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Fleur-de-lis (Banbury)

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2 Reviews

‚Äú Address: 63¬Ė67 Broad Street / Banbury / Oxfordshire / OX16 5BL ‚Äě

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    2 Reviews
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      03.05.2010 02:55
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      A pretty fun pub

      Fluer-de-lis is a pub in Banbury, Oxfordshire which is part of the Wetherspoons chain. It is located just in the town centre, in the pedestrianised area.

      I have been here a few times, for quiet drinks with a friend, and for a night out or two and have enjoyed the pub, with no problems. The pub is one of the biggest I have seen as part of Wetherspoons, although this pub is technically a Lloyds Number 1 bar, which is a part of the Wetherspoons company, and because of these, they actually play music in this pub!

      The pub has plenty of tables and chairs spread out all over the place, some in nice quiet little corners, some in the main pub area. There is a large bar at the back of the pub, which is fully stocked with loads of choice of soft drinks and alcoholic drinks too. The toilets are upstairs, although I did not notice if there was disabled toilets, as the main toilets are not accesible but wheelchair or those who can not climb stairs.

      There is a couple of large screen TV's for things like sports or news, and on each table, during the day, you will find a menu for food and a special offers menu for drinks. The food is the usual, mega microwaved food you would usually find in a Wetherspoons, with the same generally reasonable prices. The carpet is an oldish print, but is in pretty good condition and is quite thick too. There is an area for dancing and DJ when the weekends come too.

      The pub is generally clean and tidy, even the toilets were still clean and tidy at 2am on a friday! The tables are cleared of empty glasses and used plates quite quickly, and I am yet to have sat down at a dirty or wet table in this pub, even when it is stupidly busy.

      The prices are quite low for drinks, as it is in most Wetherspoons pubs, and the staff are the usual sort of bar staff you would expect. They are nice enough when serving you, but do not expect anything special. At least they are not miserable like most Wetherspoons staff I meet these days, maybe they are new lol! The music they play is a good mixture of tunes, but mostly up to date songs, and during the quiet times it is played gently in the background, so you can carry on with a conversation with no problems.

      I recommend this pub to anyone in Banbury, or who is visiting there as it has great prices, is clean and tidy and is great for a night out too.


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        30.03.2009 08:53
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        only takes one person to put you off going to a place

        On a Saturday it is very hard to find a mid day restaurant where 8 adults and a todler can all sit together.

        So when my family all got together in Banbury we did a lot of research and came up with two places. One was extremely busy the other was The Fleur-de-Lis which is a Wetherspoons which we settled for.
        The seating was fine and they had a good chair for my 20 month old Grand daughter.

        The Menu
        There are some good food deals with 2 main meals for £6.69 and meals that includes the drink.

        Main meals
        Fish and chips ££5.19
        sausage and mash in a rich onion gravy £6.99
        chilli con carne £5.69
        Five bean chilli £5.69
        chicken tikka masala £6.19
        8oz gammon steak £5.79
        Braised shoulder of lamb £7.49

        Steak meals were either £7.59 or £8.59
        Pork loin steaks
        8oz sirloin steak
        10 0z rump steak
        mixed grill
        Childrens Meals£3.59

        chicken korma
        organic spaghetti bolognese
        fish fingers
        chick breast nuggets
        organic cheesy pasta
        All the tables have numbers on them and what you do is go up to the bar and order your drinks and meals and give them the table number.

        We were told there was a 20 minute wait which did seem reasonable.
        The meal came after 25 minutes which you could not moan about.

        All was lovely except the sausage, mash and gravy. You could just about see the gravy. About the size of a 50p piece. Without gravy the meal was dry so we very politely asked if we could have some more gravy. After 6 minutes the waitress came back and said that extra gravy costs 79p. The dinner was getting cold so we agreed and handed over the 79p. Another 5 6 7 minutes passed and still no gravy and dinner getting colder!
        Beginning to get a little cross now we went up and complained. We got the gravy and the 79p back but I do not think you should have to pay for something that was supposed to be in the meal.

        With the childrens meal they say it includes a bag of fresh fruit but they had run out and no substitute.
        We have been in other Wetherspoons and it has been perfect so I do feel that Banburys The Fleur-de-lis should get their act together and treat their customers a lot better than they do.

        I know waiters and waitresses are busy especially on a Saturday but I think serving should come first.

        I did write to their head office about this as I got a little mad a couple days later. I had a letter from them saying that they would send one of their "secret shoppers" there. But will they have the same meal? I dont know.

        Outcome is I would not go back there gain but it hasnt put me off other wetherspoons.

        also on ciao.


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      Part of the Whetherspoon chain.