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Botanik BBQ (Weston Super Mare)

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Address: 125 High Street / Weston Super Mare / BS23

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    1 Review
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      23.01.2013 14:41
      Very helpful



      A great take away nothing special to eat in though

      Living in the centre of Weston Super Mare (at the moment!) I am pretty fortunate to have plenty of reasonably priced takeaways close to where I live. I don't mind cooking don't get me wrong and I'm not terrible at it either however a lot of the time I can't be bothered to cook for just me particularly at weekends when I just want to slob out or my parents visit me from Coventry (where I am now) alot and like to order out to save us all from having to mess about cooking and the likes. Where this place is I'm virtually on top of and it opened the middle of last year. Its a Turkish place that does do kebabs with a difference along with a few other dishes.

      The Place:

      125 High Street
      Weston Super-mare
      BS23 1HN

      Omar owns this place and him and his staff are great and everyone is Turkish that works in there. The takeaway does have a few wooden tables and seats inside and toilets (I haven't used) and the menu is the same for takeaways as it is to eat in and no more expensive though me, I've never eaten in here to be honest as for me there is little point in doing so! It does look basic inside though and clean and as you walk in where you order is to the right where the counters are and to the left a few seats are available to sit whilst you wait.

      All food is cooked fresh and you can see them cooking on the grills, the meat is in the counters and above all that the boards show what they have on offer, there isn't all that much choice to choose from and barely any Vegetarian options really for a place as busy and popular as this in my humble opinion.

      The Food:

      Cans of pop to large bottles range from 80p to a couple of quid, order over £20.00 of food though you get a 1.5L bottle of Coke free (take away only). The food here is great though and the portions are gigantic!

      Starters including humus start at £2.00 and go up to £7.50 for a mixed meze (Saksuka, patlican ezme, cacik, hummus & yaprak sarma) which is enough for two people. I like the Sucuk Grill
      (BBQ Turkish sausage with salad) which is plentiful and really tasty and costs just £3.00. There are 8 starters to choose from and seven of those are suitable for Vegetarians.

      Pizzas (which my mum loves from here) comes in medium and large sizes and start at £5.50 for a medium one and go up to £7.90 for a large one. There are nine pizza choices to choose and my Mum loves the Margherita from here whiich is covered in cheese and with a thick base. I like the Meat Feast
      pizza (Pepperoni, ham, beef, chicken & Lamb) and ask for onions on mine too which they don't charge me any extra for and they are always freshly prepared in front of me and take about 10 miniutes to wait for.

      The reason this place is so popular though is for the kebabs and wraps. Starting at around a fiver for a wrap the wraps come in one huge size. The bread they use for the wrap is made on the premises and can be bought separately at about £1.20 a wrap so you can just buy that if you like and make your own wrap at home and the kebabs that come in pitta breads are available in small or large sizes. A wrap from here is very much enough for two people to cut in half and share as they are quite simply huge and that comes from me and my step dad that have huge appetites believe me!

      Everything is cooked on a real charcoal grill and when it comes to wraps and kebabs in pitta there is plenty to choose from. All can be served with salad and sauce and there is plenty of that little lot to choose from including jalapenos if you ask for them (which I do lol). I usually opt for a wrap as I find it easier to eat, my stepdad likes a kebab in pitta. I normally have a mixed shish wrap (£6.50) which is chicken and lamb shish with plenty of salad a drop of chilli sauce (very hot from here) and a good dollop of mayo or garlic mayo on it. My Stepdad likes a large doner kebab again with salad and chilli sauce a plenty of his which is £6.00. I have had both lamb and a chicken shish from here as well as a doner kebab. For Vegetarians there is little again to choose from, from the wraps and doner in pitta bread section though you can have a veggie wrap which is salad and cheese for £3.00 or a cheese chip wrap for £3.50.

      There are burgers to choose from, once again cooked and prepared in front of you.... veggie burgers, 1/4 burgers, half pounders...with cheese, without cheese and with salad and sauce if you want it. I have had a quarter pounder beef burger in bun from here which cost me £2.80 with cheese and they put loads of salad on it and it was delicious and really meaty and my mate had a chicken burger which she loved which was a quarter pounder with cheese for just £3.00. Extras on the menu include rice (£1.80), 10 onion rings for £2.00, garlic bread £2.50, chips £1.60 and their baklava for £3.50 is absolutely amazing and I have had that more times than my hips care to remember but that is the only sort of dessert sold here.

      All In All:

      If you come out of a pub and fancy a greasy kebab and the likes then this is not the place for you quite frankly. I love a good ole greasy kebab thrown together after a few beers to be honest and this wouldn't be where I got my kebab from in those circumstances! This is really nice, hot and fresh food, huge portions and not one bit greasy. This is not where drunken people go into screaming for a kebab. Its a nice clean place and its nice to be able to talk to staff and if you don't understand what things are they will explain to you and they are happy to cater to to what you want as well. You do have to hit this place at the right time though it does get very busy so I prefer to give them a ring and then go get my food or to order it from Justeat.com and if ordering from that website I usually wait about an hour where as I can wait for about 20 minutes in the place or call the order in and get it myself so its quicker to do that for me and I have found if I have it delivered that although things are foil covered they never usually that hot and reheating isn't an option with salads and sauces on things really of course.

      Open from 5pm till midnight every night this is a nice Turkish, authentic place to grab a nibble in (or eat in). I think it offers excellent value for money though do see there isn't much on the menu in the way of mains for Vegetarians which thankfully doesn't affect me!

      Thumbs up!


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