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Golden Harvest (Huthwaite)

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Address: 22 Main Street / Huthwaite / Sutton-in-Ashfield / Nottinghamshire / NG17 2QW

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    1 Review
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      08.04.2013 13:03
      Very helpful



      Avoid like food poisoning.

      A few years ago this was a lovely place to go, I really enjoyed their noodle dishes but then I stopped going as money got tighter and since this isn't my nearest chinese food outlet, I started walking rather than driving to save fuel, and stopped going for a while as it was out of walking distance. A few months ago I started coming back, only to get food poisoning. Had I known a friend of mine had also got food poisoning from this place recently, I wouldn't have gone. Clearly it wasn't just my dish on that one occasion, and instead it must be affecting others too.

      Their prices are about average for a chinese take away, I think their rice dishes are slightly higher than what I'd expect, especially their King Prawn rice and Egg fried rice but everything else seems to be about right. Their chow mein dishes are actually cheaper than what I'd expect, because you do get a lot more meat than other chinese food outlets, especially as they pack out the plastic tubs with food, no air is allowed to sit around the top.

      Onto the building itself then, and straight away some good points here, inside theres plenty of room in the waiting area and up at the counter you can pay for your food and see what's going on in the kitchen at the same time. The layout is simple where customers have a rectangle of the store to use, and in the corner they have plenty of space to sit down. It never gets cramped or crowded, even with lots of people so clearly their premises is big enough for the customers.

      I was violently ill after eating their food, which I have to say was lovely, although I seriously doubt it's any good for you. The taste is excellent, the meat has full flavour and the noodle sauce isn't watered down. The vegetables have been cooked just right and don't fall apart when you pick them up. But i was sick for days, the bacteria cannot be seen so while you are enjoying this lovely meal, you're becoming a breeding ground for billions of micro organisms. It is sad to think that you're not going to enjoy a lovely meal because of this, and it's a shame because it's one of few chinese places near me that does some good quality noodles, but I will never return sadly. I tried going a second time a couple months later to see if they had sorted it out, but no, I got hit by it again, so i'm never going back.

      I'm sorry but I don't care how nice the food is, if you get food poisoning every single time you eat here then that doesn't make up for it. I love the food, but it's crawling with bacteria. Once is a problem, twice and another time for a friend of mine means something is wrong. Employees not washing hands, or just bad food hygiene in general, I don't know, it's pretty disgusting.

      Yes the Menu is nice, yes its a lovely place to go on a saturday night out, yes it does sell some reasonably priced food but if you get violently ill and have to take time off work every time you eat here then I'm sorry but that's not good enough! I can only award 1 star, but I have tried to make this review as fair as possible with plenty of positive things to add, rather than just rant about me being sick.


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