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Chilli Red Chinese Takeaway (Hull)

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Address: 566 Beverley Road / Hull / North Humberside / HU6 7LG / Tel: 01482 443818

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    1 Review
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      17.12.2009 01:52
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      The area around the University in Hull/England is a Takeaway heaven, options go from Chinese to Fish&Chips to Thai and Middle East. It's perfect for lazy students and people looking for a delicious and not too expensive dinner.
      Chilli Red is one of my favorite Chinese Takeaways offering a wide variety of Cantonese and Peking Cuisine. Price range from 2 Pound for a starter to 4 Pound for a main course with special Banquet offers for 2 or more people.


      Chilli Red Chinese Takeaway is located in the Student quarter of Hull around Beverley Road and Newland Avenue. That's roughly 20 min by bus from the main train station and although that I do realize that not many people are going to come that long way just for 'another' Chinese takeaway you should definitely give it try if you are in that area.
      If you are from around the University area than you can consider yourself lucky, Chilli Red is on 566 Beverly Road only 50 meters from Sainsbury's away. It's a 5min walk from the University and even less from places on Newland Avenue.
      It's hard to miss with the nice sign outside next to all the Fish&Chips shops on Beverly Road.


      With Chilli Red being so close to my place I tend to walk there to order my food directly, however they also deliver for 1.2P under 3 miles and if your order is over 20P then the delivery is free.
      Home delivery is usually very quick and the driver has always been very friendly. Waiting time was usually around 30min - a bit more during busy times like Saturday evening but never to an extend where we were annoyed or anything.
      When ordering at the takeaway itself it takes even less time, personally I never waited longer than 10min for my order and with all the newspapers in the waiting room I really don't mind to sit around for a bit. Phone orders are welcome so you don't have to wait at all - however, I found that some members of staff don't really speak English very well which can make a phone order slightly tedious especially when you have questions/special requests.
      The food comes in small plastic containers which are great; a) you really don't have to worry about spilling anything on the way home and b) you can re-use them at home. My cupboard is full of these little boxes which are incredibly useful to store left-over's or freeze something.
      There is a 10% Student Discount on all dishes; when you order via phone mention instantly that you are a student and have your card ready on delivery. Same goes when you pick it up, the mere promise that you are a student is not enough to get the discount.
      On some occasions we got Prawn Crackers for free; I never really understood the system as it seems that it does not depend on the price or what items we order. I asked once when you get the free Crackers but no one could really answer that question. Just give it a try and hope for the best I guess.


      Chilli Red Takeaway is my favourite Chinese Takeaway in this area. Dishes do actually taste of real ingredients and not like the readymade packs you can buy in a supermarket. Here are some of the dishes I tried so far:

      Thai Tom Yum soup - This is real Tom Yum soup, spicy with a lovely lemongrass and tomato flavor. They used real ginger and real lemongrass which is really surprising as these things are rather pricy. Not very Chinese but a flavor that you can find in Thailand the same way as you get it from the Takeaway here.

      Green Pepper and Black Bean Sauce - This dish is lovely! 3.60 Pound will get you a lot of meat and green pepper in a delicious black bean sauce. The tender beef is my favourite but you can also choose chicken, pork or veg with the Black Bean sauce. The only thing that I would criticize is that the rice is separate and with 1 Pound 60 rather expensive.

      Oyster Sauce - that didn't really do it for me. The sauce was very bland and the mixed vegetables just didn't go well together. Rather flavourless and disappointing for 3 Pound 60 excluding rice.

      Crispy Chilli Beef - this is a real highlight and something I've never seen before. Thin beef slices are deep fried and served in a sticky, sweet and spicy chilli sauce. Sounds strange but tastes absolutely delicious! Definitely give it a try when you order there.

      Value for money

      I really like this Chinese Takeaway and would choose it over many places in Hull. If you are familiar with the student area in Hull than have a look at my ranking: Sawasdee Thai > Chilli Red > Man Wah House.
      The dishes are very varied and you can actually taste the difference between Black Ban Sauce and Szechuan dishes. I found that many Chinese Takeaways (especially the cheaper ones) use only 2 or 3 kinds of basic sauce and only add a few things to then sell it as 10 different dishes.
      Here you actually get what you order and you can recognize it as well! 5 Pound will buy you a filling main course with rice on the side. The soup is very cheap given that actually get enough to fill you up and not just a tiny tube as in other places.
      The ingredients seem to be very fresh and the meat is always tender and delicious - never had a bad piece so far.

      I can definitely recommend the Chilli Red Takeaway and I'm sure I'll order there a lot of food for the coming three years of my time in Hull!
      It is a 07/10 for me.

      Opening Times:
      Sun - Thur: 5pm - Midnight
      Fri & Sat: 5pm - 1am
      Open all Bank Holidays

      Chilli Red Chinese Takeaway
      566 Beverley Road
      HU6 7LG
      Tel: (01482) 443818


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