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Enjoy two meals for price of one

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    2 Reviews
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      28.02.2011 18:17



      There are many exclusions on using the card for weekend dining, but these are shown by symbols in the Hi-Life directory.However lunchtime use of the card is also often excluded and this is not clearly shown. There is a symbol in the directory for restaurants where the card may be used at lunchtime, otherwise it may not.This is inconsistent system of symbols - which could draw one to a restaurant on the basis of misunderstanding.


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      11.09.2007 13:20
      Very helpful



      A great way to save money for mid week diners and couples on a budget.

      As a young couple just getting into the commitment area that is life i.e House, Wedding etc life's little treats we becoming few and far between, that is until I came across an offer on a discount website promoting the Hi-Life Diners Club.

      The Hi-Life Diners club is a great opportunity for those that dine out reguarly and features high class restaurants including Est, Est, Est, The Fat Cat, The Slug and Lettuce, Brewers Fayres, Nandos, The Living Room, Tiger Tiger and many many more.

      I mentioned the offer to my partner who initially thought it to be a good idea but it was forgotten about until I picked up a leaflet several weeks ago from a local brewers fayre, we both also checked out the Hi-life website which listed a great deal of the restaurants.

      I decided to contact the call centre to obtain my membership as I had the leaflet from the Brewers Fayre restaurant this gave me £10 off the annual cost totalling £49.95.

      I called 01253 608910 and I was transferred through to a customer services representative who took my details and set me up with a membership. I arrange to pay by direct debit which worked out at £12.50 per month.
      I confirmed that I wanted the membership for the North West Directory which contains over 1000 restaurants throughout the North West.

      Just two days later I received my rather chunky directory along with my personalised membership card.

      *~*How Does It Work*~*

      Once I received the membership directory and card I set about seeing if this really was worth the money, I noticed that there was a key under each restaurant which basically told you if any days were excluded from the offer or specific periods of the year.
      All orders are to be made from the A La Carte Menu.
      A place setting illustrates the maximum number of courses that will be complimentary this ranges from 1-3 and the majority offer 3 courses complimentary.
      A pound sign illustrates roughly how expensive a meal will be ranging from 1-3 £ signs.
      A telephone symbol indicates that you must call to make a reservation mentioning that you have a hi-life card.
      If there is a cross over any of the symbols such as Fri, Sat or Sun this means that you cannot use the card on this day.
      Sometimes the offers are excluded on bank holidays and christmas but of course this is what you would expect from an offer like this restaurants will generally fill at these times so they will try to get as many full paying customers as possible!

      Once you have selected a restaurant listed in the directory you just call to make your reservation confirming that you have a hi-life card.
      This generally provides you with 3 courses complimentary or a 50% discount off the total bill, this is stated in the directory.

      Provided that the restaurant is not full your reservation will be made and confirmed on the telephone. All the restaurant contact numbers are published in the directory and on their website and Hi-life do ask that you use these numbers to provide them with feedback on the restaurants that are used quite frequently with the card.

      The rest is Child's Play simply turn up at the restaurant and order your meal as you would normally and enjoy! When your receive your bill you will need to present your Hi-Life card along with your debit card to benefit from the discount.
      The card contains a barcode unique to your membership to ensure that the restaurant see that it is still valid and to verify that you are the account holder.

      On the reverse of the card is what looks like a table of numbers, each number on the card relates to a restaurant and if the restaurant decide to scratch their number from the reverse this means that you cannot benefit from the offer a second time, however this has only happened to me at one restaurant the remainder that I have visited so far have not crossed it off allowing me to benefit from the offer again.

      Hi-life currently has over 100,000 members and it is constantly growing so it goes to show that this is definately worth-while.

      I have benefitted from at least £20.00 of each bill and their is no restriction to the amount of restaurants visited per month so you really can take advantage of this offer.

      There are absolutely no complaints from my side about this scheme it genuinely offers great value for money and I have not been disappointed so far. All the restaurants are of a 3* standard minimum and the staff treat you no differently to full paying customers despite what you may read.

      I have since purchased a card as a gift for my partners mother and she is enjoying the benefits too and finds it saves quite a bit as a regular diner and what's more as I recommended her I get a reduced price renewal.
      I do plan to renew my membership next year but I still have 10 months left so it will come in ideal for treating my partner for his birthday next year at our favourite restaurant Moules A Go Go in Chester.


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