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Glaslyn Ices and Glandwr Cafe (Beddgelert)

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3 Reviews

Address: Beddgelert / Snowdonia / LL55 4YB / North Wales

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    3 Reviews
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      04.07.2010 23:56
      Very helpful



      Definitely worth a stop, even if just for an ice cream

      This review is of Glaslyn Ices, an ice cream shop in the lovely Welsh town of Beddgelert. There is a shop which just sells ice creams, and also a larger cafe which is next door.

      My first impressions of the establishment were good, there was a fast moving queue for the ice cream shop and everything looked tidy and clean. We went to Glaslyn because we heard it had a good reputation, and it was easy to find, as the town is quite small, but there is a good amount of parking nearby.

      The menu of the various ice creams is on the outside of the shop, and there is a wide range of ice creams to choose from. I can only remember a few of the different flavours, but they included blackberry, cherry, vanilla, raspberry pavlova, ferrero rocher, amaretto, and many others besides. The selection that they have changes regularly, so you might well find some new choices available.

      You can choose whether you have your ice cream in a cornet, a double cornet or a chocolate covered cornet, and the pricing is all very clear. Prices are around 2 pounds, and you can choose to have two different flavours if you wish.

      The staff were helpful and polite in the ice cream cafe section, and they must sell thousands of ice creams in the summer as all the time that I was there, there was a long queue out of the door. However the queue was fast moving and no-one when I was there seemed to be waiting for very long.

      The experience was so good that we also stopped on a later occasion in the cafe next door, and was very impressed again at the quality. They seem to try to make most things in-house, and that is reflected in the quality of the product, in my case, trying their pizzas, which are home made and of a good quality.

      I noticed on the menu that they also served fish and chips, steak, baguettes, chicken and similar meals. If you go in the morning, you are able to order breakfast, which I didn't try, but from my experiences of the rest of their products, I'm sure was of a good quality.

      Price-wise, they're not necessarily the cheapest, but it wasn't really that expensive either given that they had a good location in a tourist village, and given the quality of the product that they were selling. A main meal or pizza was around ten pounds, although cheaper options were available.

      There was also a children's menu, and the restaurant is family friendly, with children seemingly very welcome. The restaurant was also suitable for the disabled and there is also a baby changing area in the toilets as well. The toilets, as with the rest of the restaurant, were clean and well looked after.

      Overall, I'd definitely recommend Glaslyn Ices. A friendly service, at a very reasonable price, with a good quality product. If you are nearby to Beddgelert, definitely at least try one of their ice creams, a fantastic range of flavours and delicious! We stopped here after climbing Snowdon, which is just three miles away (and very visible from the town) and it was a well deserved treat after all our efforts!



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      02.06.2009 15:23
      Very helpful



      Well worth a visit if you are in the area

      I have just read a review by 'I am Joy' about the Glandwr Café and Glaslyn Ices in Beddgelert and, since it is one of favourite haunts in the summer, I thought I would tell you of our experiences there. We were there only recently when we travelled on the newly extended Welsh Highland railway from Caernarvon to Beddgelert. I have already written review of Beddgelert and the Welsh Highland Railway in case you want any further information.

      Where is it?

      Beddgelert is located in Gwynedd, North Wales. It is just off the A498 slightly north east of where that road meets the A4085. The postcodes begin LL55 if you want to put that into your satellite navigation system.

      It is set on the banks of the River Glaslyn which then continues down the Aberglaslyn Pass to join the sea at Porthmadog.

      Caernarvon is 13 miles from Beddgelert, Porthmadog is 8 miles and Betws-y-Coed is 18 miles away.

      Beddgelert can be reached by car, public transport or the newly opened Welsh Highland Railway.

      Beddgelert itself is a small village and the Glandwr Café and Glaslyn Ices is right in the centre.

      The Glandwr Café and Glaslyn Ices

      Effectively to the public the café and the ice cream shop are in two separate adjoining premises but these are joined in the food preparation area as the sundaes made with the ice cream are also available in the café.

      Bothe café and the ice cream shop are open from about March until September each year.

      Glandwr Cafe

      Whenever we visit Beddgelert we always head to this café for lunch. The food is excellent, it is always freshly prepared and the prices are reasonable. For those of you who like to know about these things the toilets are always lovely and clean too! The whole place including the toilets is accessible to the disabled.

      There is a small car park at the front of the café and another (paying) one just up the road. There is seating inside the café, at the front by the car park and at the back in a little garden. There is also a small seating area to the side of the café where there are easy chairs and newspapers so you can enjoy a coffee while you just chill.

      They do a wide range of pizzas all available in three different sizes and they have three circles of cardboard pinned up on the wall so that you can see what each different size would look like. They also do jacket potatoes, salads, baps with chicken, bacon etc., sandwiches, baguettes, and full meals as well as a wide range of hot and cold drinks.

      Dave usually has one of the pizzas and he really enjoys it, but my favourite has to be the bacon bap. I love my bacon well done and, in most cafes, although I ask for it to be well done I rarely get this. Here at the Glandwr they know how to cook bacon properly and I love it!

      We always have a pot of tea with our meal and there is always plenty for at least two full cups each. They do a range of cakes and sweets which all look very nice but with the ice cream shop just next door I have never tried the cakes! As I said earlier there is a range of ice cream sundaes available in the café made using the ice cream from Glaslyn Ices but I like to actually visit the shop and choose my flavour(s) there.

      Glaslyn Ices

      Here they sell an amazing range of ice creams and sorbets all made fresh on the premises.

      They usually have about 20 different ice creams available and about 6 sorbets. These are laid out in trays in the refrigerated counter, behind glass of course, so that you can look at them all and choose your flavours for the day's indulgence.

      The flavours change regularly and whilst there is a nucleus of flavours always available - vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, fudge, mint, rum and raisin and more. There are also some 'different' flavours such as bubblegum, Raspberry Pavlova, Ferrero Rocher, Mango, Strawberries and Cointreau and Wild Cherry to name but a few.

      The sorbets are usually lemon, raspberry, mango, melon and ginger and sometimes there is grapefruit or even pink grapefruit. I did ask once about the pink grapefruit and why it wasn't on sale very often and I was told that it is very difficult to make, but when it is there I can recommend it - it is wonderful!

      If there isn't any grapefruit sorbet I usually have a double waffle cone with a scoop of honeycomb crunch and one of caramel fudge - ooh heaven!

      You can have your ice cream in a standard cone, a waffle cone or in a tub with a spoon. The cones come in various sizes so that you can have up to four flavours at a time.

      I'm afraid that I can't remember the price of the ice creams but they are certainly not expensive for what they are. You can even purchase ice cream in special large insulated tubs for you to take home. I have always resisted the temptation to this - so far!

      Just to prove how good it all is there are framed certificates all round the shop showing the prizes that the ice creams and sorbets have won and every one is very much deserved I can tell you.

      I think everyone who has come to stay with us since we moved to Llandudno has been here at least once and everyone has thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We have been three times so far this year and expect to go a few more times before they close for the winter.

      If you want a bit more information they also have a website at http://www.glaslynices.co.uk/


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        01.06.2009 23:08
        Very helpful



        An excellent ice cream parlour, just remember you don't need to queue!

        During our trip to North Wales over Easter, my sister and I found the beautiful little village of Beddgelert which is nestled in the heart of the Snowdonia National Park. After an hour or so wandering around the village we spotted a crowd of people outside a shop and decided to have a look to see what all the excitement was about; I won't beat about the bush, it was a glorious looking ice cream shop which we hadn't noticed as we walked around the village. Of course, on that unseasonably warm April afternoon an ice cream was just called for as we sat next to the babbling river which runs through Beddgelert and watched the world go by.

        The first thing you'll need to know about Glaslyn Ices is the fact that they do not operate a queuing system, in much the same way as you'd be served in a pub you need to edge your way to the front and make it obvious that you know what you want in order for one of the flustered members of staff to serve you. I found this a little strange if I'm honest as neither myself nor my sister are terribly forceful people so we ended up missing our turn several times until a lovely young lad who was serving spotted us standing around like lemons!

        Glaslyn Ices sell at least forty different ice cream and sorbet flavours, I was lucky enough to try two flavours as I ate mine and then my sister's grandson decided he didn't want his so I finished that one off too! All of the different flavours are beautifully displayed in a specially constructed glass chiller counter, each has a label telling you what the ice cream is going to taste of and the labelling is all done very clearly so that even the easiest confused person (me!) can pick out a flavour to enjoy in the sunshine.

        You also have a choice of cones; standard wafer cones, sugar cones, cones dipped in chocolate and even more cones that my poor old brain can't remember! Then, once you've decided on your ice cream and cone you then have to come to a decision about what topping you want - oh dear, the choices in here really are endless! After much deliberation I went for a wonderful Chocolate and Ginger ice cream in a sugar cone with chocolate sauce, and doesn't that sound like one of the unhealthiest treats ever? Without going into too much detail, it was fabulous. Rich chocolate ice cream with pieces of crystallised ginger, giving a strange but wonderful heat to the ice cream.

        Other weird and wonderful flavours included Ferrero Rocher, Coffee, Amaretto, Bubblegum (which my sister's younger grandson had and loved), Hazelnut and then the more standard flavours such as strawberry and vanilla. My sister had a double cone concoction of Strawberry Cheesecake and Blackcurrant, it looked divine and she ate every single drip of the vividly coloured ice cream - my only complaint in life is that my sister is a hearty pig and weighs eight stones soaking wet whereas my ice creams probably put a stone on my already crowded frame!

        It's certainly a very popular place in Beddgelert. A standard ice cream costs around £1.80 and prices rise depending on what cone you choose and also if you opt for extra toppings. I personally thought the prices were reasonable considering the beautiful surroundings, Glaslyn Ices is incorporated into Glandwr Cafe which specialises in fresh home cooked food and you can follow this with one of the delicious ice creams from Glaslyn for a fully inclusive treat. Unfortunately we didn't get time to eat in the cafe but a gentleman I was talking to at the riverside said it's a very popular establishment and is renowned for it's good food and nice atmosphere.


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        Dairy ice-cream and fruit sorbets made on the premises.

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