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Golden Sea (Weston Super Mare)

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Address: 58a Severn Rd / Weston-super-Mare / BS23 1DT

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    1 Review
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      31.07.2010 15:13
      Very helpful



      Great food, hot and usually not greasy!

      When it comes to Chinese take aways in Weston Super Mare a thing that struck me was how many of them are not only Chinese take aways but regular chip shops too! I will admit I was a bit wary of Chinese places doing conventional chippy style food at first but one night I decided to take the plunge and since that first time of getting a take away from here have had rather too many of late!

      The Take Away Itself:

      This place is basically a glass fronted shop. Hot plates to the front, small kitchen behind and enough room for one or two people to serve and thats it. Chip shop meals are ready already and are continuously being topped up but for Chinese meals it takes a few minutes usually.

      This place is clean, cheap and incredibly cheerful. Its always really busy so you do need to sometimes be prepared to queue though they are fast at serving here!

      On the menu (which you can get a paper one) and its all written on boards is a full Chinese menu as well as chip shop food, and its really comprehensive.

      So lets start with the Chinese side of things shall we? There are no starters or appetisers on the menu but plenty of main meals, rices and a few vegetable side dishes and of course like any good Chinese they do sell Banana and pineapple fritters (£1.60 each).

      On the list there are a few chef special dishes all costing £4.95. These are special rice, special chow mein and a couple of other meals. Then you get a selection of roast duck dishes, chicken, beef, roast pork, spare ribs, lamb dishes, curry, sweet and sour, king prawn, satay, chop suey, fried rice, chow meins, egg foo yungs and vegetarian dishes and most of these come with boiled rice or chips or for an extra 30p you can upgrade to fried rice if preferred and there are a few set meal options too.

      There are lots of options of meals on here of course and menu wise, this is a standard sort of Chinese menu. I have asked for variations on meals from here too (I don't like pineapple in things) and they're more than happy to oblige with requests if and where they can. Roast duck in plum sauce with boiled rice or chips is £5.50, Chicken with mushrooms and boiled rice and chips is £4.50, Beef with bamboo shoots and boiled rice or chips is £4.50, BBQ spare ribs (no rice or chips) is £4.80, special curry and boiled rice or chips is £4.60, sweet and sour anything with boiled rice or chips is around £4.70ish and so on. All the meals are come in large containers and cooked to order and I've had a king prawn chow mein from here (£4.90), special foo yung and I upgraded to the fried rice option and it cost £4.90 and I've had lamb satay with boiled rice that cost £4.70 and all were delicious. The prawn crackers for £1.00 a bag are plentiful, crispy and do taste of prawns and all round the food is really yummy and not one bit greasy. On the Chinese list there are omelette meals to choose from as well which include chips and at most for one of them meals (6 to choose from including 2 vegetarian options) will set you back at most £4.60.

      The chippy side of things is again all the usual things. Small chips cost £1.20 a bag, the larger size £1.70. Cod is £2.80 a portion a fish cake 95p and then you get a selection of sausages including battered (but no saveloy!) and a selection of pies and Cornish pasties costing around £1.50 each. The chippy menu isn't that extensive but don't forget you can mix and match off the two menus! The only thing I miss is a choice of fishes and mushy peas but the cod is excellent!

      All in all this is a great Chinese chippy. There is ample parking and shops nearby and service is reasonably fast. Also this place is open Tues to Sat lunchtimes, 12-2pm (though not lunchtimes Sun and Mon) and then Mon to Sat open evenings/nighttimes 5.30-11pm. and not only is cash excepted but debit and credit cards too!


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