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Ciao Bella (Huthwaite)

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Address: 24 Main Street / Huthwaite / Sutton-in-Ashfield / Nottinghamshire / NG17 2QW

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    1 Review
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      08.04.2013 19:41
      Very helpful



      The food is lovely and reasonably priced.

      You can thank Google Translate for the title. (Translation: The food is lovely and reasonably priced!)

      It's hard to believe this place is next to the Golden Harvest, the outlet that I gave just 1 star earlier today, for food poisoning. This is very far from it, and one of the best pizzeria's I've been to. This place used to be an old abandoned, derelict cafe, with not very much in except a pile of dust and junk. It was renovated into the Ciao Bella and Golden Harvest, this being the (much) better of the two.

      (+) Il personale - The staff

      The people working behind the counter are very friendly and always say thank you before you walk out the door. On the phone they take your order and listen carefully to what you want. I have never had them misunderstand me or get my order wrong. If it's a long order they sometimes repeat it back to you. The staff will happily personalise your order, so if you don't want any salad with your burger, they take it out or if you want fewer chips but more salad, they will do that too.

      (+) Il premesse - The premises

      Inside there is quite possibly the worlds tallest serving counter, where it comes up to the bottom of my chin. It's huge, and I don't know why. You can barely see the guy serving behind the counter and you have to tiptoe if you're short. This counter is clean though, so something positive to add! It also has the toppings at the left hand side, these are buckets of pineapple, pepperoni and all the usual trimmings for pizza, but they do use the toppings for burgers, so if you order a hawaiian burger, you get the same pineapple as the pizzas.

      I am never left waiting more than 10 minutes, even when I go at around 7pm, when things get a little busier. If you order for a specific time they do get your food ready for then, give or take a few minutes so kudos to them, they do stick to your time and watch their clocks.

      (+) Il cibo - The food

      The food is excellent, their salad isn't dried out and brown, it's lovely and fresh, full of moisture. Their pineapple doesn't have much colour though and is quite watery. This doesn't affect the taste though, as it tastes absolutely fine to me. Onto meat then and things are good here; you get some lovely thick beef burgers which taste great on their own, so clearly they're not trying to drown out taste with their toppings. They aren't salty and don't have horrible after tastes.

      The kebabs aren't my cup of tea and they're very unhealthy. I don't know exactly what they put in them but they're very salty and whilst they do taste of meat, they also taste of some chemicals too. They are a little chewy and fatty in most places, which is why I never normally order a kebab here. Or anywhere for that matter.

      Their pizzas are excellent, they are full of flavour and whilst they are a little more expensive than pizza hut with their deals, they are a lot less greasy so top marks here too. They also don't skimp on the toppings, you do get a lot on there.

      Pastas are always very nice but I find the bolognese a little dry, they often don't add enough sauce, or maybe they overcook the pasta, I can't knock a star off for this though as it's only one dish. All the others are absolutely fine, I very much enjoy the creamy sauce in the Carbonara.

      The food comes in boxes or polystyrene cartons depending on what you order. All burgers come with chips.

      (+) Il menu & rapporto qualità-prezzo - The menu & Value for money

      On the menu they have lots of pizzas in small (8"), medium (10") and large (12") sizes, and there are 27 varieties, some of which I've never heard of before. They do stuffed crust versions or you can add your own toppings for a little extra money. You can even create your own pizza. They also have 12 freshly made pastas and calzones. There is even a Mexican menu for the adventurous, which has Fajitas and Chilli con carne, and 7 mexican pizzas, if 27 weren't enough. They do the usual meaty kebabs and side dishes too.

      These guys are good value for money on their burgers, especially the large sizes but their pizzas are a little more expensive than pizza hut, and promotions are almost never on. Free bottles of drink for orders over £18, but that's it.

      I have never been told something is out of stock, or off the menu.

      (N) Il servizio di consegna - The delivery service

      The delivery service is ok, not too good but not bad either. Their times are a bit hit and miss and sometimes the time they quote on the phone is not always the time they will deliver. Sometimes earlier and sometimes later. Most recently I was quoted a shocking 40 minutes on the phone and within 15 minutes a guy was at my door with a burger. Another time I was quoted 10 minutes and it actually took 20. Swings and roundabouts. The food does at least arrive hot though, and they always have some change to hand. They deal with your purchase quickly, but don't rush.

      (+) Complessivo - Overall

      An excellent Italian food outlet, highly recommended, especially for their burgers which are by far the best in the area. I wouldn't recommend their unhealthy kebabs though, or the bolognese.

      (N) Il dettagli - The details

      Phone: 01623 450 110 / 07858 330 880 (Can pre order for collection)

      Delivery: FREE, MINIMUM £8 4 mile radius, £1 p/mile thereafter. Under £8 order is £1 delivery.

      24 Main Street
      NG17 2QW

      Opening times:
      Mon-Thu = 4pm-11pm
      Fri-Sun = 4pm-Late


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