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Fried Chicken Express (Oswestry)

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Address: 20 Willow Street / Oswestry SY11 1AD / Shropshire / Tel: 01691 659416

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    1 Review
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      09.08.2011 19:11
      Very helpful



      The place to be on a Saturday Night!

      Fried Chicken Express is a fast food restaurant in the Shropshire town of Oswestry.

      Now this is the place to be on a Saturday night! It's located right outside one of the nightclubs and Wetherspoons.

      Normally being a vegetarian and all, I would have probably kept away from this restaurant as I had orginally imagined it to be like KFC; and being a vegetarian, I obviously don't like chicken and so wouldn't go into a restaurant that mainly sold chicken.

      However, a couple of years back I was on a night out with my meat-eating friends and we went in here; I had some fries whilst my friends tucked into chicken-on-the-bone. Ever since then we have always gone there at the end of a night out.

      One a Saturday night the place gets very, very busy and so you can expect big long queues. Whilst going here at the end of a night out is a must (my other friend and I always joke that the only reason we come out is because of the meal from Chicken Express at the end of it.)

      One thing I hate about going here on a Saturday is the fact that because it is so busy, I always feel in a rush to order (even though I always order the same thing; veggie burger, fries and a can of pepsi) and I always feel in the 'way'.

      I usually have to wait around ten minutes for my veggie burger (I always have to have it because it's so delicious!) which is annoying on a Saturday night as I feel in the way.

      My veggie burger is always delicious; it's quite a large portion. I always have it with lettuce and mayonaise (you can have it with tomato and onions too, as well as other sauces e.g ketchup). The fries are always nice and crunchy and always hot; just as nice as McDonalds. You can have salt and vinegar on them which make them a bit different (if you have vinegar on them!)

      Service is usually good. The staff are friendly and like to joke too which is funny.

      My usual meal costs £4.50 which is quite good value for money; obviously it would cost a bit less at McDonalds, however, the portions here are quite large and really fill you up.

      As well as chicken, they also do kebabs and pizzas.

      ~ * Extra Points * ~

      I also go here in the day; it is usually very quite in the day. You can quite often be the only one in there.

      In the day you can eat in or take out, however on a Saturday night they take the chairs out (they used to be there on a Saturday night, although I guess it's because they get a lot of drunks in there who won't leave?) and so it's take away only. Although, to be honest I don't really like sitting in there anyway because in the day it's usually quiet and a lot of people are passing the big large windows, and on a Saturday night, it is so busy that I hate eating where everyone can see you and is looking at you while they order their food.

      The place always looks very clean and tidy!

      There are no toilets in the place.

      They have regular offers and meal deals (info in store).

      If you like fast food then I would definetely recommend this place!

      For more information check out their website at : http://friedchickenexpress.co.uk/en/menu

      Thanks for reading!
      August 2011


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