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Brewers Fayre (Yeadon Way, Blackpool)

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Address: Yeadon Way / Blackpool / FY1 6BF

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    1 Review
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      16.05.2013 21:08
      Very helpful



      we visited three times and enjoyed our food!

      We love eating out at a Brewers Fayre so whilst searching for potential restaurants to eat at during our holiday in Blackpool, we were pleased to find that there was a Brewers Fayre not too far from the promenade. We actually ended up eating here on three seperate occasions and this review discusses our experience as a family.

      ~Brewers Fayre Yeadon Way~

      Yeadon Way
      FY1 6BF

      01253 298011

      This particular Brewers Fayre is right next door to the Premier Inn in Blackpool. There is a car park outside and the restaurant is best approached by car as it is near the motorway. We were advised to get a taxi here as we were staying near the Pleasure Beach. Our first visit saw us cutting down past Blackpool South train station but we discovered a set of stairs at the back of the car park which made access from the South promenade much more practical.

      Brewers Fayre offers pub grub at excellent prices. It is open daily for breakfast from 0630-10.30 midweek and 0700-1100 at the weekend. Lunch and dinner is available from 1200-2300 Monday to Saturday and from 1200-2230 on a Sunday.


      Breakfast is a buffet style breakfast and has a set price of £8.25 with children eating for free. Breakfast includes hot food such as hash browns, eggs, sausages (inc veggie sausages on request) and mushrooms plus much more. There is a selection of cereals, breads and croissants, hot drinks, fruit juice and fruit on offer.

      The main menu is very varied with there being something to suit all. Simple starters include soup, gourjons and Camembert bites (from £2.49). Main courses include pub classics of lasagne, pork chop, quiche and tikka masala. Various steaks and grill ups are included as is a small selection of fish dishes. Main courses are priced from £5.99. There is a 2 for £10 offer available midweek and there are 12 meal choices. Vegetarians have a small selection including vegetable lasagne, quiche and quorn chilli. Children have a small selection of dishes to choose from including tomato pasta, chicken, beef and onion pie and spaghetti to name a few. You can opt for a £4.49 meal deal which includes a main meal and dessert.

      Brewers Fayre offer different buffet events each evening from £5.99 a head - Chinese, Pie Night, Burgers and Hot Dogs, Curry, Chip Shop, Chicken Feast and Sunday Carvery. Desserts are priced from £2.69 and include treacle sponge pudding, sundaes and waffles. Midweek, there is a 2 for £2.00 offer which includes apple pie, black forest gateau and bakewell tart. A varied range of drinks are also available including unlimited juice refills from the draught machine which we made great use of.

      ~The Restaurant Itself~

      This Brewers Fayre is quite large inside and there are various seating areas to accommodate different sized parties. The decor is typical of Brewers Fayre - warm and inviting. In this particular restaurant, the bar and buffet area is near the entrance. The play zone is at the back of the restaurant near the back toilets and there is a spacious outdoor area for smokers or to relax with a drink. The restaurant appeared to be clean and tidy but some of the chairs could be doing with a revamp. There is room for both wheelchairs and prams within the restaurant and they cater for families (highchairs, baby changing etc).


      Food must be ordered at the bar alongside your drinks. If you wish to order from the buffet, you will receive a ticket to give to the server. Payment is by cash or card and they also have a Bonus Card scheme which allows you to collect points in exchange for money off or free meals/wine. During our visits to Brewers Fayre, we encountered many members of staff and they all appeared to be friendly. During busy periods, it did take a little longer for dirty plates to be removed from the tables but on the whole, the service was quick and efficient. One particular waiter practically dropped what he was doing when he noticed be struggling with glasses of juice. He helped me to my table and I was thankful for his help.

      ~Meal One~

      Our first experience of this particular Brewers Fayre was on our first night in Blackpool. We had been travelling for several hours and were hungry. We arrived at the restaurant around 5ish and it was quite busy but I didn't have to wait long at the bar to be served. My fiance opted for the burger and hot dog buffet as he loves burgers! He found the buffet to be varied with selections such as chicken breast, regular beef burgers, battered and Frankfurter sausages alongside various sides of chips, fried eggs, bacon, salad and condiments. An excellent choice and everything cooked perfectly. He enjoyed the choice of the buffet.

      I couldn't decided between a few dishes but opted for the smothered chicken. It was priced at £8.99 but was part of a 2 for £10 deal so being rather hungry, I ordered lasagne too! I know that sounds greedy but I didn't intend too, nor did I, eat it all to myself. My partner shared some too! Both meals were delicious and served with tasty chips, garlic bread and with the chicken, there was coleslaw and salad. My meals were cooked very well and piping hot. The chicken and the meat within the lasagne didn't tasty cheap - it actually tasted quite high quality. The salad was fresh tasting and whilst we left a little of the chips, we did eat most of the two meals between us as we were very peckish. The portion sizes are excellent.

      My son is an incredibly fussy eater and won't try anything new so had his usually chicken and chips followed by ice cream which he thoroughly enjoyed. His meal was a good size for a five year old. We also opted for the 2 for £2.00 dessert deal. I thoroughly enjoyed my apple pie and custard - it was absolutely delicious and my fiance thought the black forest gateau with cream was nice and moist. We paid around £30.00 for our meals and drinks which I considered to be excellent value for money as we enjoyed it.

      ~Meal Two~

      Our second experience at this Brewers Fayre was on Sunday morning. We arrived around 10am and it was quite busy with families and couples. I overheard that several will staying at the hotel next door so it is popular with those staying in the hotel. The breakfast selection is excellent and I love going here for breakfast. For £8.25, you can help yourself. The buffet looked appetising and I noticed that food was replenished as and when required.

      We started off with some drinks and cereal. Fruit juice (apple, orange and also water) was available and a varied choice of cereals from a dispensing machine. I had some Special K topped with some dried fruit from the chiller section. My fiance had some Fruit n Fibre whilst our son opted for Rice Krispies. I also had a small bowl of mixed berries which were deliciously fresh and a pot of low fat yoghurt which I enjoyed. This restaurant offers Costa Coffee which is included in the breakfast price but I opted for some Twinnings fruit tea which was lovely.

      Compared to the hotel we were staying at, the choice of breakfast items on offer is much better. The food wasn't overly greasy and I had a lovely plate of fried egg, tomatoes, beans, lean bacon and sausages. The sausages in particular were delicious and enjoyed by all. My son had some toast and sausages too which he loved. The final munch before we left was a hot croissant with jam - fresh and soft. I cannot complain about the quality and taste of the food as everything was perfect in my opinion. We paid £16.50 for all three breakfasts.

      ~Meal Three~

      Our final experience of this Brewers Fayre was on Sunday evening around 5pm. I love a carvery roast for Sunday dinner so was excited about going for a buffet carvery! This is available from 1200 until 2100 on a Sunday and costs £9.99. A dessert can be added for £2.00 for a limited selection. My fiance didn't want a carvery so had the fish and chips which he said was okay but not a patch on proper fish and chips on the promenade. He received a good sized portion for £7.49. Our son had his usual which was cooked well and enjoyed.

      Okay, the carvery - delicious about sums it up! You are invited to have soup and salad beforehand. The soup was nice - some sort of carrot and corriander and the warm roll was lovely to dip in. I had a small selection of salad including a pasta salad, tomato and some dressing which was all very fresh and tasty. I couldn't wait to experience the carvery though and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. The carvery normally includes three types of meat but I think this varies from day to day. A vegetable pie is available on request.

      During our visit, there was a choice of turkey or roast beef. I opted for roast beef and was carved a lovely bundle of nicely cooked if a little too rare cooked (for my tastes) roast beef. It was very tasty and plentiful. I helped myself to yorkie puds and they were of a high quality and cooked just right unlike the way Toby Carvery cook them! The additional items was brilliant in my opinion - carrots, red cabbage, savoy cabbage, peas and stuffing. Mash potato, boiled potato and roast potatoes were also available and everything was cooked to perfection and enjoyed by myself. The gravy was gorgeous too. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal.

      Desserts wise, I opted for caramel apple crumble from the carvery menu - oh my..absolutely divine! Imagine a slice of apple pie with chunky apples and then top it with thick, caramel sauce. Pour over some warm and flavoursome custard and you have a heavenly sweet way to end your meal. Can you tell I enjoyed it? My fiance had the Belgian Banoffee Waffle (£3.99) and he loved it. We enjoyed the food we had and were totally stuffed. I had printed off a free, refillable drinks voucher from the website after signing up to the alerts. Taking this into account, we paid £27.00 for our food which I thought was very reasonable.

      ~Play Zone~

      Our local Brewers Fayre has a huge play zone so we kind of expected the same thing of this restaurant. The play zone was free to enter and you are asked to sit with your children though some parents do not follow this rule and there isn't a lot of seating available next to the play zone. We took it in turns to sit and supervise our son whilst we waited for food to be brought out or after we had eaten. The play zone consisted of a fairly large, colourful play frame. It is noted that there is a toddler area but this isn't seperate and I personally wouldn't allow a young toddler in without going in with them as older children may bump into them.

      The play zone wasn't the best but it was clean and bright. There was no ball pitt or anything but there was a few bits to climb on and a slide which our son enjoyed. He did get bored after a while though as it does lack anything special compared to our local restaurant. Only one machine (sweetie, teddy etc) worked within the play zone. Our son did go in each time we visited but didn't cry to stay in when asked to come have his meal. It is good to have this within a family friendly restaurant though in my opinion.


      I was pleased with the service and quality of food we had a Brewers Fayre in Yeadon Way. It is the ideal place to go and have a bite of tasty food without breaking the bank. The meal deals represent excellent value for money and the buffet deals are great too as they allow you to pick and choose what you want to eat. The toilets aren't great. Don't get me wrong, they were clean but very compact. I believe there are toilets at the front of the restaurant but I only went to the back toilets and one out of two were out of order each time I used them.

      It is definitely more practical to drive to this restaurant but it isn't too far from the promenade. We were glad to have chose to dine here as it fitted in with our budget and we enjoyed the food that we ordered each time. It may not be the ideal place for a special, romantic meal but it is perfectly suitable for family meals, birthday meals etc as is suitable for all the family. Highly recommend.

      Thanks for reading :)


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