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Bengal Lodge (Stoke-on-Trent)

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2 Reviews

Address: A34 - Stone Road / Barlaston / ST15 0QT / Telephone: 01782 373407

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    2 Reviews
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      21.04.2008 13:38



      After reading blondgem's review of Bengal Lodge (Stoke-on-Trent). I decided to venture out in search of this great place where they give you lollipop's after the meal. (I thought only barbers did that).It was indeed a nice, modern place from inside, the staff were friendly and courteous. The menu was full of dishes that I've never heard of and have tried most things on it.The food was presented well, and tasted GREAT!I would gladly recommend Bengal Lodge to others. Great Service, Great Atmosphere, Great Food!Bengal Lodge is a great place to take your friends, girlfriend/boyfriend to. Just book in advance as they are very popular.


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      15.02.2008 20:34
      Very helpful




      Although I have only just got to grips with some variations of food, one of my favourites that I have always enjoyed is Indian cuisine. Having my first Indian take away about twelve years ago, its something that I really enjoyed and I can't say that I have had a really bad experience. I have had the odd take away here and there that hasn't lived up to my expectations, however I have never been for a sit down Indian meal and been disappointed.

      Bengal Lodge used to a Little Chef on the A34 on the way from Stoke on Trent to Stone. A lot of my friends live in Stone so I used to drive past it on a regular basis and then once I drove passed and realised that it wasn't a Little CHef no more but the building had been converted into an Indian Restaurant called Bengal Lodge. I mentioned it at work and non surprisingly someone had been there and said that the food is very good, so it was decided we would go and have a works night out and go for an Indian Meal.

      Bengal Lodge is actually on a dual carriageway so it is a place that possibly you can see from the road and possibly call in for a meal. Ideally even though the locations isn't great, the restaurant is always full to capacity and I would recommend that you book a table as turning up could lead to disappoint you as I have done that once before and they make you welcome to wait but they are very relaxed in there and don't try to push people out after they have finihed their meals so you could be waiting wuite a while to actually get a table.

      The Bengal Lodge doesn't look much from outside and when you drive onto the carpark you have to drive around to the back. The Bangal Lodge hasn't got any windows so you don't actually know what you are walking into as you can't see into the restaurant. There is a small back door which you walk in, when you actually get in there it is a very big room, very modern, painted in a light mocha colour with modern pictures all around the room. Around the edge of the room are leather boothes that fir 4 people in each booth. These are raised and very private which is very nice. In the middle of the room are more tables to accommodate larger parties, which they do get a lot of and seems to be a popular venue for staff nights out.

      The staff with the Bengal Lodge are extremely friendly. They seat you at your allocated table and hand you a menu, take your drinks order and give you plenty of time to make you mind up on what you would like to order which I find very nice.

      I always tend to have the same when I go for an Indian, even though I like a wide variation of the food for some reason I stick to one particular dish. Tandoori Chicken for starters, which comes on a bone, served with a side salad and mint sauce. The chicken itself is very tasty and a good piece of meat, very tender. This dishes costs around £6, however is very good value, plenty of meat on the bone and leaves you thinking whether you are able to fit a main course in.

      I always have Lamb Tikka Dupiaza for my main course with a Keema Naan. Lamb is a strange meat, you can get some bad pieces and some good pieces, Often in take aways it isn;t too good, however the Lamb at the Bengal within the Dupiaza is very tender and not a piece or strip of fat on it at all, nicelt marinated in Tikka, which is not too overpowering however you can taste both that and the Dupiaza sauce. The sauce is relatively thick, which i prefer. I don't like it too runny which when it is normally like that it there seems to be more grease in it. Plenty of onions with a few green peppers, it gets polished off, dipping my keema naan in and I never fail to leave any. Thats just rude.

      I have never had dessert at the Bengal however at the end your meal they offer you compimentary Baileys or Brandy, and will let you sit there chatting without trying to make you feel awkward as if they want you to leave. After paying the bill, they give everyone a choice of lolly pop for some reason and a red rose for every lady that visits, these are delivered to them freshly on a daily basis.

      I have been to the Bengal Lodge many times and they always recognise you and treat you as their friends and guests. Its always a relaxed atmosphere and a pleasure to dine there.

      I did visit once and had to wait an extremely long time for my starter which did annoy me a little, they were very apologetic and gave me a free bottle of house wine and alway didn't charge for the starter. I found this very generous of them as I didn't complain at all, maybe it was because I was a regular.

      Fantastic Food, fantastic Service, antastic Restaurant!


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      Indian Cuisine.

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