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Chutneys (Weston Super Mare)

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Address: 2 Aller Parade / Weston Super Mare / BS24 9DD

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    1 Review
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      25.01.2013 16:07
      Very helpful



      A not bad Indian takeaway with lots of choice!

      One thing I really do enjoy is Indian food, in fact I'd live on it if I could! Where I live in Weston Super which is right slap bang in town (till later on this month hooray!) I have plenty of take aways and the likes to choose from which is good for me cos for one person I can't usually see the point in cooking! This place is simply a takeway and on orders over £12.00 in the area the delivery is free.

      The Place:

      Chutney's Takeaway
      2 Aller Parade
      Monkton Avenue Weston-super-Mare
      BS24 9DD
      Telephone: 01934 813551
      01934 815338

      Opening Hours:

      Monday - Saturday 17.00 - 11.00pm
      Sunday - 17.30 - 11.00pm

      You can call up your order and have it delivered as I have already pointed out or call in your order and go collect it or nip in to place your order in the takeaway and wait. I have nipped in the takeway and placed and waited for my order and its simply a little clean unit that is very clean and the staff are very friendly as they are on the telephone. If I get a delivery it takes about 40 minutes to arrive no matter what I order and how much and so on and its a bit less waiting time if you wait for the food and of course place the order and go fetch it is the quickest!

      So whats on offer? Well plenty actually and the food from here is great as well! You get all your usual options to choose from such as starters: Chicken Tikka (£2.95), Onion Bhaji (£2.40), King Prawn Puree (£3.95) and so on. I have had all these which all come with a bag of mixed fresh salad and lemon with mint yogurt (sauce) and all come in silver foil trays with white cardboard lids. My favourite out of those has to be the king prawn puree to be honest which is just so tasty and plentiful and really nicely spiced and never have I ordered this and hasn't been a delight and believe me I've had this on rather a few occasions!

      For main meals you can choose from Tandoori, Balti, Biriani Dishes, House And Chef Specials, Vegetarian, Traditional (I.E Korma, Madras, Vindaloo) and Vegetable Dishes and then you get your drinks (none alcoholic and pop at 80p a can and the likes), Rices, Sundries, Sauces and Desserts.

      I and my mates have ordered from here ever such alot and when the food is good its good when its not so good which usually seems to be when we have ordered later at night it can come congealed looking and not too hot but edible. My only real critism of this place is that they don't use microwavable containers so I could heat some stuff up a bit more.

      So I have had from here Chicken Tikka Balti (£6.50), Chicken Tikka Mossala (£6.25) ,Murgi Special (£8.50), Chicken Korma (£4.80), Prawn Dupiaza (£5.50) and Chicken Bhuna (£4.90). All come in generous portions and taste fresh and not one bit oily. Everything on the menu tells us whether the dish is meant to be spicy/hot/mild which is really helpful too.

      There are alot of Vegetarian dishes to choose from though not being a Vegetarian I can't really comment on those dishes but I'm impressed there are so any to choose from and can't see why they wouldn't be as good as the other containing meat and fish anyway to be honest!

      There are 13 rices to choose from, 10 of those are suitable for Vegetarians ranging from a Boiled Rice portion costing £1.80 to a portion of Chicken Fried Rice costing £3.50 with Keema Rice, Pineapple Rice and Aloo Rice all in the mix too and if you want a really large portion of any of the rice options you can add £1.20 to those prices.

      There are 11 nans to choose from ranging from £1.60 for a Plain Nan up to £2.80 for Cheese, Onion And Garlic Nan. I usually have a Keema Nan which is large and fluffy with lots of meaty and spicy filling in it for £2.20 or if not really watching my waistline a gooey Cheese Nan which really is amazing at £2.30 however if you not up for a nan you can go for Chapati for a pound or a Paratha for £1.60 and of course there are papadums at 60p each and you can order the sauces to go with those which again I do and there Papadums (their spelling not mine!) which are light, crispy and none greasy.

      I have never ordered desserts from here considering all they have is Banana or Pineapple Fritters x 2 (£1.75), A Slice Of Cheesecake for £1.50 or such a thing as a Battered Mars Bar for a pound. That don't sound very nice to me!

      All In All:

      The only thing I think this place needs to up its game on is the heat of the food. I don't like food that's meant to be hot arriving really cool and this place really is only a stones throw away from where I live so I can't see why it isn't warmer to be honest. However the food tastes really nice, the staff are more than willing to provide exactly what you want and only once have they missed a nan bread off one of my orders once to which I called them about and the next time I got it along with a free selection of starters as they had written it down so when I ordered I never even had to ask for it and to be fair I had forgotten they owed me anything! Delivery time isn't all that bad and the guy that delivers mine is really pleasant and chatty and always get a nice little tip from me. Its nice to see someone happy in Weston Super Mare!

      This isn't my favourite Indian takeaway but it isn't badly priced, the food is nice enough and not slung together and its very good quality just sort the heat of it out please!


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