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Hawksmoor Restaurant (London)

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Address: 157 Commercial Street / London / E1 6BJ / United Kingdom / Tel: 020 7247 7392

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    1 Review
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      09.06.2010 15:16
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      An amazing steak restaurant - the best ever!

      Firstly I must apologise to the Vegetarians, this restaurant is not for you. There are only a couple of things on the menu that you would be able to eat. But if you are a meat eater, a primarily a steak lover, then carry on reading - this is the perfect place for you....

      Located in E1 near Spitalfields Market, you could be forgiven for walking past this restaurant without ever know it is there. Nothing about the exterior screams "restaurant" but they this place is always so popular that it does not need to rely on passing trade.

      The meat here is ethically sourced from the way the cows are reared even to the slaughtering process. Never a nice thought when discussing your food, but I think it is nice to know that the animals have had a happy life and not been maltreated, nor stressed prior to slaughter. The restaurant claim that all these factors help improve the taste, and I can't argue with them. It was easily the best steak I have ever eaten.

      The way the menu works is that you firstly pick your cut of steak, then select the size that your group would like to share. I am not an expert on cuts of meat, so the waitress was more than happy to explain what each one was, and didn't make us feel silly for asking. My partner and I went for 800g of Porterhouse, which was served in a dish sliced into mini steaks for us. We also had some chips to share, some mushrooms and he had some bone marrow (which he informs me was very tasty, but I didn't like the thought of it).

      All the food was absolutely amazing, served piping hot and clearly freshly cooked for each order. But the steak was out of this world amazing. Each mouthful melted to perfection and barely required chewing. It was succulent and tender, and full of flavour. You could easily eat it with no side dishes, and no sauces. Although homemade ketchup (delicious) was provided in cute little bottles. Steaks cost between £6-12 pre 100g and side dishes are about £4 each.

      Puddings are wonderfully traditional, with us opting for a trifle and a sticky toffee pudding. Both truly delicious and wonderful end to an incredibly tasty meal. Puddings cost about £6 each.

      The drinks menu is extensive and expensive! Wines start at £20 and go up... and up. But I'm sure there are plenty of people who frequent this restaurant who would think nothing of spending £100 plus on a bottle of wine.

      After our meal we decided to sit in the bar for a couple of cocktails to let our food settle before we heading back to the train station. The cocktails are not your run of the mill mojitos, but are much more inspiring (although they will make you any cocktail your heart desires). We decided to share "The Zombie" a lethal combination of spirits so strong that they are only allowed to serve one per person. It was certainly blow your head off strong, but a fun thing to try.

      The staff here are very friendly, and are clearly well looked after by the management. There is no uniform and they are all knowledgeable and get along, and it is reflected in their attitudes towards customers. A real breath of fresh air from many restaurants where the staff clearly would rather be anywhere else.

      I couldn't fault this restaurant on anything. yes it is expensive, but you get what you pay for here, and if you are looking for a tasty steak, no frills, just done to perfection, then this is the place to go, there is no doubt in my mind.


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