll cakes you can choose from. These range from the regular chocolate swiss roll, to a special seasonal roll with mint chocolate chip ice cream or a fudge mini roll cake with a delicious fudge topping.

        Fudge crunch cakes- although our shop didn't sell cakes, there was still a cake list and when I set my eyes upon "Fudge crunch cakes" my eyes lit up. A fudge crunch cake, is made of layers of different ice creams, a real fudge layer and a special chocolate crunchie layer. This would be perfect for any occasion where a cake is required.

        Cake creator- as with ice creams, you can create your own cake. First you chose how many people you'd like it to serve, then choose from a variety of different shaped cakes, then you come to deciding which flavours of ice cream you'd like and which cake types you'd like. Then your cake will be created to absolute perfection.

        Pies- aswell as selling cakes, Baskin Robbins also provides a small variety of different cakes.These range from a delicious sounding oreo cookie pie, to a mouthwatering sounding apple pie. The apple pie did sound pretty tempting and if they had had it in store I would have persuaded my mum to buy it too take home!

        31 below pies- my friend was on holiday in Florida during the summer and she visited a huge Baskin Robbins store. She told me proudly she had been lucky enough to sample one of their special 31 below pies. A 31 BP, is a huge pie crust, filled full with your favourite ice creams, toppings and sauces. Available, are a Reeces Peanut Butter crust pie, Oreo Pie and a special Heath pie. My friend was lucky enough to try the Oreo pie, and she exclaimed that it was delicious and by far the best treat she's ever had. I'm pretty sure they'd be extremely calorific and probably triple your recommended daily allowance in fat content. Probably worth it though if you enjoy it and don't worry about calories all that much.

        Aswell as food confectionary, Baskin Robbins do realise that sometimes, only a liquid refreshment will do. When this is the case, Baskin Robbins does a great variety of all different drinks and refreshments.

        Shakes- The shakes were being made in a huge blender type machine when we visited. The milkshakes looked incredibly thick, and creamy. The flavours range from the regular vanilla, chocolate and strawberry to some more interesting flavours including peanut butter, apple pie and cookies and cream shakes. They did look delicious and I assume they are alot better than your regular McDonalds shakes.

        Fruit Blasts- A fruit blast, reminds me very much of the combination of a slush puppy and a smoothie. These come in all different fruity flavours, such as strawberry and citrus, peach and passion fruit , berry and pommegranate, and a delicious sounding mango flavour. These weren't available at our store but I am told they are at most others.

        Cappucino blast- my grandma succumbed to the tempting sound of the cappucino blast and ordered one of these ice cold drinks. It came in a tall plastic cup, and the frozen coffee "drink" was actually higher than the rim of the cup. Among the flavours were peanut butter blast, oreo blast and and the original however my grandma decided to go for the caramel. She said it was delicious, however failed to finish it as her ice cream was filling enough.

        Fruit cream- for some reason fruit cream reminds me of some sort of kiddies practical joke however fruit cream is simply fresh fruit blended with smooth vanilla ice craem, and then melted so it makes a drink. They did do this in our store but only 1 flavour. Among the other flavours are; mango and strawberry. They sound nice but not my type of thing.

        '''PACKETS AND TUBS'''
        Now most people are likely to go in to a BR store and buy a cone or sundae of ice cream, however if you love BR ice cream but wish it too last a little longer you can buy one of the tubs of ice cream which can be kept in your freezer.

        Almost every flavour of ice cream come in a 500ml tub available to buy and put in the freezer like a regular tub of ice cream from the supermarket. These ice cream tubs however are really expensive alot more expensive than the supermarket bought. Almost every flavour is available in tubs.


        I was dreading finding out about this part of the treat- the nutrition, or lack of.

        Ice cream - I wasn't expecting the ice cream to be healthy by any stretch of the imagination, however I was still appauled when I found out what a serving had in it. Calorie wise, a scoop of ice cream contains anywhere from between 200-600 calories per scoop. The original vanilla ice cream contains a whopping 260 calories per single scoop. Now as I had 3 scoops of ice cream I dread to add up how much was in my treat.
        The sorbets are slightly lighter, and so would be perfect if your looking for a lighter dessert. A scoop will contain roughly between 100-200 calories and for example a scoop of lemon sorbet contains 130 calories.
        Fat wise, the sorbets are fairly low, containing around 0g per scoop, however ice cream wise, a scoop can contain up to 40g of fat- and thats only 1 scoop!!

        Sundaes- Sundaes contain around 1500 calories, a classic oreo cookie sundae will set you back a whopping 1330 calories- over half of your daily allowance in calories. The oreo cookie sundae also provides you with over 60g of fat and a hell of a lot of sugar. All sundaes in this selection are roughly the same.

        Most of the products contain milk so for those lactose intolerant or allergic to milk alone, you should definitley stay away, as hard as it is. Some products may also contain traces of egg, and soy products so again, be careful if you know these are dangerous to you.
        As alot of the products contain peanuts, not only the products with nuts in them will have been in contact with nuts. BR do try to keep nuts seperate from the non-nut ice cream products however they can't be 100% positive so you should be very carefully.


        To be honest I was quite pleasently surprised by the cost of the ice creams. Each sundae cost roughly £4.50. £4.50 was the price for a sundae which contained 3 scoops of ice cream, one topping and one sauce ontop too. If you "require" extra toppings this will set you back a little bit more. A tub of ice cream will cost a little more, nearing the £5 mark. A cone with a single scoop of ice cream will cost roughly £1.50, so in my opinion for an extra £3 you are as well going for the full blowout sundae. Obviously, Baskin Robbins stores world wide will vary their prices and the ones I gave were only average.
        Beverages will again vary from store to store, but looking at the price list on the leaflet I was given, they cost roughly £3, with the fruit cream at £2.50. Again, not an extortionate price, but for a drink it is quite expensive.
        Overall, I didn't find the prices in BR to be too expensive however I would definitley recommend saving for a special occasion, or if somebody else is paying for you!!

        Baskin Robbins also have a website which can be easily found on google.

        SweetTooth 93


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          15.05.2009 00:13
          Very helpful



          A bit more expensive than a normal 99, but well worth it for a change

          I first encountered Baskin Robbins when travelling Australia last year and would regulary find myself down by Sydney Opera house with a huge Baskin Robbins ice cream on a nice sunny day.

          I had never heard of them before and thought that (with the exchange rate) about £4 for a double ice cream was an absolute rip off...that is until you actually try the ice cream.

          When you enter the shops you immediatly feel welcome and the assistants would always offer you the chance of trying some on their many flavours before you bought any ice cream to make sure that you actually liked it, and they were always very friendly. I think the first problem you will encounter it to decide what flavours you would like, with so many on board, usually between 30-40 it really isnt as easy as it may seem and I usually found myslef trying many new flavours and spending a good 10 minutes before finally deciding which ones to go for. I cant remember now which my favourites were but they will definatly have one for you, i like chocolate usually but also had many fruit flavours and loved them all.

          Once you know what flavour you want then you have to decide how you want to eat it. You have the choices of a normal cone, waffle cone, waffle cone with chocolate and a tub. I personally prefer the waffle cones as they are just so much nicer than a normal cone, and i tend to find that they put more ice cream in these too.

          Once you have made you choice, you will then spend the next 15 minutes of your life munching your way through the best ice cream you will have tasted for a long time. I found that a lot of the time after eating one of these I couldnt eat my lunch or a meal as I was just so full.

          It was recently I was shopping at the Bullring in Birmingham and I came across a Baskin Robbins and I was shocked. I thought they were an Australian company, but luckily for me, and everybody else they are not, and since looking into it they have shops located all around the UK.

          Overall this has been the best ice cream and the biggest variety that I have ever seen and believe that the price is well worth it due to both the quality and quantity of the ice cream you recieve. Similar companies out there would be Gelatissimo and the Italian ice cream parlours, but I believe that this is much nicer. It is definatly for people of all ages and the idea of trying before you buy is absolutly fantastic. I knwo where I will be going for ice cream this summer!


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            12.01.2009 18:15
            Very helpful



            Great tasting ice cream!

            Unfortunately, my nearest Baskin Robbins is approximately 37 miles away, which is a shame because I don't get to sample it very often! But here is a little background info.

            Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins started their business in 1945 with an aim to create delicious ice creams with different ingredients. They initially created 31 flavours - one for every day of the month, and since then over 1,000 different ice cream flavours have been created.
            The classic flavours available at Baskin Robbins are:

            * Chocolate
            * Chocolate Chip
            * Mint Chocolate Chip
            * Pralines 'N Cream
            * Vanilla
            * Strawberry

            I have sampled all of these bar chocolate (I'm not a massive fan of pure chocolate ice cream) and I have to say each one was pretty good. Though their vanilla could be the same as any other ice cream store, it is still a really nice flavour and definitely leaves you wanting more.The other permanent flavours at Baskin Robbins are:

            * Banana Caramel
            * Rocky Road
            * Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
            * Cookies 'N Cream
            * English Toffee
            * Gold Medal Ribbon
            * Hokey Pokey
            * Pistachio Almond
            * Rum Raisin

            The only ones I have tried from this range are Rocky Road, Cookie Dough and Hokey Pokey. Rocky Road is just as good at the original sweet treat, and Cookie Dough is on a par with Ben and Jerry's version. Hokey Pokey for those that don't know has honeycomb pieces!Seasonal flavours at Baskin Robbins are:

            * Jamoca
            * Old Fashioned Butter Pecan
            * Coconut
            * Caramel Chocolate Crunch
            * Nutty Coconut
            * Banana 'N Strawberry
            * Strawberry Cheesecake
            * Mascarpone Berry Blush
            * Pineapple Upside Down Cake
            * Lemon Meringue
            * Polar Bear Dip

            I haven't tried any of the seasonal flavours, but friends who have recommend the Strawberry Cheesecake and Pineapple Upside Down Cake because they are really nice and fruity.Baskin Robbins also offer a few lighter options for people who are conscious of what their eating. These include:

            * Blue Raspberry Sorbet
            * Mad About Chocolate
            * Mango Sorbet
            * Natural Frozen Yoghurt
            * Lemon Sorbet

            The best thing about Baskin Robbins is that they let you taste an ice cream for free. They give you a small amount on one of their plastic spoons to allow you to decide whether you like the ice cream or not. A few of my friends have been a bit cheeky and tried to make their way through all the ice creams on offer before being told to make a choice!You can also choose between having your ice cream in a cone, a sundae dish with banana, chocolate brownie or a banana split, or in a sundae cup with toppings. You can also have the flavours made into milkshakes or smoothies.

            They also have a flavour of the month, and this month's flavour is Torchbearer Trio. Produced in line with the Olympic Games, it is made up of passion fruit, apricot, and blackcurrant with raspberry sherbets. Unfortunately living so far from Baskin Robbins I doubt I will get to try this flavour before the end of the month!
            Baskin Robbins is also available in Grab 'N Go containers - meaning you can take it home and enjoy it whenever you like!

            It's been such a long time since I've had a Baskin Robbins ice cream I'm not sure what the prices are - they may have gone up with this whole credit crunch thing, but what I can tell you is that these ice creams are truly delicious and well worth tasting if you're ever near a branch!

            (As written for Ciao.co.uk)


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            15.11.2008 21:01



            baskin robins ice cream

            I know Baskin Robins is an American ice cream company and I've heard about them but never actually got the chance to try some of their ice cream until I went on a holiday to London a couple of years ago.

            At the Baskin Robins scoop shop, I got to try some of the flavours before I purchased them, they hand them out to you on a tiny plastic spoon. I read that they have 31 flavours but I think there were only about 20 in the scoop shop.

            My absolute favourite flavour was the rocky road ice cream; it's made of chocolate ice cream with nuts and marshmallows.

            I'd definitely recommend Baskin Robins to any ice cream lover as there are so many different, lovely flavours to choose from. I've only ever seen this shop in London though so might be a bit tricky to get hold of but well worth it.


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            07.10.2008 20:03
            Very helpful



            Every flavour ice-cream you can think of ranging from coffee to liquorice . . yummy sweet treats!

            Baskin Robbins sell the most amazing, delicious ice-cream in an array of wonderful flavours. Most Baskin Robbins are joint with Millie's Cookies and probably nearly every town has got at least one!
            Baskin Robbins was created by two brother in laws (Burton "Burt" Baskin and Irvine "Irv" Robbins) who dreamed of creating an innovative ice cream store. They both had a mutual love of old fashioned ice cream and the desire to provide customers a high variety of flavours.

            In 1945 a snowbird ice-cream shop was opened in California by Irv, which featured 21 flavours in his store. One Year later Burtons Ice Cream was opened by Burt in Pasadena, CA. By 1948 they both had 6 stores between them, which eventually grew into Baskin Robbins.
            In 1949, there were more than 40 stores in Southern California, which is when Burt and Irv bought their first Dairy. This allowed them o have complete control over the production of their ice cream, adding new ingredients and introducing new flavours.

            In 1959 their first stores (Snowbird and Burtons) became Baskin Robbins. A man from a local advertising agency advised a uniform identity and image under the name Baskin-Robbins 31 ice cream. The 31 re-presented a flavour for every day of the month and polka dots were put into their logo to represent clowns for circus and fun.
            In 1954 Baskin Robbins won their first gold medal against competitors at the Los Angeles County fair. By the mid 1960's the company had over 400 stores throughout the United States and other stores opening in Japan, Korea and Australia.

            Baskin Robbins has grown to become the worlds largest chain of ice cream speciality stores with more than 2,800 locations throughout the United States and 5,800 around the globe. Since 1945 over 1,000 different flavours have been introduced such as their top selling flavour's which are Mint Chocolate Chip and Pralines 'n' Cream.
            You can find them with most Millies Cookies stores which are all over the country. Unfortunately on their website you can only search for stores which aren't in the UK (probably because its an American company). How-ever if you go to www.milliescookies.com and search for a Millie Cookies store local to you, you could always ring to see if they have a Baskin Robbins in their store!

            You name it, they probably sell it, some examples are below.
            World Class Chocolate - White and milk chocolate ice-cream
            Nutty Coconut - Coconut ice cream combined with roasted almonds, buttered pecans and walnut pieces.
            Cherries Jubilee - Cherry ice cream with pieces of dark sweet cherries with a hint of rum.
            Very Berry Strawberry - Strawberry ice cream loaded with strawberry pieces.
            Jamoca - Coffee flavoured ice cream
            Rocky Road - Chocolate ice cream loaded with fresh almonds and little marshmallows.
            Peanut Butter 'n' Chocolate - Chocolate ice cream with peanut butter ribbon.

            They also do standard flavour such as Vanilla, Mint Choc Chip, and Strawberry.

            ***WHAT ELSE DO THEY SELL?***
            **SOFT SERVE**
            * Vanilla Soft Serve Cone - Smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream served in a cone.
            * Reese's Peanut Butter Cup 31 Below- Smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream mixed with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Reese's Peanut Butter Sauce.
            * Oreo 31 Below - Smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream mixed with classic, delicious Oreo cookie.
            * Heath 31 Below - Heath bar mixed with caramel ribbon and vanilla soft serve ice cream.
            * Reese's Peanut Butter Cup 31 Below Pie - Vanilla Soft serve ice cream blended with Reese's peanut butter cups in a graham cracker pie crust. Topped with crushed Reese's peanut butter cup, fudge, a whipped topping border and caramel and chocolate drizzle.
            * Strawberry Fruit Cream - Fresh taste of strawberries mixed with vanilla soft serve ice cream.
            * Soft Serve Sundae - Smooth and creamy vanilla soft serve topped with strawberry sauce, caramel or hot fudge or you can create your own sundae!

            Waffle Bowl Sundaes - Two scoops of vanilla ice cream with fudge brownie pieces, topped with raspberry sauce and dark dipping chocolate in a freshly baked waffle bowl. (Other flavours also available).
            Classic Banana Split - Your favourite ice cream flavours, two banana slices, crowned with chopped almonds, whipped cream and three cherries.
            Oreo Sundae - Three scoops of Oreo Cookies'n'Cream ice cream layered with hot fudge and marshmallow, then topped with crushed Oreo cookie and whipped cream.
            Two Scoop Sundae - Choose 2 of your favourite scoops of ice cream in a waffle cone or cup ad finish it off with your favourite toppings.

            Cappuccino Blast - A rich combination of coffee and vanilla ice cream blended with ice and topped with whipped cream.
            Strawberry Fruit Cream - Creamy vanilla soft serve with the fresh taste of strawberries.
            Mango Fruit Blast Smoothie - Mango fruit blended with non-fat frozen yogurt for a refreshing taste of the tropics.
            Berry Pomegranate Blast - Sweet mixed berries and pomegranate blended with ice for a bold fruit taste.

            Choose your favourite Baskin Robbins ice cream and combine it with your choice of cake.
            Fudge Crunch Cakes - Layers of fudge and crisp chocolate sandwiched in between two layers of their famous ice cream.
            Roll Cake - Chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate cake rolled together and finishes with fudge topping, buts and a cherry.
            Occasions - Choose a cake from their many designs ranging from footballs, polka dots, clown faces, Halloween cakes and Christmas Cakes.
            Pies - Choose from Pumpkin Pie, Oreo Cookie Pie, Black Forest Pie and Grasshopper Pie.

            * Take home your favourite flavours with their pre-packed and hand-packed ice cream and other individual treats and snacks such as fruit blast bars.
            (I don't think many of these options are available over here in the UK, but I think you can get most of these things in the USA, where Baskin and Robbins was founded.)

            ***ICE CREAM TESTING***
            I have tried their ice cream a few times and have to say I am never disappointed. I have tried the Chocolate Chip Cookie dough which was amazing, it had chocolate chips, and bits of cookie dough in the ice-cream which personally I don't think sounds to pleasant but it was really tasty, although the dough is a bit chewy its still my top flavour and will definitely be having it again. I have also tried the Oreo Cookie which was a beautiful cream coloured ice cream with bits of Oreo cookie crumbled into the ice cream, it was truly amazing!
            You can choose how many scoops of ice cream you would like, you can even mix the flavours and you can choose to have it in a cup or in a cone. I always go for the cup and they give you as many spoons as you wish just incase you want to share with someone (personally, its too good to share!). You can have added toppings on the ice cream such as little jelly sweets, chocolate flakes, hundreds and thousands and more. You can even add flavoured sauce to your ice-cream!

            ***JUST A TESTER***
            When you go to Baskin Robbins you can ask for a taste test, and they will give you a small spoon with some ice-cream on it to help you decide which flavour you would like.
            I chose to have a Strawberry milkshake, which was made from the ice cream in front of me. You can see them mix it together with the milk. You get quite a big cup size for the milkshake and I felt extremely bloated after slurping this thorough the straw. They do give you a spoon as well, as some of the ice cream has bits in it, which won't go through the straw. The milkshake was very creamy and defiantly the best milkshake I've ever had.

            ***BIRTHDAY CLUB***
            Join the free Birthday Club and receive a free 2.5oz scoop on your birthday plus special offers, coupons and a sneak peek at new flavours and treats.
            ***OVERALL OPINION?***
            The ice cream is amazing, creamy, well worth the money and something you should at least try once. it's a great treat, especially when it's a lovely warm day, but its not something I would suggest eating regularly as I can't even begin to think how many calories/fat is in just one scoop of ice cream (depending on the flavour as well!).

            Their milk-shake are definitely worth a try and you can easily share one milk-shake between 2 people (not that you would want to do that!).
            It's a real shame that the UK is very limited on what we can try, compared to the USA who get to try waffle bowls, and peanut butter cups, etc. Here in the UK, we are very limited to what we can purchase from a Baskin Robbins, as all the one's I have been to have only done ice cream in a cone or cup, nothing else apart from Milkshakes.

            If you see one of these shops, don't go past it, give it a try!

            (Review also on Ciao)


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              09.08.2008 22:24
              Very helpful
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              B&R is really a place for hangout especially in summer.

              Well I have been to Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Shop when I went to Mumbai, India (last month on vacation). The staff was clean and friendly and the cost of icecream was similar to any other icecream shop outlets.
              They got more than 36 flavours and I picked jamoca almond fudge. Which is so good that I truly can't explain it. I have never thought that my vacation is going to be get delighted by B R. I packed three litres and ate it all on my own. Ending of summer season is really a problem but I am quite addicted to Icecream so I can't refuse to eat some whatever may be the season even if winter. And I have made a motto to taste all the flavours of Baskin Robbins Ice Cream.
              Their is a large number of choices to pick from and some of them are jamoca almond fudge, pistachio almond, cherry jubile, winter white chocolate, mango sorbet, peppermint, peach sorbet, vanilla, Mint Milk ,Mocha Magic, etc.
              They also offer sugar-free and fat-free choices among some of the above flavours.
              They also have other products like ice cream cake, cookies-n-cream, regular cones, cups, sundaes, banana split, and banana royal.
              And coffee cappuccino in three different flavours chocolate blast, a Mocha blast, and a Kahlua blast which is made from coffee bean and vanilla ice cream blended with ice and topped with whipped cream and cinnamon.
              Fruit smoothies made by frozen yogurt ,fruits and added ice.
              They have Strawberry strawberries & Vanilla yogurt, Strawberry Banana-strawberries, bananas, and vanilla yogurt, Wild Berry Banana-banana, pineapple passion fruit, blueberries, and raspberry sherbet or vanilla yogurt, passion fruit, and vanilla yogurt.
              Shakes: Mixed with choice of ice cream. Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Gold Medal Ribbon, Baseball Nut, Jamoca Almond Fudge, Low fat Espresso 'n Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, No Sugar Added Thin Mint, Old Fashioned Butter Pecan, Cookies 'n Cream, Peanut Butter 'n Chocolate, Pink bubblegum, Pralines 'n Cream, Quarterback Crunch, Vanilla, Very Berry strawberry, and Winter White Chocolate.
              While B&R ice cream parlor is quite crowded and price is quite expensive but worth spending.
              They provide so many flavours that I recommend you to atleast go to the shop once and try a flavour and the rest is on you to say my mates.


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                30.07.2008 21:43
                Very helpful




                About Baskin Robbins

                Baskin Robbins is the world's largest chain of ice cream. Baskin Robbins was founded by Burton Baskin and Irvine Robbins. They have been providing ice cream for 62 years to more than 5,800 shops in 34 countries, proving how popular it really must be. Baskin Robbins is widely available at Cineworld cinemas and Millies Cookies.


                I absolutely love ice cream and apart from the nutty ones I have practically tried every flavour at Baskin Robbins, although I have my favourites I always like to try other flavours as well. You can have these severed as 1, 2 or 3 scoops in a pot or in a cone.

                Classic Flavours

                Vanilla - This Classic has been around since Baskin and Robbin's first started in 1945. It is made with fresh cream and real vanilla for a truly natural flavour. This vanilla ice cream really melts in your mouth. It is so soft and creamy, a real delight without being sickly or false tasting.

                Chocolate - Again, this one has also been around since 1945. Baskin Robbins chocolate ice cream is made with extra rich chocolate for a real chocolately taste for all chocolate lovers. It's got a deep chocolate taste that doesn't leave you with a bitter aftertaste. The chocolate isn't bitter nor is it too sweet, it is perfect. This is the one I usually have with everything and it mixes well with all the other flavours.

                Mint Chocolate Chip - This has been around since 1985. It is mint ice cream packed full with chocolate chips. This is my boyfriends' favourite flavour. The ice cream doesn't taste false, it is lovely without giving you too much of a cool blast. Although the chocolate pieces are bitter they go perfectly with the ice cream without tasting that way. This really does taste like After 8's. I'm not a fan of mint and chocolate but I really do enjoy this flavour.

                Chocolate Chip - Another one which has been around from the beginning. It is made with vanilla ice cream and packed full with bittersweet chocolate chips. The vanilla ice cream is the creamy soft ice cream above and the chocolate chips break up the vanilla ice cream for anyone who thinks vanilla is just boring. The crunch of the chocolate chips goes perfectly with the soft texture of the ice cream.

                Pralines and Cream - This has been around since 1970. It is vanilla ice cream with caramel swirls and praline coated pecan pieces. Although this isn't one for me, due to being allergic to nuts this is one of my boyfriend and my mum's favourites. According to them this ice cream isn't too sickly and leaves you wanting more.

                Very Berry Strawberry - This has been around since 1984. It is definitely one for strawberry lovers. Strawberry ice cream packed full of strawberries. As I love chocolate and raspberries and Baskin Robbins do not do a raspberry ice cream, I usually substitute it for this and this still is a very yummy mix! Without being too sickly or false tasting, the strawberry flavour is delicious and natural, not like the strawberry ice cream I remember having when I was younger in Neapolitan ice cream.

                Permanent Flavours

                Cookies 'n' Cream - This has been around since 1985. It is vanilla ice cream packed full of bittersweet Oreo cookie pieces. This is definitely one of my favourites. It is extremely similar to Hagen Daaz Cookies and Cream Ice Cream. The vanilla ice cream is soft and creamy and natural tasting, I think it has a bit more to it than the Hagen Daaz vanilla ice cream. The mix of the bitter pieces of Oreo goes perfectly.

                Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - This has been around since 1992. It is vanilla and cookie dough ice cream with chucks of chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate chips. Another favourite of mine. I remember eating Cookie Dough on it's own, it was delicious. This is very much the same but with ice cream thrown into the mix, yum!

                Gold Medal Ribbon - Created especially for the Olympics, this has been around since 1979. It is a mix of vanilla and chocolate ice creams with caramel swirls running through. The vanilla and chocolate ice creams in this definitely work better than one on their own. I love the mix of ice creams mixed with caramel swirls. There aren't very many caramel swirls and it's the luck of the draw how much you get in your serving but you do enough so it doesn't become too sickly.

                Banana Caramel - It is amazing how real this banana ice cream actually tastes. It is delicious and the mix of caramel swirls with it really adds to the flavour. The banana ice cream tastes so natural without leaving a nasty aftertaste and the caramel swirls aren't sickly.

                Seasonal Flavours

                Strawberry Cheesecake - This has been around since 1964. Made with cheesecake ice cream, strawberry swirls and cheesecake pieces. This is a much nicer Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream that Ben & Jerry's. It is much less sickly and more natural tasting. The ice cream is really creamy as that of a cheesecake, has a decent amount of strawberry swirls and some crunchy cheesecake base pieces that haven't turned soggy due to been in the ice cream.

                Mascarpone Berry Blush - This is a creamy berry ice cream with berry swirls. I'm not sure what the berries are but it tastes similar to blackberries and blueberries. It is a lovely light fruity ice cream.

                'Lighter Side'

                Lemon Sorbet - Has been around since 2002. Real lemon juice is used in this sorbert to give it a natural tart flavour. This a real lovely tang to it whilst remaining natural tasting throughout. It is the ice cream version of natural homemade lemonade. It is smooth and creamy in texture, unlike a lot of sorbets.

                Blue Raspberry Sherbet - Tastes like a raspberry slushy, doesn't taste of real raspberries. Unfortunately this is probably my least favourite flavour at Baskin Robbins. It is quite weak and sickly tasting and leaves a funny aftertaste in your mouth.

                Mad About Chocolate - A low fat frozen chocolate yogurt. Tastes as good as the real thing.

                Mango Sorbet - A natural fresh tasting mango sorbet. It is smooth in texture and really fruity. This is another favourite of my boyfriends due to its wonderful natural taste and it is one of the better things on the menu at Baskin Robbins.

                Other flavours Baskin Robbins do, which I haven't tried are: Rocky Road, English Toffee, Hokey Pokey, Pistachio Almond, Rum & Raisin, Old Fashioned Pecan Butter, Coconut, Nutty Coconut, Banana n' Strawberry, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Lemon Meringue, Caramel Chocolate Crunch, Jamoca and Natural Frozen Yogurt.

                My perfect ice cream combination is chocolate and raspberry, it is such a shame that Baskin Robbins do not do a raspberry flavour apart from Blue Raspberry Sherbet that I could have with my chocolate for the perfect combination. This is why I will usually favour Ben & Jerry's over Baskin Robbins as they have the perfect combination in ice cream with their Bohemian Raspberry, which is vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge brownie and raspberry swirls. Majority of the ice creams at Baskin Robbins are very yummy, they taste natural and aren't in any way sickly or overpowering. There is such a huge variety of flavours, there's bound to be one for everyone, whether you like pure plain, smooth flavours or you like chucky interesting ones, you will find something you like. If you aren't sure what you might like, if you go to a store with nice staff, they will usually let you have testers of a few to decide which ice cream you would like. Even in hot weather, the ice cream doesn't melt quickly, so you can easily get through your ice cream without it melting, even if you pace yourself.


                As well as just having plain ice cream you can build your own sundae. You can choose 2 or 3 scoops or ice cream and you can mix and match them. A sundae is provided in a waffle cone or in a pot like the plain scoops. You choose the ice cream, then you have a variety of toppings to choose from: Hot Fudge, Marshmallow, Butterscotch, Chocolate Syrup, Roasted Almonds, Mini Jelly Drops, Chocolate Beans, Chocolate Nibs, Sugar Strands, Fresh Bananas, Strawberry, Crushed Pineapple, Maraschino Cherries, Whipped Cream. Depending how nice the staff are you can sometimes get a few extra toppings thrown in free. Usually you can choose a sauce and a topping. My favourites are Hot Fudge Sauce, marshmallows, chocolate beans and whipped cream. The choice is yours as it is your sundae you make up yourself.

                The hot fudge sauce is delicious but could be a little sickly for some people. It is, as the name suggests served hot, which is a delicious contrast against the cold ice cream. The sauce itself is like a chocolate fudge sauce. It is very thick and rich but by far my favourite. When it comes into contact with the cold ice cream it doesn't solidify, it remains as a gooey sauce until the end. This is the same with the other sauces if you choose to have them warm. The Butterscotch and Chocolate Sauces are also quite rich in taste so may not be to everyone's taste. You don't get that much so it doesn't get too sickly. The more the better for me though!

                The toppings such as marshmallows, mini jelly drops, chocolate beans, chocolate nibs and sugar strands are all mini. They make a lovely addition on the ice cream, creating more flavour and depth to the ice cream. The marshmallows taste just as marshmallows should, they are light, fluffy and not sickly. The chocolate beans are lovely chocolate chunks sprinkled onto the ice cream, without being too bitter or sickly. The Chocolate Nibs are like chocolate hundreds and thousands and are very similar in taste to the chocolate beans, just in a smaller form. The whipped cream is standard whipped cream; it's light, fluffy and full of flavour and doesn't melt as it is in contact with the cold ice cream.

                Not all shops serve the fresh bananas, strawberries, crushed pineapple and maraschino cherries. But the ones that do actually serve the fresh fruit and cut it up there in front of you, so you can really see it is fresh and hasn't been prepared and left lying around earlier. These make a lovely addition to the lighter option sundaes.

                Baskin Robbins have some Sundaes pre-created that if you are unsure what to choose, you can choose one of these. If you don't like the whole sundae you can add or replace some items to fit your wants. Some of these are:

                Banana Royale - Your favourite ice cream flavours topped with bananas, caramel, chopped almonds, whipped cream and a cherry.

                Brownie Sundae - Your favourite ice cream flavours over brownie topped with hot fudge and whipped cream.

                Classic Banana Split - Your favourite ice cream flavours and toppings nestled between two slices of banana, topped with chopped almonds, whipped cream and three cherries.



                One of my favourite things at Baskin Robbins is the shakes they do. I absolutely love milkshakes, especially home made ones with ice cream. Baskin Robbins will create any milkshake with their ice creams that you want. You can combine two or more flavours as well. My favourite is cookies and cream ice cream milkshake. It is so delicious; it is really creamy, thick and divine. My boyfriends favourite is mint chocolate chip ice cream shake, which when made into a milkshake makes a delicious treat. You can get these in three different sizes, small, medium or large.

                Frozen Coffee Drinks

                Just like in Starbucks and many coffee chains, Baskin Robbins provide a range of frozen coffee drinks. Their signature one is Cappuccino Blast which is a blend of coffee and vanilla ice cream with ice and topped with whipped cream and if you want cinnamon. They also do a version of this with Mocha and Hot Chocolate. They mix a Mocha or Hot Chocolate blend with vanilla ice cream and then top it of the same or as you wish. You can get these in three different sizes, small, medium or large.

                Bold Breezes

                If you do prefer the lighter options, then Bold Breezes are for you. They are a blend of real fruit and ice and make a lovely refreshing treat in the summer. You can choose from Strawberry, Citrus, Mango or Kiwi. As well as these drinks, Baskin Robbins will also make you a Bold Breeze Smoothie by adding low-fat frozen yogurt to the blend of fruit. You can get these in three different sizes, small, medium or large.

                'Grab N Go'

                Baskin Robbins provides a Grab 'n' Go section, which is only available in the larger stores. They provide seven different flavoured 500ml tubs of ice cream for you take home with you. You can choose from: Cookies & Cream, Jamoca, Pralines and Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, Strawberry Cheesecake, Mango Tango, Chocolate Mousse Royal.

                Nutritional Info

                I won't list all the nutritional information of all the ice creams. But you are looking at between 200 and 250 calories per scoop, so this is very high, so having this ice cream is definitely an occasional treat. If you have a 3 scoop sundae you are looking at about 800 calories, and that's not including the toppings that will take it to about 1000 for a small treat. The fat content in the ice cream is also fairly high. For one scoop, you are looking at between 10% and 50% of your daily allowance. Again, if you have a 3 scoop sundae with an ice cream that takes up 50% of your daily ice cream, you will be over your limit and that's just with a snack. For the milkshakes, you are looking at between 1000-2000 calories per large shake. For the mint chocolate chip ice cream, you are looking at 111% of your fat content daily allowance and 236% of your saturated fat allowance. This ice cream truly in unhealthy but that is why it is so delicious. The lighter side ice creams are much better for you, although not great, you are looking at about 130 calories per scoop and most of them are completely fat free.

                If you do find yourself allergic to quite a few ingredients but are interested in having this ice cream, I would recommend visiting http://www.baskinrobbins.com/Nutrition/productlist.aspx?category=Ice%20Cream. As well as giving full nutritional information, you can access every ingredient used.

                Price & Availability

                My nearest Baskin Robbins store is located in the centre of London, but much nearer to me there are many Baskin Robbins franchises located in local cinemas and Millie's Cookies. Majority of Cineworld and Vue Cinema's have a Baskin Robbins inside them. Baskin Robbins is a luxury brand of ice cream so you are looking to pay more for it than other brands. Prices vary in different stores and venues and depending what additions you add to your ice cream. You are looking to pay about £1 per scoop of ice cream, between £3.50 and £5.00 for sundaes, and about £3.50 for the beverages. It's not an exceptionally high price and it is a treat if you are out or at the cinema. For your nearest store you can go on http://www.baskinrobbins.co.uk/store-locator.aspx and type in your postcode and it will come up with a list for you.


                Baskin Robbins is very unhealthy, unless you go for the 'lighter options' but the ice cream is so delicious, for an occasional treat it is worth it. All the ice cream is very high quality without being sickly, and although expensive, it is not excessive. I would definitely recommend a visit if you pass a store, I'm very sureyou won't regret it.


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