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Address: Churchside Arcade / Little Church Street / Rugby / CV21 3AW

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    1 Review
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      05.01.2009 21:33
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      My home town of Rugby may not be to everyone's liking but I really like it and think that on the whole we have a nice town with lots of nice places to go and visit and eat etc if you really look around.

      One of my favourite restaurants in Rugby and also probably a lot of people in Rugby's favourite is the Casa Loco Mexican restaurant.

      This restaurant is set above the little churchside arcade which is a tiny shopping centre with about seven shops inside, and the restaurant is above these shops. It's a lovely restaurant with a gorgeous décor and gorgeous food and most importantly to many people whom have become frequent visitors are the ambience/ atmosphere of the restaurant.

      I have never had a bad experience in all the times I have been there, not with the food or the service I have received.

      Myself and my husband normally get there for about seven and have a couple of drinks in the bar before hand, its really lovely, its small and cosy and has a couple of leather sofas with some gorgeous Mexican furniture which I am lead to believe is authentic. They have this absolutely gorgeous coffee table which I would love to steal!!! Hehe!!.

      My hubby is a little boring when it comes to trying new drinks so he sticks normally with a glass of wine or a beer.....but you have to try some of their cocktails or shooters, they are yummy. But I must confess that I'm a complete light weight and can not drink to save my life..... and also I'm not keen on the taste of alcohol that much, but they do a lovely magherita in a strawberry flavour which is delicious but be warned they are so yummy its easy to drink them quite quickly and then after a couple I tend to get a bit giggly so I usually then go back to water!!!

      We tend to book our table for about seven thirty ( and I would recommend you always book as they can get busy and I would not recommend leaving it to chance as you may be disappointed) that way we always have a good thirty mins to relax in the bar before our meal.

      The tables, lighting, décor etc is all very warm and cosy and just makes you feel so relaxed. I especially love the arched windows, the shutters, the wooden furniture, and the pictures; it's always spotlessly clean and add that to the gorgeous smells, you just get absorbed into the atmosphere.

      I find because the restaurant is not very big the buzz and the atmosphere of the place is just infectious, I always tend to come out laughing and happy, and it's the only restaurant that does this to me....could be the magheritas but I doubt it.

      Now let's get onto the most gorgeous thing about this restaurant and that's the food,
      I tend to stick to the same things when I go, not because it would be the only thing I fancy its just they are so good no matter how much I try I always tend to order the same thing; so my choices are as follows

      To start with I go for the Mexican crab cakes that are delicious, they are pan fried with a little green chilli and then services with a creamy mustard seed sauce and salad garnish. They tend to just melt in your mouth, I love them so much that sometimes I ask for a bigger portion and have them as a main course, which the staff will always do aswell, the staff will give you anything you want, if you want something cooked in a certain way or without a sauce etc, all you have to do is ask and they will go out of their way to make sure that you experience of their restaurant is the best it can be.
      Main course is normally a choice of two. Firstly their fajitas which are yummy and come sizzling on a skillet to your table with tortillas, salsa, guacamole and cheese and other dips to accompany them.

      They have the following fajitas on offer
      Tiger Prawns with bean sprouts
      Duck with ginger & mushrooms
      Beef, chicken or a combination of both

      Vegetarian - A mixture of flash fried vegetables in garlic & Cajun spices
      Chicken and Chorizo

      My favourite though is the fillet steak, I know I know , what you are all thinking.....hardly Mexican but its gorgeous.... And they serve is with a choice of sauces and I absolutely love their red wine and mushroom sauce, it's all just gorgeous.

      My husband is always trying new stuff, his latest one that seems to have won him over is the Chimichanga, which is basically a large flour tortilla stuffed with your choice of chilli beef, spicy chicken or spicy vegetarian ratatouille. Parcelled together with cheese, deep fried then topped with salsa, guacamole and sour cream. Served with Mexican rice and salad.

      He reckons though that their chilli is the best he has ever tasted, and my husband is a hard person to please as he was a chef himself, so tends to be quite critical of other chefs work.

      The desserts are also gorgeous, although we often just have coffee as we are stuffed, but we went their in October for a friends party and we had their chocolate pots which were heavenly. It's like a chocolate moose type dessert served with amaretto biscuits.

      The costs tend to range from 4-6 pounds for the starters and desserts and the mains range from 11-17 gbp. I know this is not exactly cheap but for the service, food, enjoyment you will get its not a penny that will be wasted I promise you.

      We tend to only go for special occasions now as with two young ones and one salary its not as easy to afford it, but when we were young, single and had loads of disposoble income we went there weekly.....oh they were the days!!!!

      Anyone whom is passing or visiting Rugby then you will not be disappointed if you check out this restaurant is absolutely superb.


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