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Norway Lane, St. Ives, Cornwall TR6 1LZ
Tel: 01736 794204

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    1 Review
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      24.11.2008 19:33
      Very helpful
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      The most awesome restaurant ever!

      The Blue Fish café is not one of the seafood restaurants which preside over the harbour charging incredibly high prices for a meal which is satisfactory in taste. Nor is it one that is always over booked and incredibly hard to book a table at. Surprising, judging by the standard of their food!!!


      The Blue Fish café is located on Norway Lane, St Ives. Norway lane is one of the many small lanes full of fishermen's cottages turned holiday cottages. It is quaint ,small and sufficiently out of the way, however, it is just one minute away from St Ives harbour - and the beach!


      When you first arrive at the blue fish café you have to walk up some steps - this is a bit awkward if you have any members of your party with small children/babies or with wheelchair/crutches. Although there are steps, they are not too steep or slippy and are very easy to walk up. My 3 year old brother even managed!


      The Blue fish café is situated upstairs in a small, cosy and spaced room. It is not capable of seating many people, however the space is very efficiently used and they have managed to get the maximum number of tables in and still left space so that each customer has their own privacy.
      It is decorated in a cosy and warm manner, the cushions and soft bench seats scream "Comfort, Cosy and Welcome!!!" The walls were painted a soft egg-shell white come cream, which gave the room a fresh and clean feeling as well as extracting as much light as possible from the windows. The overall effect is cute Cornish charm and Elegant Mediterranean Chic!


      When you enter the Blue Fish Café the staff welcome you in a warm manner - as though you were a long lost cousin. They are eager to please and all through out the meal provide outstanding service. They are a pleasure to be around and give you enough space to enjoy being with your party. They are also very caring; I last went to the Blue Fish Café for my Father's 40th birthday and without being told they asked if it was his birthday and provided him with a special dessert and an unexpected yet tuneful round of 'Happy Birthday'! It was a most welcome surprise.
      The personal hygiene of the staff is also noticeable - in the kitchen as well as the serving staff. As all of them smelled fresh, had clean hands and had their hair tied up neatly. Also in all my times at the Blue Fish Café none of my party (including myself) has ever found any hairs or anything un-welcome in our food!


      The food is ALWAYS very well presented and on clean plates. It always looks delicious and the smells are heaven. With spicy seafood giving off a pleasant spicy and warm smell and the desserts giving off lovely fresh fruity smell (unless you have chocolate pudding which is always irresistibly Chocolaty!!!).
      The quality of the ingredients and of the cooking is exceptional. You almost feel as though you have intercepted a meal for the queen. The meals are delicious and very, very satisfying and filling enough (however you always have room for pudding!). They often change their menu; however the food is always a new take on a classic dish. Simple, yet unique and dynamic. Their menu always has something for everyone and has a good choice of foods including some simple ones for children. There are plenty of other choices on the menu aside from fish. There are plenty of vegetarian and meat choices too.

      THE MENU

      Many of the food choices include dishes such as:
      1. Spicy Seafood Rissotto
      2. Crab Linguine
      3. Mushroom Pasta
      4. Jumbo Prawn Curry
      5. Fresh Seasonal Fruit Pavlova

      Many of these change and i cannot guarantee that these will be what they are serving and the prices will also change during the summer season (they will probably rise about one pound or two).

      I have never been turned away from a seat in this beautiful restaurant, however on all but my first occasion I have booked; as advised by the staff. The restaurant is often 50% -100% full and I have never found it empty; especially in the summer season. There is room for around 6-7 parties of 4, although if there is a large group of people there it is hard to find room - So watch out!


      If I remember correctly it was £120.00 for six people to enjoy a three course meal at Blue Fish Café last time I went (including a small meal for a three year old!). That works out at £20.00 per person! This is not too bad for a restaurant by the coast. Although the reason why it is slightly lower than other restaurants is probably because of the lack of views-an unfortunate side effect of being slightly out-of-the-way. The main meal is usually somewhere between £7-£12 and the starter (if you choose to have one) is around £3.00-£8.00. The desserts often vary between £3-£6.


      The Blue Fish Café is a charming and very presentable restaurant, with many brilliant points. It serves fantastic food at reasonable prices for the area and has amazing service. It is like family and the atmosphere is friendly and lovely. The access is a little on the difficult side for some and there are no views. However, if you are looking for something Unique, Chic, Cosy, Happy and with peaceful vibes - not forgetting awesome food, this is the place to be!!!!!


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