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Kublai Khan Restaurant (Newcastle upon Tyne)

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Address: 23-29 Proctor House / The Side / Quayside / Newcastle Upon Tyne / NE1 3JL

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    1 Review
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      01.04.2009 13:11
      Very helpful



      Chinese buffet done right, and with added Mongolian extras!

      Everyone loves food, including me. I particularly like Chinese Food. If you share this desire then you can't fail to like the Kublai Khan restaurant. It advertises itself as a Mongolian Chinese Buffet, more on the Mongolian element later. Lets start by giving you a brief description of where it is, and what the layout is like inside.

      The restaurant is located very near the Quayside, in Newcastle Upon Tyne. This makes it pretty easy to get to, as it's basically at the bottom of a big hill. Head straight down Dean/Grey street and you can't miss it. Leaving later on can be quite a challenge though, unless you drive there or get a bus back.

      Inside, the restaurant is very nicely laid out. Unlike your usual chinese buffet, the place doesn't feel crammed. I always feel a bit like cattle when I'm in a buffet restaurant. The tables generally seem tightly packed, with small cheap chairs and basic cutlery. It all feels like a money making bonanaza, with the customer ultimately paying the price. This isn't the case at Kublai Khan however. All the tables are very nicely spaced, and crucially - cater for more than 4 people. The tables can generally accomodate 6 persons maximum, which is great for the larger families. It's obvious then, that this restaurant wants to attract famlies and host functions of a sort, and provide a nicer envonronment for it all to take place.

      When you walk through the door you're greeted with small seating area designed to let you have a look through the menu. Once you've decided what you'd like, you can then order drinks and a waiter will show you to your seats - classy! You're then ushered up a few steps onto the main sitting area, which is very spacious with lots of large round tables scattered around. The room is decorated with lots of nice art. It really is a pleasant environment to eat in. The buffet itself is tucked away at the back of the restaurant, which I personally prefer. The staff here are all very nice, and have always been very pleasant and welcoming, in all my experiences there. This really makes a difference, at ANY restaurant. It costs nothing to be nice!

      The menu then, is essentially mainly a chinese buffet. All your usual food stuffs are there. From noodles, to kung pow chicken, to chips, to sausages, to rice, to crispy duck etc - the usual buffet range is present. So, if you just fancy the chinese element then you're not going to be dissapointed. They do however offer a Mongolian element, as I mentioned earlier. This is a nice little touch, as you have to order this food from a set menu - i.e. it's not laid out as part of the buffet. The Mongolian menu basically consists of Raw Vegetables, Meat and Seafood. You place your order, take a nice little number (on a card on a your table) to the front desk. They will then prepare your food, and serve it directly to your table. It's a seperate affair and process to the main chinese buffet.

      The desserts on show, are fairly basic. This isn't a complaint however, as this restaurant doesn't claim to specialise in this area. The desserts are very nice, and adequate for the context they're served in. It's useful to mention the food you're eating as your main is of very high quality. That is to say, even though it's "buffet food" it doesn't give you that impression. It's a very high standard, and none of it feels like yesterdays leftovers.

      Price wise, you'll find Kublai Khan is a bit more expensive than the other chinese buffets around Newcastle. Personally, I'd rather pay a few quid extra to eat nicer food, in a far nicer environment though. I consider money spent here, money well spent and I'll definatly be going back soon.

      Kublai Khan then, is all about the buffet really. You can go up, grab your food and sit down and eat it. The difference is, that it's all presented in a really nice environment, and you don't feel crowded or rushed to eat your meal and then leave. It's situated a little bit out of the way, and tends to attract a different type of clientelle altogether. All of these elements, make Kublai Khan a a very enjoyable place to eat, with nice food to boot. I can't recommend this place enough.

      If you want chinese buffet without the hassle, then Kublai Khan is the place for you. A great little restaurant, with very nice food.


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    Mongolian Chinese Buffet.