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Jade Garden (Milton Keynes)

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3 Wadesmill Lane / Walnut Tree / Milton Keynes / Buckinghamshire / MK7 7ED

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    1 Review
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      24.09.2007 13:47
      Very helpful



      Lots of nice food

      It's not very often that I review a nice restaurant or takeaway, but remembering my time in Milton Keynes I thought I should mention this nice little place..

      Jade Garden is listed here on dooyoo as a restaurant but it is in fact a takeaway, it is listed as a restaurant as that is how it comes up in all the search patterns for this one.
      I first discovered this nice little Chinese takeaway when I first moved to Walnut Tree three years ago now and have frequented it often.
      This is quite a small takeaway tucked around the corner by the local shop, from looking at it outside you wouldn't think too much of it as it badly needs a paintjob outside, but as you go inside it is very clean, almost spotless in fact which is very good for any sort of takeaway.
      It has wooden seats situated around the waiting area with ample leg room so you can have a good old stretch while waiting for your food.
      This has been decorated inside quite well and has a big fish tank inside, so if you are bored just have a look at the different types of fish swimming around inside.

      Coming to the food..

      The menus can either be taken from the ledge from a wooden holder or you can have a look at the menu from the laminated one at the main ordering area.
      When you have a look at the menu it has 193 different dishes to choose from,.

      The starters include :

      Crab meat and sweet corn soup, deep fried crispy seaweed, sweet and sour deep fried wun tun, barbequed spare rib, seasame prawn on toast, spring roll, curry pastry, and a special platter for two people.
      These starters are very reasonable ranging from £1.30 - £6.60 for the special platter that includes a bit of everything and is certainly worth it for two of you.

      The main courses are either chicken, beef, Fish and King prawn, Chop Suey, Chow Mein, Duck, Curry, Foo Yung, Satay, Vegetarian, Special dishes, and English dishes..

      I shall take you through some of each group..

      Duck dishes :
      Quarter or half or roast crispy duck with pancakes, salad, and hoi sin sauce..
      Orange duck with orange sauce..
      Roast duck Chinese style..
      Roast duck with cashew nut..
      Kung po duck (fairly hot and spicy)

      All of these duck dishes are very tender and taste wonderful, there is very little fat which is rather unusual for duck dishes, and it all depends on what you order for the stronger flavour. For example the orange duck.. The orange sauce does not overpower the taste of the duck and is quite fitting to this dish.
      The crispy duck which is my favourite comes on the bone with great flavour and falls off the bone when you are taking off the meat.

      Prices range from 5.20 for normal duck dishes such as the orange duck, roast duck and £12.80 for half a crispy duck.

      Chicken dishes :
      Chicken Chinese style..
      Chicken in chilli sauce..
      Lemon chicken..
      Kung po chicken..
      Orange chicken..
      Chicken with cashew nut..
      Sweet and sour chicken in batter..

      The chicken is all breast of chicken, very tender meat and these different styles go well with the chicken. The courses can be sweet, sour, hot and spicy,
      The ingredients are very well mixed with the meat so it does not overpower the taste of the chicken. With some of the sweet and sour dishes there is also a pot of sauce for you to add to the taste if you wish.
      The Lemon and orange sauce also comes separate so you can put as little or as much as you like with your dish so you do not spoil it.

      Prices are all at £4.10 for the chicken dishes.

      Beef dishes :
      Fried beef in black bean sauce..
      Fried beef with cashew nut..
      Kung po beef..
      Fillet steak with ginger and spring onion..
      Fried beef with ginger and pineapple..
      Fried beef in oyster sauce..

      The beef is very tender, well cooked and always has a great taste even without a lot of flavour, this is all top side beef.
      The flavourings are best with a spicier side to these beef dishes and brings out a lot more taste. Dishes like Fried beef in Chilli sauce are marvellous with that tang it gives out on the first bite !!
      The cashew nut dishes are also my favourite as they seem to go with anything, although this dish is simple it also has some extra flavour of some spices to give it that bit more.

      Prices are £4.10 for most of these.

      Pork Dishes :
      Fried pork in black bean sauce..
      Fried pork with ginger and spring onion..
      Fried pork in oyster sauce..
      Sweet and sour pork in batter..

      I cannot comment on most of these ones as I am not a lover of pork, they do sound very similar to the beef dishes with the same flavourings.
      I have had the sweet and sour pork in batter though and these were quite nice with the sauce added.

      Prices are £4.10 for all of these dishes.

      Fish and King Prawn dishes:
      Sweet and sour fish..
      Lemon fish with lemon sauce..
      King prawn with cashew nut..
      Kung po prawn..
      Sweet and sour king prawn Hong Kong style..
      Sweet and sour King prawn in batter..

      The fish dishes contain hardly any bones from the fish, are full of flavour with that extra taste of pepper, onion, carrot, and bamboo shoot added.
      The Prawn dishes contain lots of strong flavours with the Kung po being quite hot and spicy, also the Hong Kong one. The sweet and sour I find the best as you can add the sauce to make it your own flavouring.

      Prices are £4.60 for all of these dishes.

      Chop Suey dishes:
      Special chop suey..
      Chicken chop suey..
      Beef chop suey..
      King prawn chop suey..

      These are basically with beansprouts, beans, carrots, and bamboo shoots added with the main choice of dish. Quite tasty but not what I would call a full flavour.

      Prices are £3.60 for these dishes.

      The chow mein are roughly the same ingredients as chop suey and the same price so I shall not go into these …

      Foo Yung dishes contain eggs, beans, carrots, onions, bamboo shoots, and beansprouts.
      The main meats with these are chicken, pork, shrimp and mushroom.

      These are £3.60 each

      The satay dishes are :
      Satay chicken..
      Satay Beef..
      Satay King Prawn..

      The ingredients to these are mainly pepper and onion with different spices all depending on the meat.

      The cost is £4.10 for meat and £4.60 for King Prawn.

      Curry dishes:

      Chicken curry..
      Beef curry..
      King Prawn curry..
      Shrimp curry..
      Special curry..

      All of these are mixed with onions and beans, you can have them as hot or as mild as you like. They are normally quite mild and have a nice hot taste to them.

      £3.30 each.

      There are rice dishes to choose from and normally at £3.30
      Special fried rice
      Chicken fried rice
      Beef fried rice
      Shrimp fried rice

      There is also a good selection of vegetarian dishes as well as vegetarian meat substitute dishes..
      The substitute dishes are the same courses as the main meat dishes but are just made the vegetarian way such as Vegetarian beef in chilli sauce. I think this is made from Quarn but not sure as there is not a lot of info about it.

      The English dishes are :
      Fillet steak..
      Serloin steak..
      Roast chicken (half)
      Chicken omlette..
      King Prawn omlette..

      All of these are around the £4.50 mark

      Last but not least are the special dishes..
      Deep fried mantou (Chinese buns)
      Deep fried crab claws
      Spare rib with garlic salt
      Onion ring

      This is just a small selection from this very nice and affordable menu..

      When ordering the staff are very polite, you can call on the phone or just turn up.
      No matter what you order this only takes 10 minutes. No matter how busy they are they will always cook very fast and the food is always piping hot.
      I would recommend going here as I have had some great food in the past and found the staff to be very friendly and efficient.

      Jade garden
      3 Wadesmill Lane
      Wallnut Tree
      Milton Keynes
      01908 230095

      I hope you have enjoyed this and it's not made you too hungry………


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