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A fast food restaurant chain that specialises in halal chicken. It is owned by a company in Pakistan.

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    3 Reviews
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      11.08.2013 20:50
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      A halal chicken take-away.

      I'm a life long avowed KFC fan, of course this was probably due to the fact that KFC was the only place you could get decent fried chicken and be relatively sure that a cockroach wouldnt be served as a side order. Of course this is probably because Dixy Chicken is relatively unknown down in Bristol and after moving to Manchester I stayed loyal! Until my partner suggested we try something different and after noticing quite a lot of Dixy Chickens around the area we decided to try there.

      Dixy Chicken is a franchise company, they say they have over 100 outlets world wide but I think at least 10 of those must be in Manchester, and all their outlets are Halal.

      So Dixy Chicken, guess what it sells? Yep, chicken and lots of it! Not just any old chicken though, they have original recipe, sizzler recipe and peri-peri chicken.
      And you would hope that it was easily enough to choose from, but no, you'll be ages!
      The first thing you'll see when opening the menu is 12 meal deals.

      Chicken Fillet Burger
      Supreme Chicken Burger
      Mega Mix Burger
      Peri Peri Burger
      Quarter pounder burger (blimey, a cow!)
      Breast Fillet Panini
      Value Box (Chicken Pieces)
      Combo Box
      Sizzler Box
      Chicken Bites
      Chicken Strips
      Tortilla Wraps

      Of course you could be buying for the whole family, so you might choose:

      Family Buckets
      Boneless Buckets
      Party Buckets
      Family Treats
      Deluxe Party Buckets
      Deluxe Combo Buckets
      Full Platter
      Deluxe Platter

      Of course they have kids meals but they also have

      Loaded Box Meals
      Spicy Bean Burger
      Fish Burger
      Mini Beef Pounders
      Snack Packs
      Mini Chicken Burgers.

      My local one has also started doing pizzas, but I dont go to Dixy Chicken for pizza, I go to Dominos for that. I have actually had one though and it was good and crispy with plenty of toppings.

      Do you see what I mean? Not forgoing the fact that all the Buckets and Platters are different sizes you really could be there a while. Indeed we now phone our order in advance instead of spending 30 minutes in the place choosing!

      You've managed to choose and have your meal in front of you, but does it taste any good. Oh I just cant describe it! The chicken is of course encased in some secret recipe coating, this particular coating is probably somewhat spicier than KFC but not as heavy. The coating does give it a good crisp crunch and I've never had it soggy! The fries are a bit more of a let down, my local Dixy havent quite got the hang of making them super-crispy yet which would improve them no end. The one thing that KFC has over Dixy is their chicken gravy. KFC's is thick and quite peppery, Dixys is thinner and not as nice. But by Lordy their coleslaw makes up for it! Oh and their garlic mayo dip is just sublime!
      All their Peri-peri chicken comes in Mild and Hot, a word of warning, the Mild is really not mild, and I'd hate to think what 'Hot' was! The peri-peri chicken marinade is thickly slathered on the chicken and is not hot to the point of inedibleness but a lovely mix of seperate spices dance around your mouth.

      Value for money wise they are better than KFC, especially their Party Buckets and Platters. For a mere £19.99 you can get the Deluxe Party Bucket, you get yourself 8 pieces of chicken + 6 Sizzler Wings Or 4 chicken strips +2 Fillet Burger, 2 mini Burgers, 1 Reg Bites, 4 Reg Fries, 2 Reg Sides, Bottled Drink.
      If theres 4 or more of us we get the Deluxe Combo Bucket again costing £19.99. This time you'll get a FULL Peri-peri- chiclen, 6 chicken pieces, 6 sizzler wings OR 4 strips + 1 Reg Bites, 4 Reg Fries, 4 Dips and Bottled Drink. Even with 3 hungry men we managed to still have some left for the morning!

      Even a Family Bucket of 14 Pieces + 4 Reg. Fries only costs £14.99, if you ask nicely they'll also chuck in some free dips. They also automatically add serviettes and sachets of mayo, ketchup, salt and pepper.

      I've always the restaurants clean, tidy and comfortable. The staff have always been polite, take your order promptly and deliver it up promptly. Any mistakes, and there arent many, are rectified swiftly with many apologies.

      Better still, they also deliver, well my local one does anyway, they are also on just-eat, but I wouldnt order via that again, a couple of items cost more than in the take-away which I did raise in the comment box. I was rather surprised when I got a call from the manager who was very honest and explained about profit margins and having to pay to use just-eat, but to apologise he included extra fries, sides and dips which I thought was very nice.

      I wouldnt order to be delivered again though, the food doesnt really travel well in those heated bags, it most definitely did something funny to the fries which became almost chewy. Thankfully it didnt make the chicken soggy but the hash brown in the burger became a little soggy, and the whole thing was warm, rather than hot.

      I'm definitely not holding it against Dixy Chicken though, it was a learning experience. In future I shall be picking it up or eating in. I'm afraid KFC has now taken a back seat as Dixy Chicken wins the crown of best Chicken Burgers!


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        14.11.2009 21:48
        Very helpful



        Yummy yummy chicken, I can never have too much!

        Dixy chicken is one of my favourite places to eat. The food is delicious and the variety is great.

        ***The Menu***
        Some of the tasty fried (and ok unhealthy) treats you can choose from are:-

        - a tower burger. This is made with two chicken breasts snadwiched between two buns- incredibly filling, I must admit I can't even open my mouth wide enough to bite into it from top to bottom (I bite into it from the side).

        - Or choose a wings meal which comes with six wings (nice and spicy coating), fries and a drink.

        - Chicken wraps -chicken breast with lettuce and mayo in a tortilla wrap, which is especially easy to eat on the go.

        - Chicken pieces - including choice of legs, breast and thigh as well as wings so you can pick your favourite part!

        The drinks include Pepsi, Coke, Sprite and Diet Pepsi but there's also a drink called Marinda. This comes from Pakistan and its an orangey-tasting fizzy drink which goes lovely with the food.

        Compared to KFC, Dixy is cheaper and overall everything is reasonably priced. It's the ultimate convenience food - or "fast food".

        ***My opinion***
        The coating on the chicken is spice but not too spicy- its perfect. More than just the chicken being good is the coating and that's what keeps me coming back for more!

        The chicken is always really well cooked and especially the chicken breast is always soft and tasty. If you have it once, you feel like having it all the time. My old favourite used to be chicken legs- moist and delicious with a milder coating than the spicy wings.

        One benefit is that Dixys is always open until late, some branches are open until 2 or 3 in the morning - late night cravings can therefore be satisfied! That's probably why they branches are open so late - they probably put cocaine in the chicken coating, making it addictive and making people come back for more!

        The branches are located nationwide - London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester - oh and some rubbishy little towns that you guys probably live in (LOL kidding).

        The best thing about Dixy is the chilli sauce- seriously- no where else has such good tasting sauce. Although Dixy is a franchise they always have the same yummy chilli sauce in every branch. The menu is also the same in every branch.


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          11.09.2009 17:13
          Very helpful



          Not a bad choice for some cheap fried chicken

          I often find my self going to a Dixy branch to have some chicken. Some of their chicken is exactly similar to what you would find at KFC. What is the difference though? The difference is the prices and the amount of chicken you get at Dixy is less in both ways. On Sunday last week I went to a Dixy branch in Leicester to have some chicken.

          The branch was totally busy with so much customers taking the space inside. I had to wait around 10 minutes just to find my self a seat here. After getting my self a seat here food was brought to my table and it was good value to. You can not go wrong at lunch time at a Dixy with the price for 2 piece chicken and chips being just 2.00 with a free drink of Pepsi and Miranda being put in to.

          One of the things I did not like at this branch was the amount of mess on the floor. Some customers were leaving and the mess they had left on the tables was not at all cleaned up. I liked the service of the staff here but just thought they could have done a better job in cleaning up the mess left by some of the customers here. The meals you get here are good but their fries are not made always perfect. Dixy chicken is a good alternative to a budget for having some fried chicken and rather than heading over to Kfc.


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