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Caspers (Grimsby, Lincolnshire)

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2 Reviews

Address: 102-104 Victoria Street / Grimsby DN31 1BA / North Lincolnshire

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    2 Reviews
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      21.10.2012 08:54
      Very helpful



      A nice place to eat

      Whenever I go home, Caspers is one of the restaurants that I tend to go to with my Mum considering its location. The restaurant is situated in the town center, just to the back of the main bus station which makes it easily accessible for everyone. There is parking nearby in town, every single bus will take you to the main bus station and it is also within walking distance if you live near town like my Mum does. I have been here many times before, either after nights out to grab a pizza on the way home or for a sit down meal.

      As you enter the restaurant, it doesn't look like the nicest of places. I don't mean that it is disgusting in any way but it could be spruced up to make it look nicer. The entrance has sofas for people either waiting to be seated or who are waiting for a take-out order. The till is right next to the sofas and then the rest of the restaurant is filled with tables. On first impressions, Caspers can look a bit like a cheap café. Tables don't need to be booked here as you can just walk in but it is probably a good idea if you are wishing to go out with a large group of people. There are quite a number of tables but not so many that they are all squished together.

      Being a pizzeria, obviously pizza is on the menu. However, Caspers also serve pasta dishes, calzones and numerous side dishes that you would expect like chips etc. The menu is nicely labelled, with pizza, pasta and sides all coming under different headings. Although the menu isn't large, there is enough choice there and there is bound to be something that everyone likes even if it is just a margarita pizza and chips. Some dishes are in Italian though but I have no idea what these are.

      Caspers does offer waiter service although not to the best it could be. The waiters/ waitresses here don't always look very well presented and I think this lets the restaurant down a great deal. Someone will come over to your table and take your order on a little pad before taking it to the kitchen. Although the till is very close by, I do like not having to get up to order my food. It makes the whole experience a lot nicer and also makes it feel like you're in a good restaurant, not just ordering pub food. Generally, when I eat here I have a pizza platter, because I know how nice they are. For the same price as a regular pizza, you can have half a pizza, chips and coleslaw. If you don't want the coleslaw though, you can tell the waiter this and they usually add on some extra chips for you instead.

      I have never had a bad experience at Caspers which is why I keep going back there. The prices for food are really reasonable and while the food isn't anything spectacular, you get what you pay for. Drinks are also available here but the prices are insane. For a can of soft drink like Coke, you can expect to pay a staggering £1.50 which I think is far too overpriced. The restaurant also doesn't serve any alcohol but you are welcome to take in your own. I have done this for larger occasions and no one has ever mentioned how much or what you bring in. It would be nice to be able to be served an alcoholic drink while having a meal but I can only imagine what the prices would be like. I guess charging so much for drinks makes up for the cheap food you can get here.

      While there are cheaper places to eat, the food here is nice and it is a great location. The location makes Caspers perfect for a meal before or after a night out and as it is open in the daytime, somewhere quick and easy to go for lunch.


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      26.07.2012 18:24
      Very helpful



      nice restaurant but not somewhere I would go often.

      === First Impressions ===

      I've only ever visited "Caspers" once before and that was the other week, I went here because my friend had booked a table for her birthday meal. The first thing I though was "ooh great it's in the town centre so we don't have to walk far to go out afterwards" Which is why I think she chose this restaurant. We decided to dress up a little smarter than an average day so we all looked nice and smart. When walking in to "Caspers" it has big windows which they choose to hang net curtains up this makes it seem dim inside, then they put lights on. As we walked in to the right are sofas for people either waiting for the rest of their party or waiting for a free table, there is then a small baron the left which we asked if our party was ready and they showed us to our table. Our table was booked for sixteen people three of which were already there and us three had just arrived. The impression I got from this restaurant straight away is that is isn't very family friendly and is better suited to large birthday meals, romantic dates and things like that.
      Our table was located along the side as it was a large table, this restaurant doesn't seat a large number of people at a quick glance around it looked as if it would seat no more than a hundred people at any time which is quite nice because it means that you can have a peaceful meal and not have to worry about being squashed. We were personally escorted to our table despite it being right next to us.

      === what to choose ===

      "Caspers" is an Italian pizzeria, although specializing in pizzas they also offer calzones and pasta dishes along with the normal side orders such as chips, garlic bread and onion rings. The menu was easy to follow with starters and side orders on one side of the menu and then pizza's, calzones and pasta occupying the other pages. The headings were all clear so we could see exactly what we would be ordering along with a great description as well. Some of the meals that were on there though because they are Italian I didn't even know what it was so I stuck to something I knew. In the end most of the party did not turn up but we decided to wait half an hour extra in case anyone showed up, because of this we told the staff we were not expecting any more and we offered to move to a smaller table but they just separated the unused tables from ours.

      === Ordering food ===

      When we had decided we had waited enough time for everyone to turn up we started to order our meals, there isn't a large selection so we all knew what we wanted straight away. One of the staff members at "caspers" came over to the table and took our order on a pad rather than us having to go up and pay straight away which is good because you do go to a restaurant to be waited on. One of my friends ordered a donner meat wrap with salad, four of us had pizza and I can't remember what the others had. Personally I choose to have the 9 inch meat feast pizza with a size order of onion rings. I was really hungry but I did not know what to expect when ordering here.

      === Scrumptious food ===

      I can only talk for myself but my meat feast pizza arrived first, this was on a different plate to everyone else's plate which strikes me as odd. Despite this the presentation was lovely and looked great, my pizza took up the full plate but there was no ingredients on the crust of the pizza and each piece of meat was placed perfectly in a circle which I have never been presented with before. Then my side order of onion rings arrived again with excellent presentation, there was a dip to one end and 10 onion rings arranged in neat lines from big to small. The pizza was easy to cut with my knife and fork and was extremely hot. It was cooked just right and there didn't seem to be a lot of variation in meat so I wouldn't exactly call it a meat feast but it was a little spicy which was nice. I never had the dip with the onion rings because I had no idea what it was but the onion rings were golden brown, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, just the way I like them.

      === Service ===

      The service we received as soon as we walked through the door all the way to walking out was good. We were greeted and they knew where our table was and who we was with without having to check with anyone, once seated we were automatically offered drinks and the rest of my friends were offered fresh drinks. Although our party was late they kept coming back asking if we wanted drinks and if we were ready to order, in half an hour they must of come to us four times, which was a little bit eager considering they knew no one else had arrived yet. The ordering process was easy and quick as was receiving the food. We did have one problem however, when my friend had almost finished her pizza she found a hair which clearly wasn't any of ours buried in her food which instantly put her off eating anything else. A staff member was informed who couldn't handle the situation and went and got a superior person. She offered my friend another pizza but because of finding the hair we didn't want to order anything else. Nothing else was done about this until we went to pay and had to refuse to pay for that pizza.

      === Price and offers ===

      The price of the food is fair for a restaurant but I would of spent less in a more family friendly restaurant and would of been more satisfied I think. I ordered a pizza, onion rings and two pepsi drinks and this came to £12. I don't think this price is unacceptable however they serve soft drinks out of cans and charge you £1.50 per can which is unreasonable considering you can buy a can of pepsi for 40p! However they do not serve alcohol but they do allow you to bring in your own alcohol no matter how much and what it is. This makes the restaurant a great place to have a nice meal and pre drink before going out into the clubs and it still be a cheap night.

      === Cleanliness ===

      Our finished meals were cleared away with great speed and every time we had finished a drink it was cleared away and another one offered. There wasn't many other people around but the floors and tables were all clean and cleared the only uncleanliness thing about this restaurant was the hair we found which despite all the precautions to stop this happening it can happen anywhere.

      === location and details ===

      This is located in the town centre opposite the bus station in Grimsby. This makes it easy to travel to and from the restaurant however there is no car park for the restaurant itself there are plenty close to it.

      Website:http://www.192.com/atoz/business/grimsby-dn31/ restaurant---italian/caspers-ristorante-pizzeria/d97d29c6d5f8a 1ecc9454129ad0e3ac051231781/ldc/

      Address:102-104 Victoria Street Grimsby South Humberside DN31 1BA
      Telephone: 01472 242 425


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