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Bradley Inn (Grimsby, Lincolnshire)

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Address: Laceby Road / Grimsby DN34 5NX

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    1 Review
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      18.07.2012 14:54
      Very helpful



      close local pub, good food and live music

      First Impressions

      The bradley in is located on the say out of the way near morrisons and just out side of Laceby acres this makes it ideal for me because I live in Laceby acres so for me it's good to have a near by local pub or restaurant. This is a family friendly restaurant and one of the many Grimsby has to offer. Walking up a central path between grass and a carpark and through the central doors you'll find your self stood in front of a cornered bar, there are two sides to the Bradley inn and although they aren't marked it's plain to see which side is the pub side and which side is for eating and this works really well, The place is neutrally decorated with a range and variation of different types of tables and seats from sofas, to comfy chairs, high tables and chairs and the avaerage table. There are windows all the way around the outside but I find the most light comes from the lights themselves and not through the windows. Bradley Inn is apart of the sizzling pub family which I love because they make the best mixed grills and cake!

      Getting Seated

      In this restaurant you just go and grab which ever table you desire rather than being seated. There are mainly 4 seater tables but there is one large table and several two seater tables, this is ok but it can be hard to find a table for five or six and actually not have to wait for one to be available as this is a busy place to eat. The tables are all set out spaciously which I like because I don't want to have to squeeze past another table especially while they are eating. If there isn't room on the restaurant side there are plenty of other seats on the other side of the restaurant.

      What to choose

      When you decide where to sit the tables only have a few things on them so it makes it easy find out what you wnat if you don't already know, they have two large menus which are easy to follow and read with desserts on the back of the menu. They then only have an offers menu this shows everyday and what food and drink offers they have on that day for example their curry nights are on tuesday and they have fish and chip offers on a friday also children only eat for £1 on a wednesday.

      Ordering the food

      In the Bradley you have to go up to the bar to order your food. I went to the Bradley on Friday and there wa sonly two of us eating and we knew what we already wanted. When we first arrived before even getting seated we ordered two drinks, a pint of fosters and a jack daniels and coke. This came up to just under £5. Usually I'll have a coke which I did later order and this is just over £1. When you go up and order your food there is a menu at the bar as a lot of people forget what they wanted, especially if they are ordering for more than one person, you are then given a number stick and this will help finding you to give you your food.


      It is hard to find a staff member that isn't busy doing something, there is usually 2-3 on the bar in the day time and another in the evening. You will then see another staff member taking meals out and putting condements on the tables and another staff member cleaning. Getting the bar you are served pretty speedy but I often find they do stand and chat to customers a lot even if there are other people waiting to be served, they are just being friendly to their regulars but it shouldn't be done when there is a bar full of people waiting to be served. Once seated we were giving condements straight away and within 15 minutes our food had arrived, they check up through your meal to make sure everything is ok.

      Scrumptious Food

      There is only one meal that I will order and that is a mighty mixed grill, this comes in a regular and a kingsize. I usually have the regular but the other day me and my friend did a food cahllenge and was seeing who could get the most of a kingsized. In this you get a gammon, beef, chicken, 2 sausages, grilled tomate, fried onions and a side order of chips. In the kingsize you get all this except you get 26oz of meat instead, a very hefty meal to eat. Safe to say I couldn't eat all mine but I did my best. The food is very presented on a sizzling plate. The gammon is always really juicy, the beef you can have cooked however you like it, I like no pink bits so this is often hard to chew, the chicken is dry so I always drink my drink with this part, the sausages are to die for and the onions and tomato seem to cook with the sizzling plate!

      Prices and offers

      The regular mixed grill is just over £6 so it isn't an expensive price for good filling food and the king size is just over £9 so it still isn't expensive. They have offers on all the time, ona weekend you can wine and dine for just £20 for two meals. You can get vouchers that serve for meals and two drinks for just £9.99. The offers change all the time so it's good to look out for them.


      The bradley Inn is a very busy place even in the quietest hours of the day but the staff manage to cope with the stress and clean tables for the next customers very speedy, there is never any mess on the floor and if there is it is clean straight away, the toilets are always well presented with soap and tissue present at all times.


      The bradley offer a quiz night on both Monday and Sunday which is only £1 to enter, although this isn't exciting it makes for a great laugh and a casual one with the friends and family. They offer sky sports, a beer garden and by the side of the bradley a second beer garden which has lots of picnic benches which is great on those summer days. One of the best things they offer that a lot of restaurants don't is live entertainment, you can often find bands playing in here on a Saturday night this is great and especially when there's nothing else to do!

      Location and details.

      manager:David Barnbrook
      address:Laceby Road, Grimsby, DN34 5NX
      Telephone:01472 278554
      website: http://www.sizzlingpubs.co.uk/thebradley​inngrimsby/findus/
      Opening times:
      Mon to Wed: 12.00 - 23.00
      Thu to Sat: 12.00 - 00.00
      Sun: 12.00 - 23.00


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