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London's original 50's authentic American diner. Eat in or deliver. 7 days 11.30-midnight.

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    6 Reviews
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      01.04.2015 16:37
      Very helpful



      Fantastic staff and delicious food on numerous visits

      This review is for the branch in the metro centre. We tried it out when it first came to the metro centre and have continued to love it since then making regular visits.

      Most importantly the food is great. I usually have the grilled chicken burger which comes in a bun with some salad and mayo. Depending on how hungry I feel, I may upgrade to an 'Ed's plate' which is your burger but comes with chips, coleslaw and onion rings. There is not a huge choice on the menu, but what they serve is very good quality. You can see the chefs preparing your food on the griddle which is fun to watch and reassuring that there's no bad hygiene practices going on behind closed doors.
      The drinks menu is special, malted milkshakes, ice cream floats as well as the usual soft drinks and hot drinks make you feel like you're sitting on the set of the film Grease.

      The whole atmosphere and deco will also transport you to the 50's American diner. There are duke boxes on some of the tables, the money from which goes to charity.
      The staff are happy, like they are genuinely having a good time. We've never had to wait too long either even on busy Saturdays the staff are cool and efficient. One time we went and watched a host make balloon animals for the kids while the parents ate.
      My husband and I usually allocate about £25 plus tip to eat here which is a fair price for the experience and great food


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      13.06.2013 22:52
      Very helpful
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      Good Old Fashioned American Nostalgia

      I was shopping in the Metrocentre one evening after work with my partner, and after missing lunch and dashing to the shops straight from work I was rather hungry. Ed's Diner had only been open a few weeks at this point, so I thought I would try it out.

      THE FOOD
      I ordered a burger as did my partner. I found that the burger was tasty especially as they asked how we would like the burger cooking, but my partner did comment that it was smaller than expected considering we were in an American style diner and the American's are both praised and ridiculed for their large portion sizes.

      I was also disappointed by the portion size when it came to the chilli cheese fries that we order to share. They were listed on the menu as a side, but at £4.50 (when the burger was £6) and being an American Diner, I thought would more of a sharer size side but sadly it was a single portion.

      We also ordered deserts as we still had a little room after our mains (which is never usually the case for me, I am usually looking for the nearest place to nap). We had waffle with ice cream and golden syrup and I found it very filling, but maybe would have liked 2 dollops of ice cream rather than 1, maybe I was just hungry this day or maybe it is because when I had an identical desert in Wetherspoons it was served with 2 scoops.

      Overall, we found the food to be nice (nothing to complain about, but nothing to shout from the roof tops) but it was quite expensive for what it was compared to other places you can eat similar food in the area.

      As I was driving, I ordered a bottomless soft drink and my partner ordered a root beer. The soft drink was good value for money as you could refill it as often as you required. My partner loved his root beer (unfortunately this was not bottomless) as there are very few places round here that serve this drink. I did sample it and thought it tasted like cough medicine ... each to their own.

      In terms of price, I found the drinks to be pretty standard for a restaurant (read: overpriced compared to supermarket).

      The atmosphere was 50:50 ...

      ... I loved the whole American diner theme and gave me nostalgia for my holiday to America last year. The 60's American music including Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash added to the theme.

      ... I hated the fish bowl feel of the place, as it is situated with 2 sides of the restaurant open to the shopping centre, I did feel a bit conscious of passers-by / fellow shoppers peering in to get a look at the food (I like to get burger all over my face in the company of other with burgers all over their face).

      One thing I could not fault was the staff.

      We were seated straight away (even though it looked pretty busy) and given a choice of two tables that we could sit at depending on the type of seating we would prefer. Once seated, the staff were efficient, which to me means we were neither sitting around ages waiting for our orders to be taken / food to arrive, but at the same time they were not hovering / we didn't feel rushed.

      There was a good atmosphere between the staff, they had rapport and were friendly towards one another, which as I used to work in customer service is one thing that I think comes across really well as it puts you in a good mood and you come across more friendly to customers. The staff had personality rather than just repeating STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3.

      This might be an obscure category to put on a restaurant review, but my partner applied for a job here before it opened. He received an email saying he had been short listed and would soon receive a selection of dates / times for an interview closer to opening and he has heard nothing back despite following up with an email.

      Good Food. Good Drinks. Good Staff. Overpriced in some areas, but still reasonably cheaper overall. However, I probably wouldn't go back again as there are other places in the Metrocentre that I prefer to eat.


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        14.11.2009 00:13
        Very helpful



        Nice and easy

        As a big fan of American culture, and a guilty, but habitual consumer of the food, this place scores high on my list of guilty secrets.

        Before our baby came along, myself and my husband frequented Eds Diner far too often in search of delicious, but not nutritious fast food.
        I am proud to say that since her arrival nine months ago, we have only been once, so I think we have definately passed the 'six weeks to break a habit' test!

        There are a few of these diners strategically dotted around London, but the one we tend to visit most is located in the shopping mecca which is Bluewater.

        Red leather-look booths, and shiny chrome stools blend effortlessly with bright jukeboxes, and all-American posters and prints. The look is most certainly that of a traditional 1950's diner (not that I would know, being far too young!)

        Personally I love it, but I know its not everyones cup of tea.
        To me the tackiness is part of the experience, but I know lots of people who would choose one of the many minimalist, gourmet burger joints on the high street over this place.

        The food is delicious and I always choose the same thing - the 'Big Bubba' burger and cheese fries. The burger is not enormous but is a decent size and comes with lettuce, tomato and gerkins. The cheese sauce on the chips is salty and pure heaven on the tastebuds.

        Other options include the 'Welsh Rarebit' which comes topped with an egg, or a non breaded chicken burger. You can, of course, try out American favourites such as 'floats' (soda and ice-cream) or other soft drinks such as Root Beer. There are also deserts and childrens options on the menu.

        The prices are pretty average for this kind of thing - it costs around £25 for a meal for two people, or around £6 for a burger. The staff are always very pleasant, but there can be a bit of a wait for tables sometimes.

        All in all, this is a good place to enjoy some fast food at a fairly decent price. Just don't let it become a habit!


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          13.10.2009 10:44
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Go for a quick bite if you are near one

          I've lived in London for 29 years now and walked past Ed's Easy Diner at the end of Old Compton Street approximately 1,327 times without ever walking in. That all changed 3 weeks ago when hunger took over and my girlfriend fancied a change of dining pace. With in trepidation, we set foot within...

          Ed's looks, feels and smells like a diner. There are obligatory red leather high stools at a Formica bar and a few tables and chairs, waitresses wear pinnies and smile falsely at all patrons, small tabletop jukeboxes sit on the counter in an effort to rob you of your pennies. The food is as you'd expect from a diner with an array of burgers, hotdogs, milkshakes, etc...

          Dining here was a pleasant if not particularly noteworthy experience. I have been to a few diner style restaurants before (mostly in the US) and this ranks somewhere in the middle. If you're looking for a good diner style restaurant in London I think you're better off a 'The Diner' chain that has a few outlets across the town. But if you're near Ed's and hungry, it will serve the purpose.

          The burgers aren't the biggest but reasonably priced between £5 - £7 with fries an addition. For what they lack in size (think McDonalds) they make up for in taste. They have a good range of different burgers too including a mighty All Day Breakfast Big bubba... AKA Coronary in a bun. You can also get chicken, salads and chilli but let's be honest, if your in the diner, it's likely a burger is what your after and they do these well.

          Drinks selection is good with great milkshakes and soft drinks (good rootbeer) but you can also grab a beer or glass of wine.

          My advice, don't seek one out but if you stumble across it while peckish, you could do worse.


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            11.07.2009 19:34
            Very helpful



            Fills a hole - and fast!

            Due to my frequent tourist-style trips to London, I find myself scouting out places to eat.
            Having just visited an attraction at Piccadilly Circus, the Other Half and I found ourselves to be rather hungry. Being at the "I don't know how long I can wait... I need food NOW" stage, we decided to go to the nearest reasonable looking eatery. This happened to be Ed's Easy Diner.

            - - - - -

            The Diner's neon signs caught my eye, and after having a quick squizz through the window and finding it to my satisfaction, we decided to browse the menu (helpfully located on 2 of the Diner windows).


            "Ed's is a classic retro American diner which was founded in London by Barry Margolis in November 1987. It was the first of its kind in the UK and our first site opened in London's Soho.

            Ed's has become a noted London landmark and has long been a location for films, television and photo shoots. It's a destination for tourists coming to London and has a loyal local fan base."

            There are 3 Ed's Easy Diner's all in all, and my review is of the Piccadilly/Trocadero site.

            INSIDE ~

            On entering you'll find decor associated with a 1950's theme to it (pastel blues, black & white checkerboard tiling, chrome etc).

            We were greeted by a pleasant member of staff who let us pick a table we were happy with, gave us our menus and some time to browse through.

            ~ ~ ~

            The restaurant is arranged around the open kitchen (I like being able to see where my food is being cooked); with high bar-style stools around the counter.
            There are also separate booth style seating areas, and further individual tables surrounded by more stools. All seats are padded (leather or pl-eather?), and were very comfortable.

            On each table you will find a mini jukebox, of which you can put in money to request a song (I thought this was a quirky touch instead of one large jukebox). Obviously all the music is appropriate to the era, and predominantly 1950's Rock'n'Roll etc.

            I also liked the other little touches, such as the old fashioned chrome napkin dispensers, and imported American mustard. For me this more than made up for the un-American Diner-like things such as hair-nets, air ventilation units, and certain modern kitchen utensils etc.
            However, I would also like to point out that I'd much prefer a lack of 'authenticity', over lack of food hygiene any day!

            THE MENU ~

            The menu itself isn't anything fancy, in fact the Ed's website even states this itself.
            The food appealed to us, as we didn't fancy the usual fast-food culprits or the idea of going to a 'proper' restaurant. This looked a step up from your bog-standard burger joint, and I'm glad we made the choice.

            Burgers ~
            These seemed to be the primary focus of the place with quite a few different ones to choose from. This included different burger patties, such as your usual beef & chicken, but also veggie bean-burger, and tomato & mozzarella options.

            You can then add various extras to your burger, such as a fried egg; guacamole; fried onions; bacon; jalapeno jelly etc.

            The burgers start at around the £5 mark, up to around £6.30 for a big beasty thing!

            Other Items ~

            If you don't fancy a burger, Ed's also do great hotdogs & chilli-dogs. The O/H had one of these and loved it (I hate hotdogs, but even I was tempted to have a nibble). They were a generous size, and looked just as I'd imagine a 'proper' hotdog to look. Prices were again around the £5 mark.

            Of course they also do various types of fries. I did have to ask the waiter to explain what 'wet fries' were, as I was struggling to understand the concept of soggy fries (it turns out they're covered in some sort of gravy).

            Prices ranged from £2.30 for regular fries, up to £3.95 for bacon & cheese fries.
            Of the entire experience, I think the fact that the fries don't come as part of your main meal was what bothered me most. It does annoy me a little, as it tends to end up pushing up the price quite significantly - especially if you want extras on top.

            That said, Ed's do offer 'combo' meals inclusive of fries & other sides such as onion rings. These did work out a better deal, and there were a few different ones to choose from.

            Drinks ~
            The drinks menu contained the usual suspects, but also the options for milkshakes and malted milkshakes. They offer the usual flavours, but also some additional, more unusual ones such as peanut butter, butterscotch, coffee, and mint.

            Although around the £3 mark for a milkshake, I would highly recommend, as you get a VERY generous serving.
            I can honestly say that is how a milkshake should be; thick, creamy, and very tasty (and bad for adding pounds to my tum tum)!

            SERVICE ~

            I couldn't fault the service at Ed's; all the staff were friendly and attentive. They took the time to explain anything on the menu that we weren't sure of, and were also helpful with recommending items.

            We didn't wait too long for our food (even though the place was quite busy). Although a wait wouldn't have been too much of an issue, as we could see our food being cooked, so we knew we were only waiting for as long as needs be.

            The waiting staff checked back once to make sure everything was Ok, and then left us be; (I don't like to be asked 20 or so times how my food is... if I wasn't happy, I wouldn't wait until the 20th time to let you know)!

            I think our final bill came to around £22. This didn't include desserts, as we were just too full after giant eggy burgers, juicy hotdogs, and chunky fries!

            OVERALL ~

            Ed's is a great place to visit if you want something a little more interesting than the usual fast food places, but also doesn't require you to have adventurous tastes (thus making it a family friendly place too).

            The decor isn't amazing, but it's a bit different from the typical burger bar, and made a nice change. My only gripe would be at 5ft 4, I found it a bit of a struggle getting onto the higher stools! This would've been rectified if I hadn't insisted on being stubborn and wanting to sit there instead of a booth...

            It is not the cheapest place to eat, but I think for the portion sizes, and the choice available, I'd be more than happy to visit Ed's again (and most likely will next time I'm down that way).

            The Piccadilly Ed's can be found at:

            Unit 34b London Trocadero
            19 Rupert Street
            London W1D 7PA
            Tel: 020 7287 1951

            Opening hours: Sun-Tues 12:00pm - 10:00pm, Wednesday 12:00pm - 10.30pm, Thursday 12:00pm - 11:00pm, Fri-Sat 12:00pm - Midnight

            More information and a detailed menu can be found on their website: www.edseasydiner.co.uk


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              27.01.2001 01:01
              Very helpful



              Ed's is one of the best American retro diners i have come across anywhere in my time. Everything is perfect about Ed's right down to the waitresses outfits and the food. There are three branches of Ed's in London that i know of. Shaftesbury Avenue, Old Compton Street, Fulham Road. Out of those i have been to two, although they are all the same in terms of menu. As soon as you step through the swing door you are blasted by loud american rockabilly from the 50's and 60's. Buddy Holly seems to be the house favourite at all branches. All branches are kitted out with high bar stools with fat leather cushions in tourquoise. Classic American adverts adorn the walls and along the counter and at each table sit mini jukeboxes, which on occasion work. The menu is of course very american with the burger being the major item on it. Portions are served by weight of burger and chips and other things, like onion rings, are served in addition on the bill. Expect to spend about £3.00 to £5.00 on a burger, sandwich or melt and £1.00 to £2.00 per side dish. For kids there are smaller servings and a different menu which is good, because often there eyes are bigger than their stomachs. For vegetarians and dieters there are also non-burger servings which include salad and vegi-burgers amongst other things. The best thing of all about Ed's, aside from the crazy desserts and the friendly staff, are the Malts. These are like milkshades - also on the menu - but are much much thicker and contain powdered malt, which makes it taste similar to Ovaltine. I recommend Vanilla or Peanut Butter!!! I would go to Ed's for those alone!!! Per head a full meal will cost about £10.00 to £15.00, but in my opinion every bit of the meal is worth it, if you enjoy that kind of thing. The only problem is when you get hooked on the Malts, because if you do you will add stones
              to your weight in a matter of days!!!! Overall it is a great place to hang out and eat, especially in Soho/Old Compton Street where the staff are most friendly. The branches are open till late so you can arrive before or after the theatre/cinema. But should you wish to have a home delivery then that is possible too. Ring each branch for specific details.


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