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Chico Mexico (London)

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Address: Chico Mexico, 41 Bond St, Ealing London, W5 5AS

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    1 Review
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      15.10.2011 19:00
      Very helpful



      A restaurant I intend to visit for many years to come!

      Chico Mexico is a Mexican restaurant situated on Bond Street in the heart of Ealing in West London.


      Chico Mexico is literally 5 minutes walk from my workplace. I've been dining here for several years at lunchtime with colleagues and more often than not, I have dined here with a group of 10 or more diners. I've been for an evening meal here several times as well. There are very good reasons that I've returned to this delightful restaurant time and time again but the main reasons are:
      * Fabulous food EVERY time
      * Fabulous service EVERY time


      Well there's the fact that you can go there on your lunch hour and know that you won't have to wait ages for your food to be served. No matter how busy it's been, I have always had my order delivered to my table in a reasonable amount of time, time enough for me to finish my meal at my leisure and not worry about going over an hour for lunch.There's also the fact that the environment is clean, when diners leave, tables are cleared within moments and wiped clean with no fuss and without using big spray bottles of disinfectant (which always makes me uncomfortable as I worry about cleansing fluids landing in my food)!

      The staff are always cheerful and efficient and when you're a regular customer they aren't adverse to having a little banter with you now and then. They're always ready with a smile when they're serving you and I've never once experienced any member of staff having an "off day" here!

      The food is cooked at the front of the restaurant which means you can actually watch them cooking the food. At times when visiting at lunchtime, we've had to wait 5 minutes or so for a table to become available so watching them cook the food is something to do whilst you wait as well as reading the menu on the wall to whet your appetite! There are chairs provided for people waiting to be seated or for those who have ordered a takeaway.

      I've had a takeaway several times at lunchtime over the years and they always pack it securely so your food doesn't dribble out of the box before you get it back to the office!

      The ambience is always pleasant with music playing during the day at a volume which is not intrusive and slightly louder in the evenings to add to the atmosphere of being in a Mexican restaurant. They also have live music on Friday and Saturday evenings. The walls are adorned with Mexican paraphernalia which gives it that added Mexican feel and the staff are most creative with writing the menu in chalk at the front of the restaurant. I often stop to have a read of the menu board as there's usually something witty written up there with the menu items.


      As I've mostly been at lunchtime, I tend to go for the £5.45 special offer menu which is available Monday to Fridays from 13:00 - 17:00. This menu consists of any item from the lunch menu, any side dish and a soft drink and is a very good price considering the fact that the individual prices for the main course, side and drink could add up to around £8.50 when purchased separately. The lunch menu includes:
      * Beef or bean burger
      * Chicken breast fillet burger
      * Chicken wrap
      * Chicken salad
      * Burrito (beef, chicken or bean)
      * Spicy wings
      * Fajitas (steak, chicken, chorizo or vegetable)
      * Quesadillas (beef, chicken, chorizo or vegetable)
      * Cajun chicken strips
      * Chilli con carne
      * Fiery chicken wrap

      Of these my favourites are the Fajitas and the Cajun chicken strips, I've tried many of the dishes but the two mentioned are the ones I go back to time and time again.

      The side dishes for the lunch time offer include:

      * Fries
      * Chilli fries
      * Cheesy fries
      * Cheesy chilli fries
      * Mexican rice
      * Corn on the cob
      * Guacamole
      * Coleslaw
      * Jalapenos

      My favourites from the sides are the cheesy chilli fries and the Mexican rice. The soft drinks in the £5.45 offer include a fizzy drink or fruit juice or tea or coffee.The lunch menu main item prices range from £3.15 to £4.95 - very reasonable prices considering the portion sizes are quite generous. The side dish prices range from £1.05 (for Jalapenos or Spicy Salsa) to £1.95 (for Corn on the Cob or Mexican Rice).

      I can't say I've personally tried any of the vegetarian items from the menu but my colleagues have and I was impressed that several colleagues who are not even vegetarians have tried the bean burgers and vegetarian burrito and have chosen to order these on several visits as they enjoyed them so much.

      Another thing, at Chico Mexico they don't worry about how much of their fabulous sauces they use with your food. They must top up the bottles after each meal as we always have full bottles of delicious Mexican sauces served with the food and we can easily finish off full bottles between our group!

      I'm listing a selection of prices for the evening menu as well to show how reasonable they are:

      * Olive and Feta Cheese £3.25
      * Garlic Bread £1.95
      * Wings of Fire £4.65
      * Potato Skins Loaded £3.75
      * Cajun Lamp Chops £4.85
      * Calamari £4.95

      * Fajitas £10.65 (veg), £11.85 (meat)
      * Burritos £9.45 (veg), £9.95 (meat)
      * Enchilada £7.85
      * Chicken Burger (with fries) £7.65
      * Quesadillas £8.55 or £8.90
      * Roll Over Steak Roll £8.95
      * Pasta Mexicana £7.95

      * Soft fizzy drinks £1.45
      * Fruit juices £1.65
      * Sparkling or still water £1.65
      * Spirits from £2.10
      * Wines - small glass £3.05, large glass £3.95, bottles from £9.95
      * Cocktails - small £3.95, large £4.95
      * Sangria £11.95
      * Budweiser/Corona/San Miguel £3.10

      There are also various offers available during the week such as 2 for 1 Fajita on Monday nights, 2 for 1 Chimichanaga on Tuesday night.

      As I don't have kids I've never taken advantage of the "kids eat free" offer but I guess you'd need to clarify this as there is also a kids menu available with prices listed for under 11s. For a full food, drink and offers price list you can check here: http://www.chicomexico.co.uk/menu.html


      Overall I'm happy to rate Chico Mexico with top marks of 5 out of 5. A place I'm happy to recommend and visit time and time again. It's always a pleasant experience to dine here and I love taking people there for the first time as they're always impressed!

      If there is one criticism of Chico Mexico it's that the toilets are down a flight of stairs. I've never seen a disabled toilet here so I'm not sure what is in place for disabled customers.


      Chico Mexico
      41 Bond Street
      W5 5AS
      Tel: 020 8840 2513
      Email: admin@chicomexico.co.uk
      Sunday to Thursday 12:00 - 22:30
      Friday & Saturday 12:00 23:00 (sometimes later if busy enough)


      A quote from the website:

      "Chicomexico restaurants are renowned for freshly prepared and cooked classic and modern Mexican cuisine, with one of the most welcoming atmospheres you will find anywhere. For the hundreds of customers that come through our doors every months, our aim is to keep providing them with an excellent memorable experience, with great food & great service"

      This is something they definitely deliver on every time!


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