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TEA HOUSE. Various locations. BRIGHTON (the 1st): 22 North Street. BRISTOL.

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    1 Review
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      15.07.2000 23:58
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      My wife and I were in Brighton for a few days recently when tis chap thrust this advert for what we thought was a cafe called "Cha." "Come and have a sandwich and a cup of tea for £1.35!" Not people to pass up a bargin we went in search of Cha. What a surprise. Cha turned out to be one of a chain of "Tea shops" run by Brooke Bond promoting tea in much the same way that "Costa" does coffee. I have to say that I was qite pleased really because given the choice I'd rather have tea any day. When you go into the shop the general impression is one of a coffee shop but you quickly realise when scrutinizing the menu that there is mostly tea on offer. The tea is arranged into three groups, spicey/ herbal infusions, weak tea and stronger tea. The "ordinary" tea appears to be a mixture of blends, famous teas such as assam or Earl Grey and single leaf varities similar to the expensive teas on sale in Tescos from Brooke Bond. Youre given a choice of drinking it black, with milk (naturel or soya) and there is sugar or honey to sweeten the brew. If I've a reservation its this that the way the tea appears to prepared, each cup appears to individually infused with a machines not unlike the coffe machines in Costa's and which take a few minutes to do their work, might cause something of a log jam if they got busy. Having said that, if you like the way shops like Costa's present coffee, then your likely to like the way Cha presents tea. Mine's a Nigril please.


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