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Jasmine Court Chinese Restaurant (Rugby)

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2 Reviews

Address: 239 Lower Hillmorton Road / Rugby / Warwickshire / CV21 4AA / England

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    2 Reviews
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      21.07.2009 00:21



      Sounded really welcoming on the phone and started well when we got there, given menus whilst we waited for our friends and offered drinks which came very quickly. The issues were when we went to our table. Great food at a really good price but SHOCKING service. Really grumpy waitress who made everything seem like an effort for her. Asked my friend to take her baby outside when he was crying (really softly) in a really rude way. Clearly NOT family friendly as advertised. Wouldn't go again if you paid me. Go to the River Avon instead.


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      07.04.2009 14:18
      Very helpful



      Good quality at very affordable prices

      The Jasmine Court Chinese restaurant in Rugby is situated on the Hill Morton road, which is one of the main roads through Rugby; it is next to the parade of shops and next to The Jolly Abbott public house.

      From outside the restaurant it is very attractive with wooden fascias and some lovely lighting, so even from outside you will find this restaurant very inviting.

      It's a family run business, and I think you get this feeling as soon as you walk in the door, upon walking into the reception area, it comes across to me like a hallway, it sort of reminds me of my Nan's house... it has a comfy sofa and coffee table, and a fish tank etc, and you are always welcomed by one of their staff, normally the owner Bruce, is the one to welcome you, and he is a very likeable character, he is very friendly and can not do enough for you.

      The restaurant is what I would call a traditional sort of design, mahogany tables and red and green sort of colours, with some Chinese art work and bits and bobs, but very clean and the smell coming from the kitchen is intoxicating, I can feel my mouth drooling now.

      The jasmine court restaurant has a quite good reputation for its cheap but good quality eat all you can buffet, its 15.95-22.00 per head dependant on group size, menu etc. and its seems a favourite amongst Rugby locals.

      I visited there not long ago for a hen party and we paid 15.95, I think this was probably due to the size of our party, but I have spoken to a friend who goes their regular and she pays 21.95 a head, but gets a bottle of wine thrown in for that.

      The menu boasts over 100 choices for you to decide upon and to try, there were 12 of us, so we just ordered loads and each tried a bit of everything. The staff were very efficient and within 10 minutes they had taken our coats, brought our drinks and took our orders for the starters.

      The starters we chose were gorgeous; they were out at our table with 10-15 minutes, all steaming hot and fresh. We had numerous dishes including won tons, duck, lemon chicken, seaweed, mini pancake rolls, mushrooms, soup, prawn toast and many more. Everything was beautiful and very well presented also, my favourites were defiantly the won tons, which came with a lovely sauce, it was some kind of a fruit sauce, and I think it may have been apricot but whatever it was it was delicious.

      After the starters, the staff asked us if we wanted anymore or if they were clear to clear our plates, we advised them it was ok to clear, they then instead of rushing us asked us when we would prefer to have our mains, which I thought was nice, as it gave some us a chance to let our starters go down, especially myself that had gone a bit overboard (needed to get my second wind) and also the smokers of the group needed a nicotine injection between courses.

      The staff came back over about 15 mins later and we ordered our mains, which again came out in next to no time, all again steaming and beautifully presented. Again we had a varied amount of dishes but by far our favourite within the group was the shredded chilli beef which was absolutely fantastic, we actually ordered another four helping of it, as everyone was scoffing it down. The meat you could tell was good quality and it literally melted in your mouth, the best thing for me is that I'm not really good when food is too spicy or hot, but they seemed to get the absolute perfect balance of flavours and there were no complaints from anyone about its being too spicy or not spicy enough.

      The duck was gorgeous too, and I did manage to persuade a couple of them down my throat too...haha.

      The only thing that we did not like which is funny to say really was the chips.... They basically looked like chips but did not seem to have any potato in them, but if we had wanted chips that badly we should have gone to the chippy like I told the girls.

      The staff again were brilliant and they kept asking us if everything was ok and if we needed more drinks etc etc, we did not have to ask for anything at all the whole night, as they were very efficient and also very helpful when it came to explaining the menu choices.

      When it came t dessert, everyone was too full (even me!!) so we opted for an Irish coffee (I know not very Chinese) they brought us all one out and gave us a big plate full of bendicts mint chocolates, which went down very nicely.

      I would recommend this restaurant to everyone, even families. It's a great restaurant with a lovely atmosphere, great staff and gorgeous food.

      Additional info that may help;

      Ample parking
      Disabled entrance
      Opened every night from 1800-2300

      ***Also as a matter of interest to some of you, is that if you were wanting to make a night of it, then on a Friday night in the pub next door (The jolly Abbott) they have some great themed nights, discos, live bands etc, and the drinks are dirt cheap and there is a great crowd***


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