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Cosmo - Pan Asian Restaurant (Coventry)

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3 Reviews

36-42 Corporation St , Coventry , CV1 1GF. Tel: 024 76553366

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    3 Reviews
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      10.03.2012 13:13



      Cosmos Coventry used to be amazing now it is poor at best! Chicken has been pink the last 2 times I have been but after we went on the 4th march 2012 the pink chicken finally gave us food poisoning. So it's amazing if you want to feel sick, have cramps, get the runs and lose your appetite for days on end. We also must have got the waiter on an off day as he was extremely rude! Apart from all those negatives the atmosphere is really nice and the decor is pretty but that's all it has going for it. NEVER AGAIN!!!


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      29.09.2009 17:22



      Never Again

      Went this lunchtime and how we wished we hadnt! The selection of starters was fine, but that is where the enjoy factor ended.

      The chicken in the main courses was the frozen processed strips, the beef had not been trimmed of excess fat and the crispy pork was i would say crispy because it had been out so long as opposed for the fact it was cooked that way. The boiled rice was just solid lumps not nice to look at so we didnt risk eating it. I did sample the "Indian curry, which sadly i can only be described as of boil in the bag quality. The final nail in the coffin for my future custom was the "nan" bread, obviously the processed buy in the packet supermarket variety! Not even fresh!

      Most of the dishes were barely warm and not enjoyable.

      We found the staff quite unhelpful and the person we spoke to about the nan bread to be very rude and uninterested.

      I have eaten at many lunchtime buffets in many parts of the country and this is one that i would never contemplate eating at again.

      Their advertising slogan is "Quality without compromise" I cant see where the word quality can be applied to this establishment apart from the fact it has been compromised.

      If ever you are out Peterborough way head for Spiceland nr Sawtry you will see how this buffet theme should be done!


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      16.09.2009 17:22
      Very helpful



      Yummy food and I can't wait to drag Mr foxyred back there!

      For my second date with the now Mr Foxyred we were wandering round my town centre (he doesn't live here!) looking for somewhere pleasant to eat. We didn't know what we fancied (ahem lol) but wanted somewhere nice to eat and to chill out for a bit really. As we wandered looking at the usual mainstream pubs offering food but nothing interesting hitting us in the face I suddenly remembered that about a week or so ago a new restaurant had opened up in an old shop offering Asian food (from 9 Asian countries) and my local newspaper was really excited about it's arrival as the group of Cosmo have not only restaurants but hotels known for decadence and good service too. So I dragged him there cos not only did I really fancy it but also because A) I'm nosey and B) I knew this was a buffet idea from reading about it's premise in the newspaper and I can never pick what to eat off a simple menu!

      When we were got there we were greeted by a massive shop which actually was what everyone wants many years ago. This part of town is now being renovated and the local main theatre has had millions of pounds chucked at it to give it a facelift and kids have moved into the area for student accommodation and therefore it's a bit more busy and lively now up this part of town these days. Add to that it's near secure car parking areas, on several bus routes and about ten minutes walk from the train station and literally 2 minutes from the city centre shops (if that!) this is a great location. Lets not forget it's a stone throw away from a whole heap of of traditional oldy wordly pubs and the skydome which houses the likes of Chicagos and Jumping jaks and a couple of nightclubs!

      Where It Is:

      36-42 Corporation St ,
      Coventry ,
      CV1 1GF.
      Tel: 024 76553366

      Our Experience:

      So the outside of the restaurant is nothing to look at really however open the double doors at the front and be prepared to enter a whole new world. As you step inside you are greeted by smartly dressed staff guarding a huge twisting staircase with the most beautiful glass chandelier I think I've ever seen! There is a small reception area and we were asked did we want a table and we were directed upstairs. Prior to nodding eagerly yes we certainly wanted a table I spotted a lift and a disabled loo and to the other end of this ground floor there is a wonderful coffee shop open from 8am in the morning till about 5.30pm serving of course different coffees, teas, soft drinks and pastries. It's a really chilled out, well lit area with brown and orange leather sofas and chairs, really well spaced out and with flowers scattered about. People were sitting quietly, reading the magazines and papers on offer and taking advantage of the free wi-fi. It just looked really nice and civilised, there were children in there sitting on seats that looked like mini rocks and me and my better half said we'd definitely go and have a coffee and a pastry there in the future!

      Anyway as we got to the next level we were again greeted by waiters, one of which proceeded to take us immediately to a table. Once again I was mesmerised, looking about the place and I thought it was gorgeous. What struck me about this place is although it really is decadent it's not in your face pure snobbery. There were people in nice outfits looking they'd made a real effort to blokes in shorts and t-shirts and people looking rather casual. Plenty of families with young children were about the place too though they did behave themselves and toddlers sat in high chairs (borrowed upon request). The tables were of all different shapes and sizes and this restaurant seats up to 350 people per sitting (that's how big the place is lol). We had a table for two but like I say there were varying shapes and sizes of dark tables and matching high backed chairs and to the edge of the restaurant lots of open type booths to get more people in.

      There was real attention to detail here. Flowers, ornaments lots of fabulous lighting that wasn't too bright and/or stark and the whole place had a lovely clean and crisp feel to it with shiny glasses on tables. Not once did I see rubbish anywhere, dropped bits of food or dirty tables and the plenty of staff had plenty to do but really weren't obtrusive at all and I got to the point I felt they just blended in to the scenery and stopped noticing them!

      We were happy with our table and our waiter was very attentive telling us to help ourselves to food (white plates/dishes etc) were at the buffet area) and being patient while we decided on which wine to have with our meal, he even as I went to sit down pulled my chair out with a nice smile and tucked me and I really thought that was a nice touch as going to pubs to eat as often as I do that doesn't happen to me very often! Our drink arrived promptly and then we had to go help ourselves to the grub!

      Wow the food really did look amazing and we were amazed by the choice. For a daytime buffet menu we thought this was really excellent. I have been to daytime buffets before on many an occasion at a variety of places and I am used to cheaper ingredients more simplistically turned into something but this choice amazed me. There were loads of starters, mains, sides, breads and the teriake and BBQ grill was open, salads, pasta and desserts were in abundance. The only difference I felt between the lunch time fare and the night time was there is probably even more choice in the evening cos your paying more and the sushi bar and chocolate fountain wasn't open. Never mind though even I couldn't eat what was already on offer anyway lol.

      I won't bore you with all that we ate but I will discuss the highlights! Like I said all the food looked wonderful, was hot and was fresh and not once did I get up to one of the three stations and feel disappointed that I couldn't get something I wanted. Nothing ran low and staff were keeping an eye on that like hawks. The food is prepared at the back of the restaurant but out of the way but you could go up and watch if you wanted to!

      So we had satay chicken skewers (Mr foxyreds favourite), lemon chicken, tempura prawns, prawn toasts, sticky ribs, spring rolls and crab claws for starters and I filled up on too much crispy seaweed as per usual lol. Delicious. We had main courses of chow mein, special curry, sweet and sour chicken and beef in blackbean sauce. There were a few rices and noodles to choose from (the noodles were gorgeous!) and plenty of side dishes and alot of the dishes were Vegetarian. We never opted for the soups, salads or pastas but I will next time as they looked really fresh and tasty and rather interesting. There were lots of different sauces too which I found a big plus and I liked the way that there were things like chicken nuggets and chips which I feel were a great addition for young kids and say they weren't sure about the food on offer you could give them a bit of sauce to dip into and things like that, so everyone is well catered for. We never used the teriake bar but lots of people were and all that happened there is you picked what raw ingredients you wanted cooking in which sauces in the quantity you want it in and hand it to the chef and the chef cooks it up in seconds for you. I did have a look and there were plenty of fish there including king prawns and squid and meats such as chicken and beef and vegetables of course and it looked quite fun. Us though we were regally stuffed by that point...until I found the desserts!

      Now in a place such as this I wouldn't normally indulge in desserts as I find them not very tasty at all. I think of this much like a Chinese restaurant and have never found them to make particularly nice desserts but I thought it'd be nice for me and Mr Foxyred to have some cake and I got us come chocolate and some toffee cake and yum was it lovely! He ate most of it though! There was nice fresh fruit salad on offer, profiteroles and lychees and I did hear a lady telling her friend that usually she goes there at night and there are more dessert choices available.

      We paid by cash and it was less than £20.00 for two people including a glass of wine each (you can also pay with a credit card of course) and all round we were stuffed and delighted!


      Ok this restaurant is fabulous but it is busy and even when it isn't I would imagine it feels it. People are constantly on the move, ordering drinks, grabbing plates of food and there are lots of staff cleaning up constantly. It's not the most relaxing of experiences. However it is nice to help yourself to whatever food you want to and when you want to and you have two hours to sit at a table before 8pm at night (later after that).

      The food looks superb and really does taste it. We had one small complaint and that was that the duck pancakes were a little on the dry side however we both agreed that we were impressed that duck was on the menu at all for a lunchtime service. We liked the service (Mr Foxyred even tipped) and couldn't really fault the place and definitely said we would go back. It's nice enough for two people but in our opinion it's more of a group type of place, to go with family, friends, great for kids though we didn't see any baby changing facilities though I can't be 100% sure there are none to be fair (so check if interested). Kids in this establishment are well behaved as well. Here there is no where to run about as the aisles are small and grown ups are busy and I'm sure if kids were messing about you'd be told in a heartbeat to stop them! It may be busy but it isn't rowdy and feels slightly but nicely controlled.

      We were talking about taking our families there over Christmas and if you are celebrating a birthday of anniversary arrangements can be made with staff to have a birthday cake made (prices vary) or probably take your own in (again you need to check on this if interested). No horrible happy birthday tune kicks off here every 2 minutes (I don't miss that weng wahs by the way lol).

      Overall though this is a lovely, lovely restaurant that I'm totally sure I will visit time and time again and I'm dying to see what the night time menu is like as I adore sushi and muscles and things like that and they're on the menu and it gets a massive welcome to Coventry from me and my bf! Do book if possible as I'm sure this place is going to get rammed lol.

      Monday to Saturday: 12:00 - 15:00
      £6.50 - Per person
      £3.25 - Child under 140cm/4ft 7ins
      £1.90 - Minimum Charge

      Monday to Thursday: 17:30 - 22:30
      Sunday (Bank Holiday): 12:00 - 22:30
      £11.99 - Per person
      £6.00 - Child under 140cm/4ft 7ins
      £2.90 - Minimum Charge

      Friday to Saturday: 17:30 - 23:00
      £12.99 - Per person
      £6.50 - Child under 140cm/4ft 7ins
      £2.90 - Minimum Charge


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