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Donut Shop

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    38 Reviews
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      20.10.2013 18:31
      Very helpful



      Tasty fresh donuts that make a great treat

      I've always been a bit non-plussed when it came to donuts. I remember the halcyon days of when MacDonald's used to offer a rather nice cappuccino/coffee flavoured donut. And who could ever forget the excitement of when supermarkets such as Morrisons started putting all sorts of flavoured jams into their store fresh goodies. These were great as a treat if someone brought them home, or in the case of Macdonald's you really didn't have many other pudding options, but I always knew they were never my preferred treat. However, a few months ago that started to change...

      As in many other areas of the UK, Leeds has only relatively recently secured its own branch of Krispy Kreme, and on the first visit I really wasn't expecting much. Even approaching the shop, you can smell a distinct sugary smell - very sweet and inviting. I'm guessing it's the same with most branches, but when you walk in the shop has an American diner feel to it, and people can either go in to pick up donuts to take away, or sit and indulge themselves along with a drink. Ours even has a drive through. The back wall of the main shop area is see-through so as you queue you can see the machine producing the donuts, and hundreds slowly float past you up the conveyor belt.

      They serve a wide range of donut flavours and types with something to suit most tastes. Some are ring donuts with a glaze or icing of some sort, whilst others are filled donuts - and all are made to look appetising. I have a few favourites at the moment. One is the caramel iced, a ring donut with a gorgeous caramel flavour icing on top. The donuts themselves are light and fluffy, unlike a lot of others which can be quite stodgy or sickly, and the icing on top just makes them taste wonderful. I also love a strawberry gloss - a ring donut with bright pink sticky strawberry topping that resembles lip gloss - and an apple pie which is a donut filled with apple, and dusted with a lattice of cinnamon on top. I must admit I can't really recommend the sticky toffee cake. After being tempted today, I was very surprised that the lovely donut was actually replaced with a donut shaped cake affair, which was actually quite dry. The topping was a toffee buttercream with a swirl of toffee source and toffee pieces, but it was too sickly and heavy - not what I've come to expect from a Krispy Kreme so not for me!

      They do seem to keep some flavours as permanent fixtures, whilst others are temporary or seasonal. At the moment they are serving Krispy Screams - one is the pumpkin which has a chocolate filling and is iced with a bright orange flavour and colour icing to look like a pumpkin. They are also serving the Spiderweb, filled with Kreme and covered in chocolate and with a white spiderweb iced on.
      This is by no means a cheap place to visit - and in full support of the obesity crisis, it is much better value to buy your donuts by the dozen (or so we learned this afternoon). You can buy them individually or in any quantity that you like. Individually the donuts are around £1.40- £1.80 each depending on the type that you buy. You appear to get a small reduction if you buy three, we were today told it would be around £8.50 if we bought six, depending on type, or you can buy a full dozen of your own choosing for £10.95. You can also buy cheaper dozens if you take their selection which will probably include a fair few plain ones. You can also buy hot and cold drinks, and even Krispy Kreme souvenirs.

      Overall, these are the only donuts that invoke a yearning in me, which must mean I like them very much. I could only ever see myself ordering half of the flavours they offer, but the half I do want are enough to keep me going back!


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        13.09.2012 16:12
        1 Comment



        A delicious treat to have once in a while

        My husband introduced me to these babies! Big mistake! I can't get enough of them, there are so many different flavours that I can never get bored. Don't get me wrong, I'm not stuffing myself with delicious doughnuts every day. These are a treat because at £11 for a box of 12 it is much more than your average doughnut. However, these aren't your average doughnut, there are many different flavours and they are bringing new ones out for different occasions such as Easter or Christmas.
        There is the;
        salted caramel,
        Chocolate praline fudge cake,
        Pistachio and White chocolate nougat,
        Chocolate iced,
        Chocolate creme,
        Chocolate custard,
        Chocolate dream cake,
        Glazed raspberry,
        Lemon meringue pie,
        Original glazed,
        Apple cinnamon,
        Strawberries and Kreme,
        Chocolate sprinkles,
        Maple iced,
        Strawberry gloss
        And butterscotch sundae.
        My personal favourites are the chocolate custard, the custard is so creamy and there is alot of it, and the original glazed it's plain perfection, not too sweet either.
        These doughnuts are very filling and one is usually enough, also because they are very sweet! Krispy Kreme are best eaten the same day as after a day or even two they aren't as soft and go slightly hard.
        Currently there is an offer on for a box of 12 original and 12 mixed for £13 which is an absolute bargain considering one box is £11


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          16.04.2012 16:00
          1 Comment



          overall very very tastey doughnut, although expenisve worht every penny

          ever since buying a krispy creme from Tesco about 2 years ago i have become addicted to them. i am a sweet fan anyway and love normal jam doughnuts but these are on a completly different scale and can not be compared to your usual average doughnut. My favourite Krispy Creme doughnut is the one with a chocolate topping and a liquid chocolate centre. this is one of the best things i have ever tasted. although at over £1 per doughnut this is slight excessive but it is so worth it. They taste so sweet and as soon as you take your first bite you are hooked. always keep an eye out for their special doughnuts they do at Christmas, halloween, easter etc they always do something with a theme for the occassion. I have tried most of the other doughnuts they do but my favourite is still the chocolate one as it is just pure heaven. i am not keen on the caramel one or the strawberry one just because the icing glaze is so sweet i feel this is just too much flavour in one hit, but each to their own oppinion. it does depend on what you like in general as to what your taste bud will love the most!


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            08.02.2012 21:05
            1 Comment



            Very sweet and imaginative doughnuts.

            Now I'm not a doughnut fan but when my friend brought some Krispy Kremes back from London about 5 years ago I knew then and there that I was Krispy Kreme fan for life.

            It seems there is a Krispy Kreme outlet in every city apart from Lincoln. So when anyone I know travels outside of Lincoln I request a box of Krispy Kremes if they're passing. When I'm traveling I seek out my nearest Krispy Kreme outlet via their website and plan my route to it.

            Why do I love them so? Because they are, without a single doubt, the most sweetest thing I've ever put into my mouth. They even smell of sweetness. I love all the Krispy Kreme doughnuts but my two favourite ones are the chocolate ring with rainbow sprinkles and the chocolate covered creme filled one - a taste of heaven!

            Krispy Kreme also do themed doughnuts depending on the season or who their sponsorship deal is with. They have valentines, easter, halloween, christmas dougnuts. I have also seen a Glamour magazine doughnut which was a standard ring doughnut but with a thick, pink glaze over it to imitate lip gloss. Weird right? But it tastes oh so good!

            The price of Krispy Kremes vary from place to place but you're talking over a £1 each. Try next time you see them.


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              25.09.2011 19:55
              Very helpful



              Lovely, if overpriced

              I visit Birmingham a few times a year, as I have friends there, and it is also home to an excellent Chinese supermarket where I order bulk cooking ingredients . One place I always stop off whilst I'm there is Krispy Kreme, located in the Selfridges store in Birmingham's Bullring shopping centre.

              Essentially, it's a donut shop. It does sell coffee too, though I've never personally had one . The range of donuts is impressive though - they have simple gazed ring donuts, and some filled donuts - these aren't the boring jam filled ones you'd by in the supermarket though, but rather more exotic varieties.
              I usually tend to buy the 'Assorted Dozen' package - 12 different donuts for £9.50 or thereabouts. Yup, that is pretty pricey, but you do get a good mixed selection in your box, and its a nice thing to share with friends.

              The donuts are baked fresh every day, which is good as I have to travel back with them on the train. I find that not only will they stay fresh until I get home, but that they will actually last two or three days before they begin to go hard and stale.

              I've always found the donuts themselves to be soft and fluffy, with just a subtle sweet sugary flavour. It is however, the filling that makes the donut, and my personal favourite has to be the Strawberry and Cream variety - a nice squidgy donut, generously filled with fruity strawberry jam and luxuriously thick cream, and decorated with an icing glaze, shortcake crumbs, white chocolate curls, and freeze dried strawberry pieces. It's wonderful, but it does have to be said that it is very rich and sickly, and I certainly could not eat more than one in a sitting. Probably a good thing, given that these are fried donuts and liable at times to be fairly greasy.

              I also very much like the Cookies and Cream ring donut - a ring of chocolate cake, decorated with a thick buttercream style icing and topped with crumbled pieces of chocolate cookie.
              For those that like something a little less rich, there are some simple glazed ring donuts, or some chocolate iced ones in the box. They are all substantially larger in size than those you would by in the supermarket, but very tasty.

              There is a small sitting in area at the Birmingham branch, but really unless you're on a major spree at Selfridges, it's just easier to buy to take away, as it does get pretty crowded. There is also sometimes a large queue, but the staff always seem friendly and quite chirpy.

              Overall, I think Krispy Kreme is well worth a visit if you happen to be in the area anyway. I think the 'dozens' make wonderful gifts for friends, or excellent contributions to a party, though I wouldn't recommend them unless you have a good few people to share them with, as the donuts are so sweet that most people would struggle to eat more than one. I also have to commend Krispy Kreme on the fact that the dozens are well packaged, which makes them easy to carry around without them getting squished. They are a little expensive though, for which I will be deducting one star!


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                04.09.2011 17:56
                Very helpful



                Krispy Kreme are the delicious!

                Earlier this year I was introduced to Krispy Kreme doughnuts while on a shopping trip. Ever since my first bite I have been addicted to these delicious round things!

                Krispy Kreme is a doughnut company founded by Vernon Rudolph. He started making the yeast-raised doughnuts in 1933 and they soon became quite popular. In 1950 expansion occurred and by the 1960's Krispy Kreme was a well known brand throughout the southeastern states of America.
                In 2001 Krispy Kreme opened their first store outside of the USA in Canada and now, 10 years on you will see this logo around the world.

                In the UK you will find Krispy Kreme stores located in many large shopping centres and places like Oxford Street, however they are becoming much more popular over here and stores are popping up everywhere!
                Tesco also have mini Krispy Kreme fridges with a range of doughnuts! Most Tesco Extra stores have them and it seems like the smaller stores are also stocking them now!
                The stores tend to be fairly busy but, it doesn't take long to get a doughnut! As you walk in there is a large counter with many different types of doughnut on display. If you have never had a Krispy Kreme before it can be a little daunting being in a busy place with so many doughnuts to choose from! But, you can take a step back or to the side to browse the counter and decided which one you want.
                Once you know join the queue and someone will take your order, you then walk to the till and pay and your doughnut will be waiting for you.
                Not only can you purchase a doughnut in the stores but you can also get yourself a hot or cold drink and a few other goodies.
                Once you have your order you can sit down in-store and enjoy or in many stores they have a small outside area where you can sit and eat.

                I have only been to a Krispy Kreme store twice as I don't have a store close to home. Once was a take out order and the other eat in. Both times I got served extremely quickly even though it was busy and the store was very clean.
                There were plenty of staff behind the counter and I'd always see another staff member cleaning tables and sweeping.

                Now onto the doughnut itself!
                There are many types of doughnut ranging from an Original Glazed to a Lemon Meringue Pie. My favourite is a Chocolate Dreamcake or Chocolate Sprinkles.
                All the doughnuts are average doughnut sized they aren't small at all but, at the same time they aren't huge I'd say they are the perfect size. There is enough to fill you up but not enough to make you feel sick.

                When I first bit into the soft, smooth chocolate topped doughnut I had never tasted anything so good! My taste bud's must have gone crazy because I couldn't wait to eat more. On the next bite I got into the chocolate centre, the chocolate was smooth and creamy and just tasted so good!
                When I had finished the doughnut I was actually sad it was all gone. So sad I licked the chocolate left in the paper bag it came in. (I may add I'm not the only person that does this :D )
                Ever since my first Krispy Kreme my mouth waters whenever I talk or walk past them! Since this day I have tried many a Krispy Kreme doughnut- Raspberry Glazed, Strawberries and Kreme, Cookies and Kreme, Butterscotch Fudge and a few more, and I am yet to come across one I don't like!
                They are all just so delicious.

                A basic Glazed doughnut will set you back around £1.30 which is very expensive but worth it! The filled doughnuts are approx £1.45ish.
                You can also make up your own box or buy a box of 12 assorted doughnuts for around £9. Or you can get a box of 12 Original Glazed for about £7.

                The appearance and taste of Krispy Kreme's are amazing but, to many doughnuts aren't so good for the body.
                A 52g Original Glazed will add on 217 calories and a 90g Stawberries and Kreme will add on 323.
                On the plus side the doughnuts are suitable for vegetarians and for people who follow the Halal diet.
                Allergen information: Contains wheat, egg, milk, soya.
                May contain nuts and sulphites. Also contain: colours, antioxidants, flavourings and preservatives.

                Overall these are the best doughnuts I have ever had and whenever I go into Tesco I end up purchasing one.
                They are expensive but, for a treat every now and then I think it's ok. I used to buy a pack of 4 Tesco Doughnuts for £1.10 but, since Krispy Kreme no other doughnut compares.

                -5 DooYoo Stars Highly Recommended.


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                  08.05.2011 21:17
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  short but sweet & to the point

                  Once you take your first bite of a Krispy Kreme, you will most probably become addicted. They are so mourish and delicious, you just can't stop eating them. I can safely say that this applies to me!

                  I first came across Krispy Kreme doughnuts about 2 years ago while shopping with friends. We had seen and heard of these beauties but never tried them. We managed to find the Krispy Kreme shop in our local shopping mall and brought 2 each. I had an original glaze doughnut and a Rudolf the red nose reindeer one (it was Christmas time). I have been completely hooked ever since.

                  I have to admit, the range of doughnuts is huge. You can get anything from the traditional glaze doughnut (a bit like a yumyum if you've ever had one), to a completely over the top chocolate sprinkle doughnut. All of which are delicious.

                  A few of my favourites are the original glaze which is a plain ring doughnut with sugary icing all over. Next would have to be the chocolate dream cake - by far the most over the top doughnut I have ever come across. It is a plain doughnut with chocolate filling, caked in chocolate flavoured icing with chocolate flakes on top. The last in my short list (before I run to the shop to buy some) is a jam filled doughnut covered in strawberry icing and sprinkles. I am unsure of the name but it looks as good as it tastes.

                  I might of only mentioned a few, but you can choose from over 20 different types. All toppings and fillings that you could imagine. Depending on the season you can also buy special ones.. for example there is a heart shaped doughnut that is very pink and sprinkly at Valentines day and a Rudolf one at Christmas which has a red nose and caramel icing.

                  The prices of the doughnuts vary depending on which you buy. The original glaze doughnut is £1, whereas the more elaborate designed ones are £1.40 (special seasonal ones are sometimes a little more). What I love about Krispy Kreme is that you can buy a box which costs a set price and you fill it with whichever doughnuts take your fancy. You can choose between different box sizes depending how many you would like.

                  Obviously ingredients and nutritional values change dependant on the doughnut you choose so if you visit the website below you will find all information about your chosen delight. I have to admit they are very sugary and probably full of calories though!

                  I personally cannot get enough of these and would love to be able to eat them all the time without putting on weight, but unfortunately this is impossible so they make for a tasty treat. I really enjoy trying all of the different and sometimes new flavours and they are really good for replacing popcorn on movie nights with friends.



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                    13.10.2010 20:37
                    Very helpful



                    Simply delicious

                    Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are as the title gives away a doughnut store. The one I visit is based within Selfridges in The Bull Ring Shopping Centre in Birmingham so my review will be based on this. I have also experienced Krispy Kreme Doughnuts at The Midland Music Festival where they had a store and they are simply delicious.

                    Krispy Kreme is an American company which has been around since 1937 the first came to the UK to Harrods in October 2003 and have since grown across the country.

                    Krispy Creme doughnuts come in whole doghnut form with fillings in the middle and doughnuts with holes in the middle and both are delicious. They come with sugar coating or icing, with custard filling or with jam. They do special seasonal doughnuts so at the moment you can grab a Kreepy Creme Pumpkin which is a doughnut with Orange icing on a Cocoa pumpkin face and green coloured 'kreme' inside very Halloween. One of my favourites is Cinnamon apple filled which is filled with a delicious mix of apple and cinnamon but it will set me back 269 calories but it is totally worth it and it is hard work walking around Birmingham! The doughnuts come in lots of different flavours and are displayed for you to see when you enter the shop, the thing I liked as well about Krispy Kreme is you can see the doughnuts being made as you que so you know they are coming out fresh, each time I go in I also get offered samples which is great but can mean I buy more than what I actually want.

                    I think Krispy Kreme are great for a treat the store is based in Selfridges food department downstairs and so is open plan, the area has seats and tables for you to make yourself comfy and it has always been clean when I have been in there, the staff are always friendly and I would definately recommend the Birmingham one if your there shopping and fancy a treat they are definatley a treat though because not only are they calorific they are also quite expensive starting price around £1.50 + price will very depending on what kind you have.


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                      05.07.2010 21:50
                      Very helpful



                      Lovely American style donuts

                      There was a time when I was bereft of these delicacies! Indeed when I lived in Bristol they were just something I'd heard of on the television, like Dunkin Donuts and Twinkies.
                      Then, during a trip to London my partner offered to take me shopping and get me something he know I'd love. Oxford Street and Diamonds, Camden Market and a new outfit, nope Tesco and Krispy Kremes. Although I do have to thank him for them now.

                      Apart from London, the most popular place I've found them is Manchester, which is excellent as I now live there!
                      You'll find them in the larger Tesco's, they also have a couple of stores but I've seen them slowly appearing in motorway service stations.

                      So Krispy Kremes, what exactly are they? They are doughnuts but not like any you've ever tasted! Forget the soggy things drenched in sugar that set your teeth on edge with a watery tasteless jam, think dense fluffy dough, smooth chocolate and thick cream in the middle.

                      The basic Krispy Kreme is a plain ring with a sweet glaze. It's soft and dense and the glaze is sugary but not over sweet and sickly, firm enough not to crack all over the place or too soft to drip everywhere.
                      But I'm not a huge fan of these! I like the different variety selections.

                      I'll give you a quick rundown of some of the ones available at the moment, and they just happen to be my favourite.

                      Chocolate covered Kreme - My absolute favourite, that special Kreme filling covered with chocolate. The Kreme is that really thick stuff, mock cream I believe they call it, but its sweeter and more lovely.

                      Chocolate covered Dreamcake - a whole chocolate doughnut filled with chocolate Kreme, covered with chocolate and chocolate curls - A chocoholics dream, but very rich.

                      Caramel Dreamcake - as the above but with caramel.

                      Chocolate covered custard - Just like the Kreme but with a lovely thick custard.

                      Cookies and Kreme Cake - Fairly new and quite misleading. It's a round very dense chocolate ring with a white icing and crunchy chocolate topping.

                      They also have special ones through the year; the snowmen ones are quite divine! At the moment its Strawberries and Kreme. Covered in pink icing with strawberry and white chocolate curls, filled with Kreme and strawberry sauce.
                      Lemon meringue is filled with Kreme and lemon with a crispy meringue on top.

                      Have I tempted you? I hope so!
                      What may well not tempt you is the price, an individual variety one averages at around £1.25, definitely not cheap, but if you have something like the Chocolate Dreamcake you may not want more than one!

                      You can buy them by the dozen, a variety will cost around £9.45, add in a dozen standard Krispy Kremes and its up to approx £16. On the plus side they are fresh very day, so they do last a couple of days, maybe 3, but its unlikely as they wont last that long anyway!

                      They do sell other things though, umm drinks that is! I highly recommend the 'home made' lemonade, sharp and cloudy and perfect for a hot summers day! Have a sit down in their café and treat yourself to a coffee with a lovely doughnut served by their always helpful cheery staff.

                      If you are in Manchester make sure you pop along to their American Diner designed store by the Trafford Centre, huge and extremely clean, you also get to see the doughnuts being made. And best of all they are open till 10pm and the 1am as a drive through. You can also have a birthday party there with a special birthday cake made up of a huge stack of Krispy Kremes.

                      So as you can tell I'm a huge Krispy Kreme fan, I haven't give you the nutritional information because a) it would frighten you, and b) if you are that worried about it you would be eating them anyway!
                      But seriously it would take too long to list it all and it can be found on their website.

                      Indulge yourself people, treat yourself just once and appreciate the loveliness that is Krispy Kremes!

                      I've literally just finished writing this and my friends has popped up on Facebook to say they've opened up a drive-through in Avon mead in Bristol. Happy Days!


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                        05.06.2010 18:31
                        Very helpful



                        YUM YUM YUM

                        There is absolutely no doubt about how completely and utterly heavenly Krispy Kreme is. It's like every donut lovers dream. A store, dedicated entirely to supplying sweet toothed customers with fresh, hot donuts in a million and one varieties all year round. What could be better? I tried my first Krispy Kreme two years ago, and I won't ever look back! If you haven't ever had the pleasure of tasting a Krispy Kreme donut, please do not hesitate to find your nearest supplier and fill your boots! If you have experiences the immense delight that is Krispy Kreme, then you'll know exactly what I am talking about when I say they are the most fantasticly wonderful donuts ever to grace this earth!

                        Krispy Kreme was founded in July of 1937 by a chap named Vernon Rudolph. He purchased a donut recipe from a french chef, rented out a building in North Carolina, USA, and began selling these glazed donuts to passers by and local businesses. And by golly I'm glad he did! By the 40's and 50's Krispy Kreme donuts expanded into a small chain of stores throughout the USA, and since then, Krispy Kreme has exploded and is now as common as muck in America!

                        Here in the UK, chains of Krispy Kreme stores have started to spring up here and there all over the place. Krispy Kreme sales first started in London within Selfridges and Harrods, but the demand soon grew for these donuts, to the point where Krispy Kreme started to open their own stores here there and everywhere. You can still pick their donuts up from concession stands inside Harrods and Selfridges stores, and if you're lucky enough to live near one of the chosen Tesco stores, you can purchase these delicious donuts from one of the 'hot cabinets' in selected Tesco outlets. Yummy!

                        Two years ago it was hard to get my grubby mitts on a Krispy Kreme donut (which may have been all the better for my waistline..), but now there are plenty of stores and outlets throughout the UK selling the donuts so there's no excuse for anyone to be missing out!

                        Krispy Kreme's main product for sale is, of course, the donut. This may seem a little bland, for those of you out of the loop, as when most people think of 'donut', they think of the plain, boring sugar ring donuts that you can pick up willy nilly in any supermarket. Alas, you are greatly missing the point here. Krispy Kreme carry a vast and delicious array of different donuts to suit everyone's taste!

                        The donuts on sale everyday within Krispy Kreme stores consist of these flavours/types:

                        Original Glazed:
                        I believe this is the most popular within the stores, as it is plain and simple, yet perfect in everyway! A ring donut covered in a generous layer of Krispy Kremes glazing. Delicious!

                        Glazed Raspberry Filled:
                        This shell doughnut is covered top to bottom in our signature glaze and filled to the brim with a thick raspberry filling.

                        Caramel Dreamcake:
                        A shell donut filled with a deliciously smooth caramel, dipped in luscious chocolate icing and decorated with cute caramel and white chocolate curls, set to satisfy every caramel lover's cravings.

                        Chocolate Dreamcake:
                        This is my Girlfriend's favourite! A firm favourite with chocolate lovers, this shell doughnut is filled with a rich chocolate fudge filling, topped with chocolate icing and finished with white and dark chocolate curls

                        Maple Iced Glazed:
                        The signature glazed doughnut dipped in a smooth maple icing, for a new twist on an old favourite.

                        Glazed Chocolate Cake:
                        A rich, moist chocolate cake doughnut, covered with thick Krispy Kreme glaze. This one does resemble a dog poop, but tastes wonderful!

                        Powdered Blueberry Filled:
                        Thick and tasty blueberry filling inside a shell donut, dusted thickly with powdered sugar.

                        Glazed Kreme Filled:
                        This is my personal favourite - oh boy! A glazed doughnut shell filled with Krispy Kreme's rich crème filling. Heaven on earth, I tell you!

                        Glazed Cruller:
                        A twisted cake doughnut inspired by the traditional French Cruller shape, finished with a layer of glaze.

                        Cinnamon Apple Filled:
                        A shell doughnut, filled with a warming mix of apple and cinnamon, finished with a cinnamon sugar dusting.

                        Chocolate Iced With Sprinkles:
                        An original glazed donut, dipped in chocolate icing and sprinkled with rainbow coloured sugar strand sprinkles. Definitely a firm favourite with children, and at parties!

                        Chocolate Iced Kreme Filled:
                        A chocolate iced shell doughnut filled with Krispy Kreme's rich crème filling.

                        Chocolate Iced Glazed:
                        An Original Glazed donut taken one step further by dipping the top in smooth chocolate icing.

                        Chocolate Iced Custard Filled:
                        A shell doughnut filled with rich custard and hand-dipped in our chocolate icing.

                        Krispy Kreme has so many different donuts to choose from that it's hard to just settle for one. If you're not sure which to pick, you can always take home a box of 6 or 12 to try selection of their vast and varied range!

                        Not only do Krispy Kreme stock these staple flavours, they also cater for special times of the year by producing limited edition flavours and designs of donuts to suit the occassion or celebration. For example, at Halloween Krispy Kreme released a skeleton face kreme filled donut, a spider web filled donut and a new take on the sprinkles donut featuring black, orange and green sugar strand sprinkles. Awesome! At Christmas, Krispy Kreme went one better and produced a jam and cream filled snowman donut, a 'Minced Pie' donut that was filled with minced meat, and a sprinkles donut covered with festived coloured sugar strands.

                        Currently, Krisp Kreme is stocking two limited edition flavours to celebrate the arrival of summer. These flavours are:

                        Lemon Meringue Pie:
                        A lemon and kreme filled doughnut with a lightly toasted soft meringue topping.

                        Strawberries and Kreme:
                        A delicious strawberries and kreme filled doughnut, finished with white chocolate curls, shortcake crumble and tasty strawberry pieces.

                        It's worth checking back at the Krispy Kreme website - www.krispykreme.co.uk - at various times of the year to see what new flavours the store is currently promoting, as you never know what they will do next!

                        Krispy Kreme donuts are made with extreme care and fantastic expertise, so when it comes to the price, you can expect to be paying a little more than you would do for a bag of plain sugar donuts from the supermarket! They can appear a little pricey, but believe me, they are worth every penny and make a wonderous, delicious treat for now and again!

                        Prices for the donuts vary depending on what it is you want. An Original Glazed donut can cost you as little as £1.10, and a premium filled and dipped donut can cost you as much as £1.50 each. You can purchase boxes of donuts which you choose yourself, and this does reduce the price a little, but only if you are capable of eating 12 donuts alone..or with friends (if you can bring yourself to share them!)

                        Krispy Kreme stores also offer a selection of beverages to accompany your donut purchase. They stock both hot and cold drinks and even have their own range of hot drinks and 'chillers'.

                        In Krispy Kreme stores, their hot drinks menu consists of: Espresso, Americano, Latte, Mocha, Filter, Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate. They also carry a range of 'Winter Warmers' in the colder months which include: Caramel Latte, Gingerbread Latte, Cookies and Creme Latte, Nougat Latte, Spiced Apple and Cinnamon Steamer and Orange Chocolate.

                        Krispy Kreme's 'Chiller' range are much like a slush. Blended ice and chosen flavour served in a tall plastic cup to be consumed with a straw. The flavours available are: Pure Fruit, Layered Latte, Latte and Double Chocolate. Yum. A perfect way to cool down in these summer months ahead of us!

                        So, overall, Krispy Kreme has to be one of my favourite companies! Who could say not to a filled, glazed, sprinkled donut? Those boring supermarket sugar dusted donuts don't come close to these delicious, moist, warm and gooey delights! In my opinion, these are the best donuts available out there in the entire world! I've tasted a lot of donuts, how do you think I got so chubby? So I know my stuff when it comes to delicious, calorie laden sweet treats! Weight Watchers beware, though. These heavenly baked and glazed beasts can carry up to as much as 12g of fat per donut. Eek! It's best just to keep these yummy babies to an occassional treat if you're watching your weight - but they are worth ever single calorie that is baked into their soft and chewy, sweet and heavenly dough!

                        The only downside to Krispy Kreme is that the prices are a little..well..pricey! If you're not used to paying premium prices for donuts, your hair will probably be raised when you lay eyes on the price board behind the counter. However, everything in moderation! Krispy Kreme is worth every penny, as they are delicious and wonderful. Keeping your purchases to a minimum will make the prices not seem too bad, and keep your hips from crying!

                        As a final word - get yourself down to Krispy Kreme, and bring me one on your way back ;)

                        ** Also posted on Ciao under the username little_feets88 **


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                          26.01.2010 13:54
                          Very helpful



                          The best doughnut in town with flavours galore

                          Krispy kreme doughnuts have to be my be all and end all in the doughnut range as the best.

                          I was only converted to them last year as have never heard of them before they brought out the range from america in tescos here and ever since it has been my health downfall to buy these doughnuts whenever I go into tescos, I simply cannot resist.
                          Where many shops or companies will produce doughnuts in a standard flavour of the cake, jam and sugar, krispy kreme goes beyond that and have a variety of flavours which are displayed and can be picked yourself.
                          The flavours consist of:

                          original glazed and cream filled
                          cinnamon and apple, which is devine
                          chocolate iced and cream, great for little ones with sprinkles added
                          custard, lemon, jam and blueberry varieties
                          caramel and maple glazed ones to

                          The list is endless and each doughnut is perfectly cooked so its doughy and fresh taste is preserved incredibly and you wont bite into a doughier doughnut ever. The fun of it also is that this company regularly add different flavours on special occassions and themed doughnuts also. For example at christmas they did snowman doughnuts and they do beautiful heart shaped strawberry doughnuts for valentines day.

                          They also do blended iced drinks in certain stores which look delicious but personally I have never tried one as yet, albeit this will soon change!

                          Orders of the doughnuts can also be taken over the internet which is perfect for when you have freinds coming over and need a delicious cake treat, as well as being able to be purchased as a dozen of which can either be bought with a box already filled or you can choose your own flavours, which is perfect.

                          The doughnuts are not cheap however at approx £1 + per doughnut but so incredibly worth it for the best doughnut tasting experience. If you are trying to raise money for a charity of your choice krispy kreme have a fundraising scheme where you buy douhgnuts at a cheaper rate and sell them on. An excellent oppotunity to raise money and youre guaranteed sales as everyone loves these doughnuts.


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                            01.12.2009 22:28
                            Very helpful



                            MMMM do nuts!!

                            Krispy Kreme is a doughnut shop originating from across the pond (America for those of you who haven't grasped my lingo yet!)

                            A lot of people still haven't heard of this brand but if you go to the website you can actually go and search for one that is near you. You can find outlets in places like Tescos and House of Fraser as well as shops all over the place.

                            Some of the Krispy Kreme places have seating but most are grab and go.

                            ~The range~

                            The original (and boring) is the Original Glazed. This is just a normal doughnut with a hole in the middle. It has a thin layer of sugary icing on top and is a creamy brown colour. It tastes nice and very soft when you bite into it.

                            Cinnamon ring doughnut. This is like the above original glazed with a hint of cinnamon . its nice but its basically the normal one with a little spiciness to it!

                            Chocolate dreamcake doughnut. A doughnut filled with chocolate, covered with chocolate icing and with little chocolate shavings on top. Delicious! I prefer the chocolate ones to the rest and this one is delicious.

                            Glazed chocolate cake. Good name as it's a beast of a doughnut! It is a cake type doughnut which is even stodgier than the other doughnuts and believe me they are stodgy and filling. I had two and felt sick! It is definitely more like a cake and not as soft as the others.

                            Powdered strawberry. Like the classic strawberry filled dougnut- a round version filled with sweet sticky jam and covered with a dusting of powdered sugar.

                            There are also currently some special doughnuts available too such as the Christmas sprinkles - a Christmas special doughnut- out right now but won't be for long!

                            Or the snowman one you can get it which is shaped like a snowman and decorated with white icing with a holly leaf and chocolate buttons. His stomach is filled with strawberry in the middle.

                            There are a whopping 17 varieties to choose from including custard filled, cream filled, strawberry filled...


                            £1 each for the original glazed

                            About £1.40 a doughnut for the other not plain ones..

                            Krispy Kreme also do gift boxes so you can buy a dozen doughnuts at a time. Costing just under £10 per dozen

                            ~Nutritional info~

                            Alcohol - There is no alcohol in the finished product.

                            Vegetarian - Doughnuts are suitable for vegetarians.

                            Halal - The only animal products used in their doughnuts are eggs (white and yolks) and dairy products including milk, butter, yoghurt, whey, non-fat milk and non-fat whey. So therefore our products are considered to be Halal.


                            Doughnuts contain: wheat, egg, milk. Doughnuts may contain: sulphur dioxide, antioxidants, colours, flavourings & preservatives. They do not knowingly add nuts to our doughnuts, however they cannot guarantee a 100% nut free environment.

                            ~My opinion~

                            The choice is fab and the taste is amazing. These doughnuts are very filling. Bigger in proportion than normal doughnuts they are filled with cream or custard etc and one with a coffee makes a great filling breakfast.

                            They are expensive though, Asda are currently doing a tray of 10 for about £4 and they're chocolate ones with sprinkles! Good as a treat and the gift boxes are really nice for birthdays and office treats!

                            Tasty but pricey hence the low rating.


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                              30.11.2009 20:35
                              Very helpful
                              1 Comment




                              Krispy Kreme is one of those places that I never even knew existed until Selfridges came into Birmingham and there was a Krispy Kreme section. Since then I do not even want to think about the amount of doughnuts I have brought from there as it is a bit disgusting but they are very good and I have to say the best of these type of doughnuts around. Here is why my family love it when I get these and every time we go to Birmingham we do try and get a box of them.

                              Krispy Kreme is a doughnut shop which has originated from America and when it has come over to Britain we now see these shops in a few places. I have only ever seen one in Selfridges in Birmingham and Manchester and also Cheshire Oaks Shopping Centre. If you go to the website you can actually go and search for one that is near you but I seem to think they are primarily based in main city centres.

                              The logo is a green type square which has Krispy Kreme in red letters and then the word doughnuts underneath just in case you forget what they sell. The shops have a very clean and clinical look about them which I like as it shows how they take care over the doughnuts. The one in Birmingham if you stand next to the counter you can actually see the doughnuts getting made which is quite fun to see.

                              Before I go into the types of doughnuts you can get here I have to tell you about the smell. When you even walk anywhere near by a Krispy Kreme shop, you will smell the doughnuts before you see them. It is a very strong sweet smell which is practically just sugary goodness. The smell is addictive I am sure and entices you into the shop. Some of the Krispy Kreme places do have places to sit down and eat our doughnuts which is nice but some you just have to grab and go which is fine too.

                              Now lets get to the actual doughnuts. The original and probably most favourite is the original glazed. This is just a doughnut which has a thin layer of sugary icing on top and it is so soft when you bite into it. Sometimes when you go you can get them just made so they are still warm which is delicious. These have 217 calories per doughnut which is a lot less than I thought it would. The problem comes with the fact that you could easily eat about 4 of them which I have done before - oh dear!

                              Now apart from the original glazed you can get other ones. Here are a few of my favourites. At the minute I love the snowman one you can get it which is shaped like a snowman and decorated with white icing with a holly leaf and chocolate buttons. You bits into the soft dough and you get strawberry in the middle which is yummy. If you are around try one of these before Christmas is over.

                              Cinnamon ring doughnuts are the original glazed which have a hint of cinnamon so it gives it a little spice which reminds me of a cinnamon pretzel so lovely. Then there is the chocolate dreamcake doughnut which is a doughnut filled with chocolate and then chocolate icing and curls on top. So yummy you will want a couple! My final one I love is the glazed chocolate cake which is a cake type doughnut which tastes a lot more stodgy and not as soft as you would expect. It is very rich chocolate though so I can only manage one of these.

                              You can also get other doughnut varieties filled with caramel and lemon and more. They have about 17 varieties I think which is good and the staff will even let you know how many calories are in each doughnut if you ask them. They are around £1 each for the original glazed and then go up to about £1.40 a doughnut depending on what you have which is not bad at all.

                              The best thing about Krispy Kreme though is the gift boxes they do so you can buy a dozen doughnuts at a time. At the minute we have a card which gives us 2 free boxes a month and you can win these in competitions which is great. If you don't get one though you are looking at just under £10 per dozen bow so great for a party.

                              One more thing to tell you is that when I worked in Birmingham sometimes I would come to Krispy Kreme and they would give free original glazed ones out but this did not happen all of the time.

                              In conclusion Krispy Kreme are a fad that has come over from America and is here to stay as they are the most delicious doughnuts ever. We got a box the other Saturday and by Sunday afternoon they had all gone with my Mom having 6 of them all to herself! There is a good variety and they are soft and squidgy to eat so if you pass by one of these shops you cant get much better.

                              Thanks for reading.



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                                20.11.2009 19:32
                                Very helpful



                                tempting sweet sweet donuts

                                It seems that Krispy Kreme is taking over the UK at the moment. For a long time in they Midlands they were simply known as the donuts you can in Selfridges and everybody travels for miles to enjoy them. This really shows the extent to which us Brits have adopted the American obsession with eating as much salt and sugar as possible. They are probably they best donuts you can get at the moment, and there is a nice variety of fillings and toppings, and hoops if you prefer not to have a filling. If you do make a trip to somewhere like Selfridges in Birmingham where they actually make them, and don't just sell them like in Tesco, then sweet smell of freshly baked donuts does wet your appetite and sometimes they even have people distributing free sugar coated rings in the queue. Can't be bad. It is also cheaper by the dozen, so you can feed your family or housemates for less than £9 for 12


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                                26.10.2009 11:52
                                Very helpful



                                Amazing Good, Amazingly Expensive

                                These are by far, and I mean by a country mile, the best doughnuts I have ever tasted and it's nothing short of an incredible tasting experience. I've no idea how they do it, but it's done incredibly well.

                                I buy there from two places, my local Tesco, and in Bluewater Mall. The ordinary glazed doughnuts cost £1.10 and the filled donuts with flavouring inside them cost £1.35. I don't think I've even seen them sold outside of London and the surrounding areas but given the unique style and creativity, it's only a matter of time before they expand vastly I would imagine.

                                The main advantage is the taste. They taste simply amazing and they are also unconventional. The dough is always soft in texture and the flavour rich in filling but they also have the knowledge and the creativity to build on this. Recently I bought an original glazed which was soft and sweet in icing, a chocolate dream cake which had sprinkles and a smooth chocolate filling and a strawberry powdered filling, which has icing and a filling inside. What I mean by the creativity though it that they bring out new versions all of the time and to suit the moment. With Halloween approaching , they recently had a doughnut with chocolate orange filling and chocolate sprinkles to create a Halloween themed doughnut. Fantastic!

                                Another benefit is their stores, at the Bluewater Mall, you can get a coffee and a doughnut and the two go together wonderfully. Their coffee tastes great and you get an overall experience. Also, they box up varieties, which is great for taking them into work or for another occasion so you can have the full variety of what they offer.

                                Any downsides, well, yes and you're hardly going to be surprised to hear that I think price is one of them. I minimum of £1.10 for a single solitary doughnut is very excessive but on the other side I do think it is worth is once in a while and provided you don't buy one everyday and run the risk of bankrupting yourself. Also, given that they are so good at their craft, I do believe they are able to justify the pricing.

                                Secondly is availability. They are fairly easily located in and around London and you can pretty much go to any Tesco or shopping mall around and you'll find one. go outside of London though and you're probably reading this and have little idea what I'm on about. I do think they will expand further but until that time they probably will remain a South East England delicacy.

                                Overall, it's a wonderful and well crafted range of doughnuts made with care and consideration. Expensive? Yes. But worth it? Yes but not to the extreme.


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