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Build-a-Burger (Belfast)

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Address: 75 Botanic Ave / Belfast BT7 1JL / United Kingdom ‎

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    1 Review
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      08.07.2013 19:17
      Very helpful



      Great idea

      Build a burger is located on Botanic Avenue in Belfast.

      As the name suggests, you build your own burger from the selections available. There is a very eclectic mix of toppings and combinations available.

      The building process is split into 5 sections:
      The foundations (the bread)
      The Structure (the meat)
      Furnishings (your choice of cheese)
      Bricking (your choice of toppings)
      Pipes (sauces)

      The first decision that you have to make is your meat. You have the choice of a 6oz beef burger, 5oz venision burger, butterfly chicken fillet or a vegetable burger. They also have some special burgers available, depending on availability. Recently I have seen pulled pork burgers and chilli dogs being advertised as trials. The reason that this is your first decision is that all the meat is cooked to order, so this gives time for your meat to cook while you make the other important decisions!

      Next is your choice of bun. You can choose a white or wholemeal bap, of if you're watching the carbs, you can just have it as a salad in a box. They also have Belfast baps available. A Belfast bap is a large, crusty bap that seems to be a Belfast legend.

      Your next decision is what cheese you want, from swiss cheese, monterery jack, cheddar, nacho cheese or blue cheese dressing.

      The next stage is the 'bricking' which is what toppings you want on your burger. This is where the selection becomes eclectic. From the everyday toppings such as iceberg lettuce, tomato, fried and raw onions and bacon bits, to the more gourmet options such as sun dried tomato, tobacco onions and rocket. The menu also includes toppings such as onion rings and coleslaw and other toppings that I would more associate with sandwiches - beetroot, olives, pickles and spring onions. There are also some rather unique choices (in my opinion) such as pickled onions, boiled or fried eggs, apple and gummy bears. Yep, gummy bears.

      Lastly you decide what sauces you want. You can have any of the classics such as ketchup, mayo, HP sauce, BBQ sauce and relish. Or if you're feeling adventurous you can try horseradish, mango chutney, wasabi or thousand island sauce. For the very adventurous there are the choices of marmite, nutella, peanut butter and strawberry mayo. My friend ordered the strawberry mayo for her venison salad, and I must admit it did work together, but I wouldn't order it for myself, as it was quite sweet and reminded me slightly of Angel Delight.

      They also have the Big Lad challenge, which is a large Belfast bap, filled with 2lbs of burger. The challenge costs £20 but you do get a tshirt to commemorate your success if you defeat the Big Lad. It usually needs to be ordered in advance as well, so they have the buns in stock.

      Prices are very reasonable. There is currently an offer of the beef, chicken or veggie burger and chips for £5, and it cost me £6.75 for a beefburger, chips with garlic mayo and a tin of diet coke. The venison burger is slightly more expensive, I think it's about 50p or so more, so not a huge amount. The burgers are huge as well, and I struggled to finish mine and the chips, whereas at McDonalds for the same price, I'm still hungry!

      The menu isn't that varied, mainly burgers, chips and a few chicken items such as chicken wings and chicken gougons, but the clue is in the name really - it's mainly burgers, and the variety of toppings etc available.

      It's not gourmet food, but the food is fresh and tasty, and thankfully isn't that busy when I have been there. It's definitely worth a visit if you're in the area.


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